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Sunday Morning Commentary Wk6 (12:07pmET)

October 15, 2017

Random Notes for the morning up until final projection updates and kickoff today. Moving fast, forgive typos...

12:07pmET: Week 6 FINAL projections update posted

11:40amET: Not so obvious inactive impacts...

-- Andrew Sendejo out for MIN is a nice '+' for the GB offense in general

-- GB with Burnett and King...Adam Thielen has a clear path if Keenum can get it to him

-- No Reuben Foster or Bowman for SF...soft middle...for Samaje Perine.

11:05amET: Why I fear Carlos Hyde this week -- the 49ers keep him out to rest hip and to keep safe for a trade away next week.

10:13amET: Stephon Gilmore out...Eric Rowe out -- 'stock down' Pats DST, 'stock up' Austin Seferian-Jenkins

10:00amET: Lots of questions about Evan Engram. I have a great non-helpful answer...

He either gets Talib/heavy coverage and puts up another zero


He gets all the targets, some/much in garbage time and he becomes Eli's BFF...and whatever that means.

The fact that the Giants had issues last week with the ERs going down and Engram didn't get lit up -- it scares me that somehow it all cranks up versus a Denver defense...not a great bet.

Denver has allowed 210.0 yards passing per game. If the Giants get blown out...do they pull Eli for safety measures vs. the DEN defense? Then you have that crisis. Does Engram need to stay into block with a bad O-Line?

Questions you don't have to ask about ASJ, or Zach Miller this week.

9:20amET: No weather issues anywhere for SUN-MON

Morning Starter Notes...

-- I have no clue if Ezekiel Elliott will ever be suspended, when, and who the RB to have is if he does. I fear if a suspension does hit, everyone will go crazy for one or other of Alf v. DMC...and it ends up a three-way split between them and Rod Smith...and none of them are that viable.

-- Ty Montgomery v. Aaron Jones? Who knows. I assume they ride Jones more because he had a hot week last week, but Ty will see touches. A lot of money just left Montgomery's pockets when he allowed Jones to come in and show how insignificant he (and RBs in general) are. Ty has to be 100% motivated this game to try to wrestle the job back. it may be too late.

-- Love/hopeful on Samaje Perine this week...more excited when SF let Navorro go...not as happy if Trent Williams cant play.

-- Evan Engram is hope every week...tall order at Denver with all the WRs out. Aqib Talib covering him is near-death...you'd think. Engram is a different kind of monster. Eli without OBJ is a bad QB-monster. Hope...and fear this week with Engram.

Just a quick thought on defensive pairing the rest of the season...a little 'outside the box'...but looking at 'good' defenses with a decent amount of good matchups ahead.

The Falcons DST + the Rams DST

Week 6: ATL v. MIA

Week 7: LAR v. ARI

Week 8: ATL v. NYJ (Rams BYE)

Week 9: LAR v. NYG

Week 10: LAR v. HOU

Week 11: LAR v. MIN, ATL v. SEA

Week 12: ATL v. TB

Week 13: LAR v. ARI, ATL v. MIN

Week 14: LAR v. PHI

Week 15: LAR v. SEA, ATL v. TB

Week 16: not great...LAR v. TEN, ATL v. NO

The Steelers DST also works well with either...With ATL:

Week 6: ATL v. MIA

Week 7: PIT v. CIN

Week 8: ATL v. NYJ 

Week 9: ehhh ATL v. CAR (PIT BYE)

Week 10: PIT v. IND (minus Luck?)

Week 11: ATL v. SEA

Week 12: ATL v. TB

Week 13: PIT v. CIN, ATL v. MIN

Week 14: PIT v. BAL

Week 15: ATL v. TB

Week 16: PIT v. HOU

Steelers + Rams:

Week 6: LAR v. JAX

Week 7: LAR v. ARI, PIT v. CIN

Week 8: PIT v. DET

Week 9: LAR v. NYG

Week 10: LAR v. HOU, PIT v. IND (minus Luck?)

Week 11: LAR v. MIN

Week 12: no good...ATL v. NO

Week 13: LAR v. ARI, PIT v. CIN

Week 14: PIT v. BAL

Week 15: LAR v. SEA

Week 16: PIT v. HOU

If you look over all of them...you'll see the Rams as a petty heavy lynch pin. Watch to see how they do this week v. JAX stopping the run (their Achilles heel) or not.


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