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Week 17 Dynasty-Fantasy Notes (12/26/18)...

December 26, 2018

Random Notes for Week 17 (WED 12/26/18)…

*Opening note: The last week was crazy with the title chase…and then this week with holidays – I owe some people emails, ones I set aside if not urgent sit-start/title help issues. If you are awaiting a response – I didn’t forget, I just had the open email forum for title week and was overwhelmed (which I’m proud I was). I’ll get back to everyone ASAP this week.


-- Whether betting the CHI-MIN game or considering playing the Bears’ RBs or Mitch Trubisky for fantasy – if the Bears weren’t good enough, recall they lost their top O-Lineman several weeks ago (Kyle Long). Well, he’s expected to be back this week. A nice boost for them…

-- Conner or Samuels this week?

I suspect Conner will be pushed to play (still seen as some kind of savior) and then if he makes it active – that would cause chaos to making a fantasy decision on he or Samuels.

I would say – if Conner is active, then he must be good to go and then you assume he starts and gets it all. Like old times.

It’s 50-50 whether he’ll be ready/active. We won’t know better until THU-FRI, I suspect.

-- Unorthodox flow to the game schedule this week, done for ‘drama’ purposes…and rightfully so. Most of the games this week kickoff at 4:25pmET.

7 games at 1pmET.

8 games at 4:25pmET.

1 game at 8:20pm ET – IND v. TEN…winner either wins the AFC South or last wild card.

Do any 1pm games fantasy-affect the 4pm games, from a last-minute ‘teams resting’ scenario?

The answer…No.

New England (v. NYJ) and Houston (v. JAC) have the only important games at 1pm…the Patriots win, and they are the #2 seed regardless. NE loses and HOU wins…the Texans are the #2 seed. Both lose a 1pm and NE is the #2 seed. NE can still be a #1 seed, potentially if they win and KC and LAC lose.

No 4pm games are affected by whatever happens with the 1pmET games because KC and LAC have to fight to the finish, regardless. And the 8pm IND-TEN game is a win and in scenario regardless.

The Sunday schedule is set up to maximize the drama and not spoil anything at 4pm from the 1pm games. Everyone who has motivation today has it at their various Sunday kickoff times as well.

-- Weather issue games this week? My first look…

I don’t see any. It will be colder than normal for the northeast/Midwest games but no major weather events. The Browns-Ravens will be low 20s…is about the worst weather event I see. Baltimore has under the field heating, so it will be a bit warmer for the players.

The colder weather in places might cap a little upside hopes from some games…but no ‘wow’ or ‘brace yourselves’ events on the forecast right now.


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