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Week 3 Morning Notes...(12:19pm Proj. Update)

September 24, 2017

Morning notes as I see them. Updating throughout (latest time in title). Moving fast so forgive typos...

Good Luck in your games today. Thank you Ben Watson for scoring a late TD!!!

12:22pmET: I don't believe in Geronimo Allison's talent regardless of opportunity. I wouldn't bet on him unless desperate. I don't trust Allison-Higgins-Funchess...three top sleepers just named on ESPN

12:21pmET: Adam Schefter swears Rob Kelley is not playing. Just said it again just now.

12:19pmET: Week 3 FINAL projections updated

11:52amET: The Bucs D won't have top corner Brent Grimes...on top of Kwon Alexander and Chris Baker. I like the Vikings this week even more.

11:48amET: T.J. Watt and Stephon Tuitt are our out for PIT. I have the funniest feeling the Bears are going to win this week.

11:40amET: Jonathan Joseph is active for Houston. They have one starting CB good for today.

11:33amET: Just doing some research and sharing data...

From Week 5 of 2016 thru Week 2 2017...

18.0 FF PPR PPG...70 catches (5.8 per), 1,291 yards (107.6 per), 3 TDs = Julio Jones (12 games)

13.4 FF PPR PPG...80 catches (5.7 per), 889 yards (63.5 per), 3 TDs = Demaryius Thomas (14 games)

4.5 catches, 87.0 yards, 0.0 TDs = Julio 2017

5.5 catches for 69.0 yards, 0.0 TDs = DT 2017

Thomas does not have a TD in his last 8 games, Julio has 2.

11:20amET: There is a lot of 'Vernon Davis just like Reed' talk happening. Last year, when Reed went out a few games...Davis was FF-terrible.

11:05amET: Why does no one believe Evan Engram is a TE1 already? At least, a plausible one this week. He had a TD last week and nearly 3 TDs...fell a yard short on one, had his hands on one in the end-zone but safety knocked it out bang-bang.

10:30amET: Not a fan of Case Keenum but the tall Adam Thielen against the short corners of TB...we like it more and more.

10:25amET: Long shots for Daily Leagues...

-- If the Pats crush the Texans, Dion Lewis may lead the RBs in touches to give others a break

-- Terrance Williams if active. not a game-time decision tonight with Patrick Peterson on Dez.

-- The Orleans Darkwa takeover begins today?

-- Taywan Taylor as a shock vs. SEA...one the Seahawks wouldn't be expecting

-- Markus Wheaton as a total wild card for the Bears

-- Duke Johnson with 5+ catches without Corey Coleman around

-- Cordarrelle Patterson as the Raiders 'new #2 RB'?

-- Alex Erickson becomes the new Julian Edelman for the Bengals?

-- I feel like we might see more from the playbook for Curtis Samuel if the Panthers get into a shootout.

10:08amET: Andrew Luck targeting a Week 6 return, FYI

9:59amET: More talk of Joe Mixon getting a bigger push this week...I have to see it to believe it

955amET: So much for Steve Smith inside info...Terrance West started and Buck Allen has been a ghost the first 10 minutes.

9:30amET: No weather issues reported anywhere. Possible light rain in London at some point.

9:15amET: To start the NFL Network coverage this morning...five people from Michael Irvin, Rich Eisen, etc. on the panel decided the most important thing to do was take 1-3 minutes each to pontificate on hitting the President for attacking Colin Kaepernick.

This is the problem with NFL analysis and scouting, etc.

Set the politics aside. I don't care if you are pro-Trump, pro-hating Trump, pro-I don't care...

If you hear 100 football analysts, you'll hear 100 of them against the President's statements. They are all in unison. You cannot find a dissenter speaking out loud, because for all the whining that the President was a bully to Kaepernick, guess what would happen if an analyst came on air and agreed with the President. Do you think that person would be met with positivity and understanding? Do you think they'd have a job?

When do 100 of 100 people agree on anything...just football analysts about politics and Blake Bortles being great 3-4 years ago...and Sam Darnold.

In my normal walk through life in the Midwest, I chat up random people often. I'd call it the dog park test. I take my dog to the park 2-3x a day because it is super close to my house. I talk to every walk of life there. If you asked them about Trump or this issue...it would be 50-50. Daily politics often comes up as people converse watching their dogs bounce around. It's how I should've known Trump would win the election because the dog park was very open to, interested in Trump and we're no really loving Hillary...no matter what they had voted in the past or what their political affiliation was.

I say that to say -- regular people are more 50-50 and 'who cares'. The NFL is acting like this is the story of century and all fall on one side of it and then take to the airwaves to give a 1-3 minute speech written for them and placed on cue cards. That's the real NFL brain trust -- completely like-minded people with no independent thought following each other's lead to stay employed. They copycat and are lazy about analysis and football study. They are likely hired because of their empty headed-ness and compliance to 'the cause'.

Quite frankly, I don't give a $%#@ what Steve Marrucci thinks about football or politics. But I came to hear football talk and I didn't get that to start the show. I know more about 'Mooch' politically then football wise. I didn't come for a civics lesson from a guy who hasn't shown me one ounce of football analysis ability in 5+ years.

You wonder why ESPN is dying and young people have turned to e-sports. What took place from 9-915amET on NFL Networks 'Kickoff' coverage is why. Get ready for it on every pre-game coverage.

You'd think they'd brush past it -- instead they see it as a chance to push a narrative...or they are being forced by the NFL. Either way, sickening to me.

Politics over. Time for the Jags-Ravens game!

8:33amET: Supposedly Rob Kelley will not play, so let's get excited about Samaje Perine against a bad Raiders run D. Tough to wait until SNF to find out. Chris Thompson, Ryan Grant, Vernon Davis, Cordarrelle Patterson...or Jaron Brown on MNF are flex options if you risk it and Kelley plays and you don't want to fully trust Perine. In the end, a split role Perine might be decent too.

If no definitive statement on Kelley out before 1pm/4pm kickoffs...if you can, unless desperate...I'd try to buy a week to see how Perine works out in this offense.

-- If you can trust Steve Smith...beloved WR for the Ravens last year...who is in London...he says Buck Allen is going to start that T. West isn't 100%.

-- Jalen Ramsey active, so Jags defense feels much better.


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