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Week 16 Title Week Questions for R.C.?

December 21, 2018

I’m genuinely surprised by the outpouring of notes and conversations I’ve had this week – with how many people made it to their title game this week. I thought too many of us got cooked by the weird week last week, but I was wrong. I’m stunned how many people are going to the title game…or have 3-4-5 leagues and made the title game in all but one of them or half of them, etc. I knew the MNF game really boosted a lot of people, but I had no idea just how well many FFM’ers did last week and this season.

I knew the season was good, but I lost a lot of my top performing teams in the playoffs Week 15, firsthand, but it seems to have fared better among the general population. Nothing warms my heart more. The people who cruised all year and then ran into a median last week…it was nauseating how fast everything crumbled, but that was the minority the more I speak to people and track results.

Title game Sunday (and Monday) Week 16 always evokes extra deep thinking on sit/starts, etc., as it should. Sometimes it leads to overthinking it or just driving yourself crazy in general.

My DNA flows through your teams in some way or all the way. I would not be a good parent if I did not help take care of our kids you and I created. Our babies are all growed up and are going to the big dance. We need to make it the best week of their lives – we need to finish what we started.

As I usually do, I open the end of the week to your emails for any title related questions – sit/start, etc. I will do that again this year to help you think through, double-check, or have someone to blame.

If you have something you are wrestling with in your title game (or consolation for $$$), feel free to email me and I will try to answer back Friday-Saturday-Sunday morning. I cannot promise I will get to your email because I may get swamped/flooded. I’ll do my best and hook myself to coffee to stay awake and try to get them all answered.

Couple ground rules to make it easy on me to help…

-- Make sure I know the pertinent facts on scoring…PPR, 4-6pts per pass TD, whatever bonuses. I’m not like the folks on TV and just assume ‘standard’ scoring. Everyone has unique scoring, lineup configs, etc. It’s criminal to try to answer questions on fantasy without knowing the scoring system and its quirks...but I see it 100% of the time. Not with me you won’t.

-- WR and TE related questions – let me know your opponent’s QB, so I can factor that in.

-- Your QB conundrum to start one…let me know if your opponent has a matching WR-TE to your QBs. It might change the strategy of who I suggest.

-- FRESH email…don’t pull up an old email and reply over that with a new question. Give me a fresh email that’s not 9 miles long with old exchanges on it.

-- Subject line…start your email subject with TITLE WEEK 2018 (all caps) and then add what ever else to it so I can see that the email is about the title and maybe the rest of the subject triggers something for me on a follow up, etc.

An example subject line might be…

TITLE WEEK 2018 – DJ or Samuels

TITLE WEEK 2018 – Which DST?

TITLE WEEK 2018 – I can’t sleep…

I’ll seek out the ‘TITLE WEEK 2018’ emails to answer as fast as I can. You don’t put that in the subject and you may get buried in my inbox until January.

-- I’m going to answer the questions as succinctly as I can. I wish each and everyone of you a great Christmas and/or Holiday Season celebration of your choosing…but for my carpal tunnel risk and to save time answering, I’m not going to type out niceties on these TITLE WEEK emails. I’m going to be direct but think me not a jerk because of it. I’m ‘for you’.

Now, you better wish me a happy everything. That’s fine. I need your well wishes and daily prayers. But I may not type it in return emails this time to save time and skin on my fingers. OK?

Email: rc4metrics@gmail.com

I will do the best I can to get to every one of them even if it ruins my holidays taking me away from my family. Hey, in-season, during title week, you’re my important family. I spent enough money for Christmas on my real family…they can wait for me jumping for joy or crying real tears Christmas Tuesday, depending upon the outcome of fantasy events from Sunday/Monday.

God Bless us one and all. Send in now, if you desire, but I may not start answering until Saturday. I want to see the injury reports from Friday night/Saturday morning.


About R.C. Fischer

R.C. Fischer is a fantasy football player analyst for Fantasy Football Metrics and College Football Metrics. 

Email rc4metrics@gmail.com

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