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Week 2 into Week 3: Player Advice (Trade For/Away, Waivers, etc.)

September 19, 2017

Week 2 into Week 3...

Trade For (guys we believe are worth much more than the current market price in most cases)…

5) Tyreek Hill – The great Week 1 is sooo long ago. People didn’t believe in him before and Week 2 will help them remember they have something they don’t know what to make of. A good deal window opened up again.

4) Ty Montgomery – With the top preseason RBs for FF dying off, per usual, Ty is going to make a strong case to be a top 10 RB in PPR this year. His price may be too hot to acquire. Redrafting today, he'd be likely to draw a top 20 ADP price.

3) Joe Mixon – Did little in the preseason. Has looked sluggish in the first two weeks of the regular season. His value keeps dropping. I like taking a look for the price in most cases. Not overpaying but trying to get a fair/good deal. New O-C may want to ride in the BMW instead of the Honda Civic.

2) Brandin Cooks – Two mediocre/weak FF numbers in his Pats debut. He should have had 100+ yards opening week with 1-2 scores. He should have had a TD this past week. I think this kicks in soon and pays off. He was a 25-35 redraft ADP preseason, he'd be like 30-40 now…for valuation purposes.

1) Tarik Cohen – The price is still high and may have come down a tick, but we're a week removed from his hysteria. You might be able to trade for reasonably/fair priced. If we redrafted today he'd go top 30 or so in PPR. If the current owners sees 'Sproles' as = Cohen –then you have a chance. I will keep saying this – assume the owner doesn't know what he has despite all the bluster. Sneak your way into a deal here.  I think he could wind up a top 5 RB in PPR this year.



Trade Away (Players we believe are radically overvalued and can cash in on, or ones you need to get off of ASAP…plus, trying to give you an idea of valuation)…

5) Jacquizz Rodgers – You got a TD last week. You got two weeks left before JR turns back to a pumpkin when Doug Martin returns. I don’t love the matchup vs. MIN either. Sell now while he has some desperation value to someone.

4) Javorius Allen – The Ravens are hot hand with Terrance West as the lead. I don’t believe Allen is the future of this backfield. West-Allen-Collins will be a cluster you'll learn to hate trying to figure them out. You don’t have to dump Allen but his value is past reality right now, I think. I'd use him to maneuver into a more sure thing RB.

3) Carson Wentz – Two great FF weeks, chunks of which were total luck/flukes. He's not a top 5 fantasy QB…he's not even a QB1. People see him as 'the next' but he's not. Trade him to someone who thinks he's 'the next'.

2) Kareem Hunt – You don’t have to trade him if you don’t want to. He's fine. He's just a top 5 overall in a redraft today, as he would be if drafting today…and won't be a few weeks now – I say cash that RB1 hot value for something special if you can.

1) Chris Carson – See my SEA-SF recap for the details. Not a must dump, but a sell high as the analysts push Carson as the 'it' thing this week because there's not much out there off waivers to get that excited about. Carson to get Tarik Cohen…yes, please.


Waiver names to trust (obviously, depending on league…I'm looking at less than 50% owned in mainstream league stats; your league may vary):

5) Austin Seferian-Jenkins – He might be the key red zone threat on a team piling up junk time stats. If Jermaine Kearse can matter – so can ASJ.

4) J.J. Nelson – The best WR on a bad team usually equals FF points.

3) D'Onta Foreman – You saw what I saw Thursday night…Foreman is so clearly better than Lamar Miller it's not even close. Honestly, he might be #1 on this list. Foreman will never totally eradicate healthy Miller, but even a split Foreman has value.

2) Trevor Siemian – You know the second you buy this he'll fall back into regular ol' Siemian, right? Still, what else is there at QB? You need another week of Russell Wilson?

1) Samaje Perine – Many of you have been sitting on him anyway, but the excitement level of this moves with how hurt Kelley is. Jay Gruden does not want this, so if Kelley really can go this week…Perine might be #5 on this list. If Kelley out, Perine gets his chance…there may be no turning back for Gruden.


