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2017 East-West Shrine D-Line Prospect Preview (WEST team)

January 18, 2017

‘Preview’ scouting reports are when I take a look at a small amount of tape and overall output data we have on a non-QB prospect before the NFL Combine and complete a preview report on what I’m seeing before I do a larger scouting study after the NFL Combine or Pro Days. Our computer scouting models cannot function properly without the NFL Combine and/or Pro Day data, so I’m not committing to these scouting reports being my definitive word on the prospect. Using what we have, I wanted to take a glimpse at some of the bigger names to share what I see initially.

This is my quick-take on players from watching a few minutes of game film and looking over their college production numbers in our computer scouting models. I don’t have the measurables and I’m not watching several games and getting in-depth. This is just quick hit scouting to have some context for watching the college all-star bowls.


East-West Shrine Bowl DLs (in no particular order)…



WEST  DE Hunter Dimick, Utah (6’3″/270)

— Best season (2016): 53 tackles, 19.5 TFLs, 13.5 sacks (13 games)

Quick tape: Decent burst/speed, but plays stiff otherwise. Not agile or overpowering, but can get a good jump on Right Tackles. Solid player, not a star.


WEST  DE Avery Moss, Youngstown State (6’4″/269)

— Best season (2016): 59 tackles, 17.5 TFLs, 10.5 sacks (15 games)

Quick tape: Legit NFL talent. Former Nebraska Cornhusker. Very long arms/reach. Spring in his step. Just looks like an NFL edge rusher. He and his teammate (Derek Rivers, who is a monster too) were unstoppable bookend rushers. If his measurables/speed times are right – could be the best prospect/defender in this game.


WEST  DE Darius English, South Carolina (6’6″/245)

— Best season (2016): 60 tackles, 13.0 TFLs, 9.0 sacks (13 games)

Quick tape: Long, wiry with nice reach/wingspan. Has some Leonard Floyd in him.


WEST  DE Jeremiah Ledbetter, Arkansas (6’4″/278)

— Best season (2016): 49 tackles, 7.5 TFLs, 5.5 sacks (12 games)

Quick tape: Miscast as a 4-3 DE. More of a 3-4 DE at best, but isn’t that athletic. Solid effort player not sure he’ll matter or has enough speed for the NFL.


WEST  DE Deatrich Wise Jr., Arkansas (6’6″/270)

— Best season (2015): 31 tackles, 10.5 TFLs, 8.0 sacks (12 games)

Quick tape: The better version of Darius English (above). He is long but has a better build and is more aggressive than English. I love his ability to rush the passer. He’s a natural and he plays with high effort. Love the tape. One who will stand out at a glance when you watch the E-W game.


WEST  DT Josh Tupou, Colorado (6’3″/345)

— Best season (2016): 45 tackles, 4.0 TFLs, 2.0 sacks (14 games)

Quick tape: A space eater. All I saw was a big block in the middle. Nothing special otherwise.


WEST  DT Ralph Green III, Indiana (6’5″/306)

— Best season (2016): 32 tackles, 9.5 TFLs, 1.0 sacks (12 games)

Quick tape: Very high energy player. Moves well for his size. I was never blown away with his tape but I did see him all over the field. Has a knack for batting down passes.


WEST  DT Josh Augusta, Missouri (6’5″/375)

— Best season (2015): 27 tackles, 8.5 TFLs, 0.0 sacks (11 games)

Quick tape: Very big and can move well for his massive size. Gets winded easy, can’t chase plays all over…but very difficult to handle one-on-one when he’s rushing the backfield. Intriguing…especially if he drops 20+ pounds.


WEST  DT B.J. Singleton, Houston (6’4″/310)

— Best season (2013): 22 tackles, 3.0 TFLs, 3.0 sacks (11 games)

Quick tape: Good effort, good surge. Plugs up the middle, not much of a chaser or pass rusher.



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