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2017 East-West Shrine OLB/ILB Prospect Preview (East team)

January 19, 2017

‘Preview’ scouting reports are when I take a look at a small amount of tape and overall output data we have on a non-QB prospect before the NFL Combine and complete a preview report on what I’m seeing before I do a larger scouting study after the NFL Combine or Pro Days. Our computer scouting models cannot function properly without the NFL Combine and/or Pro Day data, so I’m not committing to these scouting reports being my definitive word on the prospect. Using what we have, I wanted to take a glimpse at some of the bigger names to share what I see initially.

This is my quick-take on players from watching a few minutes of game film and looking over their college production numbers in our computer scouting models. I don’t have the measurables and I’m not watching several games and getting in-depth. This is just quick hit scouting to have some context for watching the college all-star bowls.


East-West Shrine Bowl LBs (in no particular order)…



EAST  LB Andrew King, Army (6′0″/235)

— Best season (2015): 91 tackles, 16.0 TFLs, 4.0 sacks (12 games)

Quick tape: OLB or ILB. Off-the-charts character. Team captain. The NFL will love him…good burst, textbook tackler, 110% effort. Quality later-in-the-draft prospect.


EAST  LB Marquel Lee, Wake Forest (6′3″/237)

— Best season (2016): 105 tackles, 20.0 TFLs, 7.5 sacks, 3 FF (13 games)

Quick tape: OLB. Skinny. Weak leg drive and upper body…easily blocked out of a play. Misses a lot of tackles. Plays hard, but is ineffective.


EAST  LB Richie Brown, Miss State (6′2″/240)

— Best season (2015): 109 tackles, 12.0 TFLs, 6.0 sacks (13 games)

Quick tape: Classic ILB, inside-the-box player. Suspect athleticism for the NFL, but high effort and tackle skills.


EAST  LB Austin Calitro, Villanova (6′1″/247)

— Best season (2016): 85 tackles, 12.0 TFLs, 8.5 sacks (12 games)

Quick tape: Quality prospect. Not a future Pro Bowl talent, but a stable/solid OLB or ILB in a 3-4 scheme in the NFL. High energy, high effort.


EAST  LB James Onwualu, Notre Dame (6′1″/235)

— Best season (2016): 77 tackles, 11.5 TFLs, 2.0 sacks (12 games)

Quick tape: OLB. Decent read-and-react linebacker. Miscast as a 4-3 edge-rusher for Notre Dame. Fringe NFL prospect.


EAST  LB Javancy Jones, Jackson State (6′2″/245)

— Best season (2016): 91 tackles, 24.5 TFLs, 9.0 sacks

Quick tape: Dominant rushing edge-rusher against small-school blocking, but questionable speed for the NFL. Sometimes looks stiff, sometimes shows a great burst. May have had a nagging injury unrevealed in some games in 2016. There is something here, but it requires more study.


EAST  LB Brooks Ellis, Arkansas (6′2″/240)

— Best season (2015): 102 tackles, 8.0 TFLs, 1.5 sacks (13 games)

Quick tape: Solid college ILB, but didn’t jump out at me on tape. More effort than athleticism.

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