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Week 15 TNF Special Notes (LAC v LV)

December 17, 2020

Week 15 TNF Special Notes (LAC v LV)


So many twists and turns to this game, for fantasy purposes. Let me just give an overview of what I see…


Let’s begin with the WRs…


 -- Keenan Allen is active. I’m trusting him.


1) ‘Limited’ practices leading up to this game. Not ‘DNPs’. He’s been moving around and doing things all week.

2) He looks fine enough pregame.

Pregame video: https://twitter.com/OmarDRuiz/status/1339713345792823297

3) He’s Keenan Allen…if he can play, and all signs show positives – you go with it.

4) He has personal records to set tonight, so he’s got motivation.

5) Justin Herbert is his QB

6) The Raiders defense is decimated with injuries, especially the secondary.

Sure, Keenan could run a route early…grab the back of his leg and your heart will sink and you’ll have 2-3 days to hate yourself as he leaves the game one snap in (an FFM trademark WR move). If this was a Sunday game, you’d have less reservations on that front. Don’t let your own constant FF-worry force you to do something that doesn’t make business sense.

You live with whatever risk is involved here unless you got all star other options to use instead.


 -- Mike Williams is active.

Not so in love with him…he always is active, then jumps up for a pass and crashes to the ground and is hurt. His play style is constant injury-risk. When he’s not getting hurt, he’s not been producing much lately anyway. Not a must use for FF, despite the great matchup. There has to be better, healthier players to roll with. If he’s your best option…so be it. I’m more worried about him than Allen.


 -- Tyron Johnson and Jalen Guyton…ummm, no. Not with Allen-Williams back in.

If you grabbed Tyron, just in case this went that way…drop him…don’t let him clog up a roster spot for the next 4 days. You can drop him now and…

Chad Hansen or Jalen Reagor are WR options to use this weekend if you even thought about Tyron.

You could grab Jaylen Samuels just to see if you get lucky with it on MNF, for possible ‘announced starter’ on the weekend -- or plays so well MNF (on your bench) that he’s got Week 16 hopes if Conner goes on IR.

Just some names to consider…but you might need a 2nd QB or 2nd DST for the Tyron drop. Whatever…if you’re not using Tyron, dump him. Don’t clog the spot.


 -- Justin Herbert?

Not doing as well for FF with Ekeler back, as I’ve chronicled. But…

It’s Justin Herbert.

He has all his WRs.

National/Cable TV game.


The Raiders defense is a disaster of injuries, secondary talent, and a coaching change.

I’m not saying he’s the BEST QB of the week, but I am more pro-Herbert then not this week/game.


 -- Raiders defense?

Missing a key coverage linebacker.

Missing Damon Arnette, Jonathan Abrams, Clelin Ferrell among others.

#25 defense in the NFL by yards allowed

#30 in points allowed

The last four games for this D…

Allowed 35 to KC

Allowed 43 to ATL

Allowed 28 to the Jets, which in dog years/real NFL team standards is like allowing 50+

Allowed 44 to Indy last week (one a defensive score)


It’s a really good matchup for LAC that has some hopes to be a high scoring track meet of a sloppy mess.


Do not have TNF guys in the Flex unless for some reason all you have is TNF guys at RB/WR. Keep that FLex open in case COVID knocks on your players’s door the next 3 days.

Good Luck, and Godspeed tonight!!


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