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Trick or Treat Week 9 Deep Sleeper Players To Consider…

October 31, 2017

Trick or Treat Week 9 Deep Sleeper Players To Consider…


1: RB Devontae Booker, Denver

Boy, I was hoping Jamaal Charles got traded to Dallas for a number of reasons…and this was one of them.

Let me explain why I am suddenly all interested in Devontae Booker

Did you watch the game last night? Did you happen to catch something Sean McDonough said about Devontae Booker? It was something McDonough (the best play-by-play guy in the business and no one is even close) started to say but a play was running as he said it and his voice trailed off and then he jumped into calling the excitement of the play.

Jon Gruden was talking about Booker and said he thought he was the Broncos best back…which rolls off your back because Gruden throws praise all the time. McDonough then interjected (as Siemian took the snap and wound up to throw) – “Vance Joseph did say last night if he had been healthy, that Booker would likely have been their #1 back.”

Wow. That’s quite a piece of info.

Anyone notice Booker’s numbers since he returned from injury?

Didn’t play much Week 4, his return game.

BYE Week 5.

Week 6 – 4 rec. (6 targets) for 78 yards, 1 carry for 2 yards

Week 7 – 3 rec. (4 targets) for 22 yards, 2 carries for 6 yards

Week 8 – 3 rec. (3 targets) for 14 yards, 6 carries for 45 yards and 1 TD

The last three weeks in limited playing time: 3.3 rec. (4.3 targets), 38.0 yards rec., 55.6 total yards, 0.33 TDs per game.

Snaps the last 3 games: 23-11-25, more than Charles in two of the past three games.


The more the Broncos offense sputters, the more room for Booker to take more snaps…and be the main passing down RB…and move into a split with a chance to be the more important RB of any here.

The situation is crowded. Booker is good-not-great, but is a good receiver out of the backfield. There could be a moment ahead where Booker pushes into the starting role or just the best FF RB of the bunch.

If Anderson goes down…it’s Booker’s not Charles’s backfield it would appear. Joseph hardly gives Jamaal the time of day.


2: WR Trent Taylor, San Francisco

I’mmmm baaack. More hot Trent Taylor talk. Hear me out…

Who do we all equate Trent Taylor to? He’s a ‘Wes Welker’ type WR…the great workhorse over the middle and on crossing routes, etc.

What kind of system is Jimmy Garoppolo very used to? One with a Welker/Edelman working underneath. He’s super comfortable making use of that guy.

In his two starts in 2016, Garoppolo…

Week 1 v. ARI – Edelman 7 catches, 7 targets, 66 yards

Week 2 v. MIA – Edelman 7 catches, 10 targets, 76 yards

Who did Garoppolo like throwing to this preseason? Austin Carr…a similar-styled receiver.

I’m just saying – the real ‘next Wes Welker’ may have just unwittingly found his ‘next Brady’…someone very used to making that type of receiver work.

In addition…I watch Taylor at work – he’s fantastic; subtly fantastic. He’s going to be great if he hooks up with the right QB. I think he just might have…

This is more of a long-term play, but if Garoppolo jumps right in in a few weeks, as I assume he will...Taylor has pretty good odds to be the WR Garoppolo has some connection with. It could be PPR gold.

You’re welcome.


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