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Week 9 Handicapping Group Picks: Blazing Five

November 2, 2019

Blazing Five YTD:

23-16-1 (59.0%) = Savage (4-1)

23-17 (57.5%) = Colin (1-4 last wk)

22-18 (55.0%) = Katz (4-1)

22-18 (55.0%) = RC (3-2)

20-19 (51.3%) = Rabbitt (3-2)

18-22 (45.0%) = Skol (1-4)


Well, well, well…look at what we got here – Savage has pulled past the great Colin Cowherd in the YTD B5 standings, and here comes RC and Katz within a game of the gold standard. Colin is an amazing handicapper, so beating him in his own contest is a lofty goal – and we’re in range of many of us taking him down. He has another 1-4 week this week…and I will have never seen him stumble like this over a few weeks period. We’re all going to beat him! Come on, Skol…post a famous 5-0 week.

I love my top two picks and had 10 contenders for my final three picks to round out my B5 this week. I need to get lucky myself this week.





HOU (-1.5) at JAX

The Computer says: JAX by 16.1 Spread Differential 17.6

I’m not sure Houston has 53 healthy players they can field for this game…they are losing OLs, CBs, Watt…Jacksonville is already the better team and the injury reports really tips this for the Jags.


TEN at CAR (-3.5)

The Computer says: CAR by 19.7…Spread Differential 16.2

We love everything about this matchup…and we have the Titans starting Center and Jurrell Casey ruled out. Love everything about this.

DET at OAK (-2.0)

The Computer says: OAK by 9.9…Spread Differential 7.9

We like this but LOVE it if Center Rodney Hudson can play. I thought he was for sure out, but signs are now he might go.


CLE (-3.0) at DEN

The Computer says: CLE by 9.3…Spread Differential 6.3

Denver down an OL with an already bad O-Line, new QB, desperate/agitated Browns – this could be the ‘get right’ game for the Browns.


CHI at PHI (-5.0)

The Computer says: CHI by 0.6…Spread Differential 5.6

I’m starting to love this bet as the public LOVES Wentz and HATES Trubisky, even though Trubisky has been a better QB the past two years. The Bears are so due for a crushing win over someone – it could happen right here. 



JAC     +1...a combo of all HOU injuries and JAX strong historical performance in London.  JAX is 4th in the league in sacks which is what you need vs HOU.  Here’s to hoping Minshew can channel his inner London Bortles.

BUF     -9.5...I’m rolling with the idea that Haskins starts (which is one of the few things that could bump Trubisky up my QB rankings) Waka, Waka!.  I’m ok with BUF laying this many points because they’ve done it this season...non-div home smackdown coming here.

CAR -3.5...can’t kill any team for losing at SF, the fact that it got out of hand gave us value against SF this week and I think on CAR as well.  TEN will likely be able to run the ball which is a concern...but I think Kyle Allen’s tiny hands throw TDs vs drop fumbles on this day...

TB +6...TB has played a tougher schedule and has better numbers than SEA...the Seahawks have failed to cover big numbers against worst defenses than this.  If Winston can limit himself to only 1-2 turnovers, we got this. 

CLE -3...Brandon Allen (jeez at this rate Trubisky is going to be top half of the league) Waka, Waka!  I have no idea...only picked this game so I could double down on the Trubisky thing.  I can’t imagine the Broncos showing life here...they don’t just want me to lose my over 7 wins...I think they’re looking to embarrass me.















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