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Week 2 Sunday Morning Notes

September 16, 2018

Week 2 Sunday Morning Notes

The notes/discussion I opened up the video chat with:

-- I hate the Aaron Rodgers injury – it’s something he should try to stay off of for about two weeks and try to get to 100%. Instead, he’s going out in a limited capacity, unable to use his incredible mobility like he’s used to and is one hit away from being out.

I’m playing anything else but Rodgers-Adams-Graham where I have options. Randall Cobb would be the one WR who I’d ‘reach’ for as the short/quick dump pass option…and it bring Ty Montgomery into consideration as a deep sleeper – using Montgomery as a WR out of the backfield 10+ targets on flare passes. He’s a hot very deep sleeper play with limited Rodgers.

Rodgers not resting his injury but aggravating it could set him back weeks/linger half the season. We’ll see if Rodgers is overstating/overselling it today, but Green bay is betting a lot on a Week 2 game compared to the whole season outlook. This could be a fantasy killing decision for those of is with Rodgers today.

-- Everything I’ve been told points to Marlon Mack being 100% ready, they’re just being cautious/speaking cautious on ‘if he doesn’t reaggravate it’. He practiced in full Friday.

-- With all the Seattle defensive injuries and woes, in general, the Bears have to score 30+ points on MNF. If they don’t – then all the hoopla on this offense and the weapons, it’s all in question (for now). The Bears will make a big NFL/fantasy statement, one way or the other, on MNF.

Howard should run wild. Burton should have mismatches. Cohen should have lanes.

Shockingly, this line hasn’t moved from -3.5 Bears.

-- Tennessee likely without Marcus Mariota. The Titans are kidding themselves/try to head-fake Houston. Mariota is out, and they are missing three OLs. The Titans are going to get killed here. Derrick Henry is a no-go.

-- The Josh Gordon to ___ are just speculative rumors. Gordon can say what he wants. NFL analysts can try to play matchmaker (like I did last night in an article/notes), but Cleveland is going to sell off Gordon to the highest bidder, plain and simple. Teams are interested. Someone will give a 6th or 7th rounder, or better. They’ll take the best offer as long as it is not in-division, I suspect.


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