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2017 East-West Shrine TE Prospect Preview (All)

January 17, 2017

‘Preview’ scouting reports are when I take a look at a small amount of tape and overall output data we have on a non-QB prospect before the NFL Combine and complete a preview report on what I’m seeing before I do a larger scouting study after the NFL Combine or Pro Days. Our computer scouting models cannot function properly without the NFL Combine and/or Pro Day data, so I’m not committing to these scouting reports being my definitive word on the prospect. Using what we have, I wanted to take a glimpse at some of the bigger names to share what I see initially.

This is my quick-take on players from watching a few minutes of game film and looking over their college production numbers in our computer scouting models. I don’t have the measurables and I’m not watching several games and getting in-depth. This is just quick hit scouting to have some context for watching the college all-star bowls.


TIGHT ENDS (in no particular order)…


EAST TE Colin Jeter, LSU (6′5″/250)

— Best season (2016): 11 rec. for 157 yards and 1 TD (8 games)

Quick tape: Not a standout. Big, stiff, poor/so-so hands. Not a receiving threat. Doesn’t look like an NFL blocker either.


EAST TE Scott Orndoff, Pitt (6′4″/250)

— Best season (2016): 35 rec. for 579 yards and 5 TDs (12 games). Had 9 catches for 128 yards and 2 TDs vs. Clemson last season.

Quick tape: Looks and moves like an NFL TE…more of a backup, though. Good physique and size, but not an explosive athlete. Solid hands.


EAST TE Eric Saubert, Drake (6′4″/245)

— Best season (2016): 56 rec. for 776 yards and 10 TDs (11 games). Three 100+ yard games and three 2 TD games in 2016. Team captain.

Quick tape: More of a TE/WR hybrid, but has the size, and blocks like a TE. Has a spring in his step most TEs don’t have. Is athletic with good hands. Has good receiving instincts. I will be interested to see how he measures at his Pro Day or at the NFL Combine.


EAST  TE Antony Auclair, Laval (6′5″/250)

— Small-school/Canadian college prospect.

Quick Tape: Big, but slow. 4.8–4.9+ runner. More blocker than receiving threat. Models his game after Scott Chandler if that tells you anything.


WEST TE Blake Jarwin, Oklahoma State (6′4″/245)

— Best season (2016): 19 rec. for 309 yards and 2 TDs (12 games)

Quick tape: Plays more of an H-Back role, but with the size of a tight end. He moves really nicely out of the backfield and after the catch. There’s a smooth athleticness to his movements…unlike most blocky/stiff H-back types. He’s interesting out of the backfield. Was used more as a blocker at OSU. I’m interested to see if he could work as more of a legit receiver. Not sure we’ll see that in this game.


WEST  TE Taylor McNamara, USC (6′4″/250)

— Best season (2015): 12 rec. for 83 yards and 4 TDs (11 games). Transfer from Oklahoma to USC.

Quick tape: Mediocre view all the way around. Nothing stands out. Shy, nonaggressive player.


WEST  TE Michael Roberts, Toledo (6′5″/260)

— Best season (2016): 45 rec. for 533 yards and 16 TDs…yes, 16 TDs. #6 in the nation in TDs in 2016. Two or more TDs in a game five times in 2016. 3 TDs in a game twice in 2016.

Quick tape: NFL size/frame. Looks like Antonio Gates, physically. He’s a ‘hoss’. He is still raw. Good hands. OK blocker, but misses too many assignments. Toledo had a high-functioning offense, and Roberts was their red zone killer. Work to do, but a raw, interesting prospect for the NFL. He’s not as polished a receiver as the eye-popping 16 TDs leads you to believe/hope.


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