Waiver names to mistrust:

5) Elijah McGuire – there's nothing here.

4) Rex Burkhead – Starting, but low snap counts and just not as athletic as the rest of the group. He'll have moments as a receiver but he's dying as an RB.

3) Willie Snead – The Saints are a mess and I'm not sure Snead is going to be welcomed back with open arms. He could get lost in this new, terrible Saints offense.

2) Rashard Higgins – Ricardo Louis is better. Higgins is fine but you cant trust the CLE passing game for FF.

1) Chris Johnson – Having the #1 RB for the Cardinals is virtually meaningless in 2017 (DJ excluded). His talent is dried up. This team can’t move the ball and there are several other RBs to consider for touches here. No thanks.


Names to grab off deep waivers Ahead of the Curve

5) Kyle Sloter – Bradford may be way more hurt/susceptible than they are letting on. If so, you don't think Case Keenum will hold down Sloter? Come on.

4) Rishard Matthews – Will be a nice WR3/flex all season, and possible #1 Titans' WR ROS…and after this week the schedule gets good/better.

3) Kasen Williams – Rashard Higgins? How about the man who made lemonade all preseason for Seattle? The perfect guy for erratic Kizer.

2) Dylan Cole – I don’t usually put IDP'ers in here, but I'm telling you the Texans future at LB is Dylan Cole and he is awesome.

1) Mitchell Trubisky – We're about 2-3 weeks away from me losing my mind. Can you imagine Trubisky v. Sloter Week 5??


Players you can just give up on, stop believing…

5) Tyler Boyd – He was supposed to be good, I think? He's been nothing in the NFL.

4) O.J. Howard – Love him, but in this offense in redraft don’t waste the 12-team/15-man roster space. Keep him in deeper formats.

3) Austin Hooper – I told you Week 1 was a joke. He's no good.

2) Robby Anderson – Kearse has pushed ahead for McCown, and ASJ returns. I'm moving on.

1) Carson Palmer – Wow, is it over. He's awful.



*Update = Chris Carson info on game recap coming out next in a few hours, but we'll add something on him below. Corey Davis we assume not on waivers, but we're going to add him to the lists below. Check the 'Waivers TO trust'


Trade For (Guys we believe are worth much more than current market price in most cases)…

5) Tarik Cohen – I maintain people don’t know what they have still. If you can trade a hot Week 1 player in a deal getting Cohen, do it. We value Cohen a lot higher than 'they' do.

5b) Evan Engram – The world is going to be tight end desperate now and into the future, Engram is the best hope at 'special' for the future…and in the weeks ahead. He's a fringe TE1 value to trade for from others, but he's also a rookie so some are deranged on his value…like us.

4) Bilal Powell – People didn't trust him going into this season, and had kind of a quiet first game…working behind Forte. For those needing an RB, here's one that might put up Tarik Cohen PPR numbers for half the price. He'd be round 8-9-10 in a redraft if we drafted right now.

3) Tevin Coleman – Those still aching from the DJ loss and trying to find warm bodies with upside…Coleman seemed pretty important in this new O-C's offense here. The Falcons' 'Cohen'. He'd still be in that 6-8 round range in PPR redrafts taking place today.

2) Davante Adams – People didn't trust him going into this season, and a mediocre stat line with no TDs this week only pushes the narrative. 4th-5th round in redrafts today…maybe sliding to 6th…maybe behind Randall Cobb if held today.

1) Joe Mixon – Buried in Cincy, but not for long. Those that lost DJ…this is your only hope at a cheap DJ replacement – with risk he keeps sharing. I don’t think he'll be under wraps/sharing for more than this week, but it might be 'on' this week. He'd be a #40-60 overall in drafts today. He's get-able but has some rookie lust pushing his value to get.



