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Week 8 Handicapping Group Picks: Blazing Five

October 26, 2019

Blazing Five YTD:

22-13 (62.9%) = Colin (3-2 last wk)

19-15-1 (55.9%) = Savage (3-2)

19-16 (54.3%) = RC (3-2)

18-17 (51.4%) = Katz (3-2)

17-18 (48.6%) = Skol (3-2)

17-17 (50.0%) = Rabbitt (3-2)


Everyone went 3-2, so no ground gained on Uncle Colin. Man, that SF miss by 0.5 frosts me…stupid monsoon. I feel good about my top picks but a little shakier on the final two. I need a 4-5 win week again to make up some ground on Colin…except he has three of my 5 picks in his grouping too. I was going to go with my #6 choice just to be a little more different…but he has that too. Hopefully, I’ll make up 1-2 games on Colin this week!









PHI at BUF (-1.5)

The Computer says: PHI by 16.5…Spread Differential 18.0

This is such a must-win for Philly, and Buffalo has had an easy go of it – I’m siding with the desperate, frustrated team facing the human turnover machine…Josh Allen.  The Eagles can bet beat via the air all day…not Josh Allen’s strong suit.


SEA (-3.5) at ATL

The Computer says: SEA by 18.8…Spread Differential 15.3

I have assumed all along that Matt Ryan would miss this game, and if he didn’t he would be hobbled and crushed regardless. Arguably the best bet of the week.


NYG at DET (-7.0)

The Computer says: NYG by 3.8…Spread Differential 10.8

Darius Slay potentially out and the issues with trading a team captain…we already liked NYG and the points but as this week goes on -- we like NYG to just win the game.


NYJ at JAX (-6.0)

The Computer says: NYJ by 0.1…Spread Differential 6.1

I’m hedging that Cam Robinson is going to be out and that flips this to a Jets win versus a Jets cover. This is where my Jets defense makes me look good (or kills me).


DEN at IND (-6.0)

The Computer says: IND by 14.4…Spread Differential 8.3

I was between CAR and IND for this final spot. I decided to go with a team The Computer loves the internals on...as a football team, how good they really are – and facing a bad/fading team who just sold off a WR signaling to the team ‘it’s over’. I’ve got a funny feeling Denver wins this week, but I’ll trust The Computer instead.




CHI  -3.5...seemingly everyone was on CHI last week...I avoided that land mine.  No everyone is against them...a bet on Mitch and the boys whipsawing the world.

BUF  -1.5...better defense and better team at home...not sure when (or if) the Eagles turnaround comes but I’m not going to live in fear.  Wentz was last good in what, 2017?

CAR +5.5...I think two very good teams with similar limitations (passing game)...I’ll take the points with the guys who are getting less fanfare.

IND  -5.5...You can have the “value” with the Broncos...voice back spot?  Maybe, maybe not.  I’m getting the much better team, much better coach at home.  With the chance that DEN has given up on the season as the cherry on top.

MIA +14...just say no to the Steelers as 2 TD favorites...they have been outgained and out 1st downed in all but the CIN game this year.  Real life bet I really like is 1st half ML and +7.5 or 8.




























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