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What if NE-KC is Postponed Out of Week 4/Into The Future?

October 3, 2020

What if NE-KC is Postponed Out of Week 4/Into The Future?


I think it’s 50/50 that the game is played this week (MON or TUE). The easy thing, the smart thing for the NFL to do today is – buy time. Delay Sunday’s game now and have more time to figure out a Monday or Tuesday or full delay to later Sunday morning or Monday morning.

Don’t get FF-hysterical just yet. We don’t know what we don’t know…but I’m going to start us thinking ahead to ‘what should we do if the NE-KC game is cancelled for Week 4/move to the future abruptly on MONDAY morning…after Sunday has been booked. If the NE-KC game is moved out of Week 4 on Sunday morning, then there’s a ton of options for you and your opponent to plan around/plan on. But if we get the news Monday morning…then people are limited/in trouble on what they can do to work around it.

You need to prepare for the ‘what if?’. Not saying do anything this very second but start considering what/who how you would play it. But if you have very low-level bench players you know you aren’t using this week…you might want to think ahead and grab them.

The problem is if KC-NE moved to Monday or Tuesday…all/most all your bench will have played. Then if Monday or Tuesday is last second moved to ‘the future’ instead -- then you’re looking at dropping Mahomes-Tyreek-Kelce, etc. (which you wouldn’t) and you are forced to use GB-ATL options…not good, you’re better taking zeros than dropping the powerhouses.

Hopefully, you’d have a COVID exception to put KC-NE players down into IR and then grab live bodies in a Monday morning emergency cancellation. But then you only have the GB-ATL game to go get live bodies from.

You might just be better to play your known Sunday guys and bench Tyreek-Kelce-KC DST to avoid zeros/Monday morning surprises.


Perhaps, you’re better off just going with the ‘big boys’ from KC and buying time and then adjusting to the news Monday (if further postponed). If you’re (3-0)/(2-1) you have more room to gamble and take a loss. If you’re (0-3), the pressure of this week’s decision is much different.


Here are my random Thoughts on if KC-NE is cancelled/moved to ‘the future’ on Monday (and thus all Sunday options gone)…

You could pick up the MNF game (GB-ATL) options well ahead of time to stick on your bench as emergency options, planning ahead…and you’d need to do it before Sunday (for most of you) because players playing Sunday would be locked out to drop for GB-ATL guys on Monday.

Items to consider ahead from GB-ATL…



 - The GB-DST isn’t a bad/terrible option, if you want a backup plan for your KC-DST.

 - RB Jamaal Williams gets 5-9 touches a game and gets a TD here and there every so often. Flex option as well.

 - TE Robert Tonyan could be a grab as your new 2nd-TE for this week, but one that could FLEX up if Tyreek or Edelman, etc., was going to be your flex.

Jace Sternberger would be the next/less preferred TE option here…one I don’t completely trust, but you might have to ‘hope and pray’.

 - RB Tyler Ervin has been getting 3-5 interesting touches a game…jet sweeps, bubbles. He’s a quasi-WR/RB.

 - WR Darrius Shepherd may see an increased role with Lazard out, but then a more shocking role if Adams is out.

He’s a 5’10”/186 prospect UDFA out of North Dakota State…a 4.6+ runner, 7.1+ three-cone (all ‘meh’/weak measurables). He’s a ‘professional’ WR…i.e. not athletic but good hands. He was the #3 WR for GB last week with Adams out.

 - Total/interesting flyer WR…2020 UDFA (Ferris State) Malik Taylor. Played 4 offensive snaps last week. Been playing special teams mostly for three weeks/no targets.

Checkout the measurables (Pro Day): 6’1”/211, 4.46+ 40-time, 6.81+ three-cone. Interesting ‘on paper’.

The highlight tape isn’t a bad look either: https://youtu.be/jiaPVlEofII

But Shepherd is more experienced with GB/the NFL. Taylor has more natural talent.



 - The ATL-DST…actually, you might rather take the zero!?!? But maybe they return a kick or get a weird fumble recovery TD (as they give up 40+ points)?

 - Brian Hill is getting 7-10+ touches a game at RB for ATL and has been pretty solid. Solid RB or Flex option for the desperate.

 - WR Olamide Zaccheaus is a flyer hoping Julio or Gage are out (but they are probably good to-go). If I thought Julio was going to be out, I’d get more excited here for sure. I just think Julio and Gage are probably playing.



 - It would be a hit to drop Butker ahead just for this emergency kicker this week, but in a Week 4 crisis, and (especially) are a (0-3)/(1-2) team needing a win – you may have to sacrifice him…and/or try to trade him ahead to someone in a deal with other players involved, Butker as a sweetener.

Either that or grab Crosby as a 2nd PK…or, worse, Elliott Fry is probably going to kick for Y. Koo, but not 100% sure…making Crosby an important backup plan if you are keeping Butker no matter what.


DEVIOUS, are you?

Maybe you’re in good shape at all your positions, or don’t have any KC-NE players to worry about. Nothing to think/worry about, right?


What if your opponent has potential issues?

 - Would you taking the GB-DST off the table...kill their KC-DST or NE-DST (who is starting them this week?) start/backup plan…if a worst-case scenario happens?

 - Would taking Robert Tonyan off the table deliver a big blow to an emergency Kelce start/replacement…or just take FLEXibility away?

 - Does taking Brian Hill (or Jamaal Williams) away hurt them with Edwards-Helaire or Michel-Rex-White emergency planning?

 - Would taking Mason Crosby really pinch them on their Butker?

 Just things to think about if you have the roster space to do such hurtful things – and you have to consider it. You’re gaining an edge cutting off/blocking your opponent…it generates points by cutting them off from points/options.

Everything I just mentioned are also all things you can do right before Sunday kick depending…buying time to get all the latest news possible, including looking at your opponents lineup configs.

Again, it’s a fluid situation…but some of us because of league configuration/roster depth can start making these sneaky moves ahead of time for us or against them. It’s your call, but I wanted to plant the early seeds…


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