Trade Away (Players we believe are radically overvalued and can cash in on, or ones you need to get off of ASAP…plus, trying to give you an idea of valuation)…

5) Carson Wentz – One B.S. long TD pass and everyone goes nuts…schedule is rough ahead too. Wentz would be a top 12 taken QB, back-end, in redrafts today. Wentz + X for a depressed QB (Brady, Brees) might be had.

4) Jimmy Graham – Get what you can, find another TE…any TE to stream, etc. There's always someone willing to buy low on Graham. Best traded in a multi-player deal.

3) Todd Gurley – Had a decent FF line against a terrible team. He still sucks running the ball. He's an RB2 all day long. If you can sell as a strong RB1, then go for it.

2) Mike Gillislee – Cash out on the 3 TD day if you can find a sucker to take him at higher prices. Gillislee would probably be a top 30-35 player in redrafts today. He's OK, but at risk of being lost in the Patriots RB shuffle at any moment.

1) Kareem Hunt – His value will never be higher. If you were redrafting today, he'd be a top 15 player…and top 1-2-3 in dynasty rookie drafts.


Waiver names to trust (obviously, depending on league…I'm looking at less than 50% owned in mainstream league stats):

**6-7) Chris Carson ** I don't think investing in this play is wise. It's a clustered backfield that there is almost no way CC is consistently producing. At some point, on waivers you take a shot but not with any priority.

5) Marlon Mack – Will be in a split with Gore…a step away from starting

4) Allen Hurns – The new #1 WR for the Jags…but who cares that much about their passing game?

3b) Alvin Kamara – Will be co-#1 RB within a few weeks if you want to invest a little early

3a) Javorius Allen – Will be the PPR back for the Ravens for weeks, maybe the rest of the season.

2) Kerwynn Williams – We're forced to love this now, and hope he doesn’t get crowded out.

**1.5) Corey Davis ** A #1-like WR about to emerge for Tennessee it appears. Not a given producer week-to-week, but is going to become a WR2 with WR1 moments and has a bright enough future.

1) Tarik Cohen – Obviously. How much to bid…for those that bid? I'm hearing/seeing a lot of $15-25 (out of $100) talk. $30+ is probably a safe area. Kerwynn and Javorius will help take some full-fledged lust away from Cohen.


Waiver names to mistrust:

5) Marqise Lee – Only Allen Hurns may matter in this passing game sans ARob…and barely at that.

4) Benny Fowler…Two TDs and everyone goes nuts. I think C.J. Anderson scored a TD right before each Fowler score but it got called back. Nothing to see here.

3) Jesse James…Two TDs and everyone goes nuts. Vance McDonald looms…as does the entire rest of the roster.

2) Austin Hooper…One B.S. TD and everyone goes nuts.

1) Nelson Agholor – One B.S. TD and everyone goes nuts.


Names to grab off deep waivers Ahead of the Curve

5) Zach Miller – The best Bears receiver not named 'Tarik Cohen'

4) George Kittle – Has some Evan Engram like hopes, very poor man's version…that his athleticism will make him tough to contain. A nice check down for Hoyer.

3) Dion Lewis – The Patriots will have to trade him at some point. Hello, Houston. Depending on where he lands —you trade him next day.

2) Austin Seferian-Jenkins – One more game out, then back from suspension Week 3

1) Orleans Darkwa – I think he'll be the Giants 'starter with Vereen as early as mid-week this week. EHes not bad. Physical, more built for non-PPR.


Players you can just give up on, stop believing…

5) Adrian Peterson – That was an embarrassment what I saw last night.

4) Cordarrelle Patterson – I will never speak this name again, or type it. He could have been the Tyreek before Tyreek, but now he's just nothing.

3) Latavius Murray – They aren’t budging from Dalvin Cook…the northern Christian McCaffrey.

2) Torrey Smith – He is a joke on this team…good for a catch a game. He's been a joke for about three years now. 'Weapons'…Ha!

1) Eddie Lacy – Career is close to over. I don't own him anywhere, but if you took a shot…stop doing so.


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