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Sunday Morning Commentary Wk12 (12:07pmET *Proj. Updated)

November 26, 2017

12:07pmET: Week 12 Projections Updated

Under-the-radar Injury Notes...

*Not a wild/crazy injury list 1pm...

-- Rishard Matthews out...you'd think Corey Davis steps up...but the Titans passing game totally confuses me week-to-week.

-- John Ross inactive...what a terrible rookie season. He's not 'hurt' type of inactive. Brandon LaFell a deep sleeper today.

-- Key run blocker OG Parker Ehinger out again for KC. Another reason I like Buffalo +10.0 today

10:58amET: Josh Reynolds questions coming in...as we are the Rams authority. 12-team, PPR...not sure I'd be ready to push him into the starting lineup. He's the Josh Doctson of the Rams...tall guy who is a great red zone threat. However, he's probably early 2017 season Doctson -- 1-2-3 targets and a TD shot, and no 'wow' fantasy numbers. He's a talent, but more of a 'C+' talent at this point...someday a 'B'.

You're not crazy to taker a hail mary shot if you need a hail mary, or to play him in a daily league gamble.

10:25amET: Part of the 'What's wrong with Dallas/Dak' marathon this morning -- everyone saying they knew he wasn't good because he can't play action like he used to with Ezekiel.

OK, so by that logic every team with a great RB should have a QB running in the top 3-5 for fantasy production?

So, QBs from top running games like Blake Bortles, Tyrod Taylor Mike Glennon/Mitchell Trubisky, Case Keenum, Drew Brees should all be among the top 3-5 of the fantasy rankings...but they're not. Only Carson Wentz is...and Dak was.

It didn't work for Big Ben last year when the Steelers dominated the run in the 2nd half of the season.

Russell Wilson and Tom Brady don't have running games and are at the top of the scoring ranks? How is it Dak can have this ace running game but also be a top fantasy QB with it?

Even if true...if all Dak is 'great because of RBs' -- OK, Elliott returns soon...so, back to being great, right? Keyword is 'great'...how many QBs can you say the word 'great' about?

10:11amET: I simultaneously love and hate watching NFL pregame shows on Sunday morning. It's either reporting on what's great right now or what's great but they didn't expect it. Basically, just marveling over the 3-4-5 great teams/players of the past 3-4 weeks. No context. No original thought. Just echoing each other on the same obvious points. So, expect 90% discussions of 'what's wrong with Dallas' this morning...and 10% spent on the rest of the league. Most of that 10% spent looking at players walking off the bus in dress clothes to the locker room. Scintillating.

I guess that job is boring because analysts seem to always be sitting around between commercials tossing a football softly to each other and laughing hysterically because that's all I ever see of them as bumpers between commercials. A group of people dressed in suits marveling at an actual football and/or laughing manically at it. It looks like 'fun'? Am I supposed to watch because 'they're having fun'? Wouldn't 'great info and insight and debate' be interesting? No...just 'what's wrong with Dak?' talk and laughing at what the players are wearing off the bus for 50 minutes out of an hour show? OK.

Morning Weather Check...

-- Light rain (50-50) but warm expected for Denver at Oakland and Seattle at San Francisco.

-- Coldest venue is not that cold today -- Sunday Night Football Green Bay at Pittsburgh

Morning Notes...

-- Surprise, Jalen Ramsey was lying...like I said yesterday.

-- Cowboys waiving Darren McFadden, finally

-- The Redskins signed RB Kapri Bibbs to the practice squad...that's a mild threat to Samaje Perine only if Perine has a fumble issue ahead. Talent-wise, it's not close but Bibbs is like Perine -- between-the-tackles. Also, knowing how Jay Gruden is...

-- Rishard Matthews is more game-time decision today than for-sure out, I'm told

-- Eli Apple's issues are not totally family related...he contemplated walking out during practice/film study criticism of him. Janoris Jenkins is out for the year now too. The Giants are full-scale a great matchup for passing games the rest of the way. Derek Carr, Dak Prescott, Carson Wentz the next 3 weeks


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