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Sunday Morning Commentary Wk9 (12:09pmET *Proj. Update)

November 5, 2017

12:09pmET: Week 9 Projections Posted

11:44amET: Ivory really is the play more than TJY, looking back TJY had a nice moment vs. bad Indy. The Jags trust ivory more.

11:34amET: Wow...

-- Fournette out...Yeldon is the play, I guess, PPR over Ivory. Forced your hand. Unreal. Ivory is possible...especially non-PPR. Ivory is starting per the Jags.

-- Ertz out...Trey Burton is good but hard to push as a starter

11:25amET: Damien Williams has all the history, experience, etc. -- but this week they are going to try to prove to the world that moving Ajayi made a lot of sense, and Kenyan Drake popping a big play/good game is the fastest way to do that.

10:57amET: Daily plays? You know the Panthers want to prove that they knew what they were doing trading Kelvin Benjamin -- the best way to do that is get Curtis Samuel a big push this week. Look for 5+ targets and 1+ carries for Samuel today.

10:48amET: New England is on a BYE, but consider they come back and take on Denver...and if you have Patriots weapons you need to brace yourselves/consider some things...

1: Depending upon your depth...Brandin Cooks is arguably a 'sit' next week if you have depth. Brady's medium-deep ball isn't as sharp and this defense doesn't allow squat to any QBs. Chris Hogan is probably a 'sit' too.

2: If you're missing Brady his week, and your team is 3-5/4-4 and comes out of this week 3-6/4-5 but still in it but a step behind...you can't go Brady Week 10 with confidence in a must-win. Make sure you have a QB ready to go.

Tyrod Taylor makes sense again vs. NO.

If Trubisky shows a spark this week, he has Green Bay Week 10.

Big Ben v. the Colts is sweet.

Andy Dalton vs. TEN works, as does Mariota v. CIN.

Matt Stafford vs. CLE.

Josh McCown vs. Bucs

Jared Goff v. Houston is awesome.

3: The Patriots DST, free to pick up now for most people...they get the tattered O-Line of Denver and possibly facing Paxton Lynch?

10:44amET: Sorry, I'm fascinated with ESPN's 'pregame 'coverage' today. They are breaking down trades -- Charles Woodson loves Jay Ajayi to the Eagles because it makes up for the loss of Jason Peters. How a crappy, slow, ineffective RB makes up for an all-world LT...ask Charles Woodson, he'll let you know all about it...apparently.

10:40amET: Randy Moss loves Kelvin Benjamin to Buffalo because of Tyrod's great deep-ball passing ability.


Moss also noted KB is good for Tyrod because he's a big target at 6'6"/6'7" tall. I guess Benjamin is still growing too.

10:33amET: Every NFL pregame show I've flipped to today, and couple spots I heard on the radio this week -- everyone loves the Jay Ajayi pickup by Philly. The media has it's head rammed so far up the Eagles' asses they can't see straight.

Last 16 games (including playoffs): 316 carries, 1,124 yards rushing (3.55 ypc), 2 rushing TDs.

3.55 yards per carry? 2 TDs?

Degenerative knee issue? Limited athleticism...very limited?


9:45amET: FYI, Michael Irvin likes the Rams offense to improve this year, from here, because Sammy Watkins is getting healthy.

He just said it.


I have no words.

9:40amET: Worst job in football -- cameraman who shoots right in the face of a the football players as they walk from the parking lot to the locker room through the tunnel in their suit/dress clothes. The player is just trying to walk 20 yards with his gym bag to locker room and we have to get a close up of it -- as if that's breaking, major news...well, it is for every pregame football show. Trey Wingo lives for watching players walk off the bus and making comments on their clothes. By the way -- Wingo + Mike Golic the new talk show coming up soon so get your engines running. ESPN will be saved by the insight and electricity of those two...

I love watching ESPN slide into the abyss.

9:15amET: For weeks all I've heard is how the Eagles are the #1 offense on 3rd down...and that's validation on Carson Wentz as being great and the MVP. This whole week I'm hearing the same enthusiasm for the great QB Wentz and his 2nd best offense in the league on 3rd downs. It's said as a 'mic drop' how good Wentz/the Eagles are on 3rd down. Oh, how they love Wentz. Oh, how they love the Eagles.

I never hear one peep about the team and QB with the #1 3rd down offense now...the LA Rams/Jared Goff. Steve Marrucci has had an orgasm every time he's mentioned how good Wentz/the Eagles are on 3rd down...but he has never uttered the words 'Jared Goff' this entire season, I don't think. The media is so predictable and easy to play. You wonder why the Rams are just -3.5 over terrible NYG but the Eagles are -8.5 over Denver, and that defense...the media hype they've all piled onto with Wentz.

When the media piles onto one side...run the other way. The love Wentz and Winston, and they think it's only a matter of time before Goff and Dak get exposed...and they're just lucky they have great RBs behind them. Yeah, Gurley is a real gem...go look at that pre-McVay stat production.

9:04amET: Morning Notes...

-- The Colts EXPECT Andrew Luck to be ready for 2018. Really? Where have I heard those exact words about that exact player in this exact season? Fascinating/sad...Luck being 29+ years old to start 2018 season, and if his shoulder is messed up -- his career may fizzle out and he gets left behind in the discussions of the great QBs in the NFL. The sure thing never panned out...potentially.

-- Why am I worried Zach Ertz lays an egg today? Hamstring issues and Denver is going to shift someone like Aqib Talib on him because he's been the most effective receiver all season -- could be the first bad FF day of the year for Ertz.

Weather issues for today?

-- Rams-Giants...possible drizzle before the game, 30%-ish chance in spots during. May not be that bad.

-- Redskins-Seattle...much more chance of the rain on and off in this game, plus temps in the low 40s. Not the greatest conditions but not scary.

-- Lions-Packers MNF...low 30s at kickoff but nothing of real concern


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