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Sunday Morning Commentary Wk15 (12:59pmET)

December 17, 2017

12:57pmET: I just heard Howie Long say, "Maybe most people don't know him but Alvin Kamara is one of the best RBs in the league right now." So, now I'm all caught up on in-depth analysis. I need to go check out this Kamara guy. I might put him on the Dynasty Stash list if Howie is onto something here...

I just had to share this with someone who could understand.

Good Luck Today!!!

12:23pmET: Week 15 Projections Updated

11:44amET: Trent Williams OUT for Washington...that's like Tyron Smith out for Dallas a few weeks ago -- Cousins downgrade, Perine downgrade.

11:11amET: My new favorite moment from Sunday mornings...

Every week they play a clip from the Matthew Berry weekly fantasy show, of which I am proud to say I have never seen 5 seconds of, ever, except for the 'highlights' they play for :30 seconds on the Sunday Fantasy show.

My favorite thing is them playing a clip that's supposed to be funny but has 0.0% 'funny' in it...and then they come back from this look back to the fantasy 'team' is standing around live on the Sunday show...and everyone has to act tickled-to-death by the hilarity of the unfunny clip they were just subjected to -- except Matthew Hasselbeck, who looks like Jay Cutler's normal face. Disdain and disbelief masked behind trying to keep a neutral face. Every week it seems Hasselbeck looks more and more agitated to even be on the Sunday show. I'd expect a 'change' next season.

11:07am: Top 10 DSTs for Week 16, looking ahead, based on what we know today...way too early, but...





WAS v. DEN (if P Lynch, not if Osweiler)






11:01amET: If you have guys on the bottom of your roster that go at 1pm and you know you're not using them/grabbed as a flyer, etc. Whatever your case is -- if you're looking ahead to next week(s) with a roster spot...a couple Steelers thoughts:

1: Jesse James...big game last week. Faces HOU and CLE the next two weeks. The #6 and #3 defenses giving up the most points to opposing tight ends.

2: The Steelers DST...memba them? Perhaps Haden and Matakevich back for T.J. Yates and Kizer!

10:05amET: I love all this Nick Foles football analysis now... Where was all this years ago when Foles needed it? The same people in the football media mocking Foles for years have suddenly discovered he was really great with the Eagles and terrible with Jeff Fisher. I was talking about that 2+ years ago. I have all that filed in my file cabinet inside a manila folder with 'No Shit' written on the tab.

The football media destroyed Foles' career after the Rams debacle...to the point no NFL team wanted him as a starter for fear of the media reverb. Now, whaddya know...he was good all along? Nice job ruining a guy's career because you all suck at your jobs -- everyone of you in the football media. Kurt Warner, who is suddenly THE WORST...worse than Michael Irvin...I think he's worse than Michael Irvin, because I'm not really sure what Michael Irvin is actually try to communicate. He might be brilliant...I just can't understand one word of what he is saying. I watch Michael Irvin talking about football like a my dog looks at a high-pitch whistling sound.

Kurt Warner, who I LOVE as a player, and who was THE WORST on game commentary yesterday...I just heard him say Nick Foles was good years ago because he fit Chip Kelly's system.

Do I even have to start describing how idiotic that statement is?

All these same people, if Foles' timing is off or he just does 'OK' and somehow the Giants upset the Eagles, they will rain down hell fire on him all week. If he beats NYG by 3 TDs, they'll go "See, we told you we loved him all day today."

Weather Check...

-- Light rain/drizzle expected in Seattle most of say 70%+ chance during game

-- Chilly 25 +/- degrees for MIA-BUF...never good for a Miami

Early Morning Notes...

-- The Tennessee defense (for Jimmy Garoppolo)

vs. good QBs: Carr, Wilson, Watson, Dalton, Ben = 16/1 (3.1 TDs/0.2 INTs per game)

vs. bad QBs: Bortles, Cassel, Brissett 2x, CLE QBs, Flacco, Savage, Gabbert = 10 TDs/7 INTs

Jimmy Franchise is moving into the top 12 next projection run

-- Ted Ginn out, Bobby Wagner trending to play as is Joe Haden

-- Chris Ivory set to start for Fournette


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