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2018 Handicapping Chat: Week 2 -- Ravens at Bengals (Pick)

September 13, 2018 11:58 AM
September 13, 2018 4:01 PM

2018 Handicapping Chat: Week 2 -- Ravens at Bengals (Pick)

Week 1 ATS records (submitted to our dependent auditor/Savage on a shared drive for all of us to see before games and then locked in).

Savage 12-3-1

Rabbitt 9-6-1

Katz 9-6-1

RC 8-7-1

Skol 5-10-1

(Group 43-32)

Week 1 Blazing Five

Katz 4-1

RC 3-2 (submitted BAL not ARI when picks were due, whew!!)

Colin Cowherd 3-2

Rabbitt 2-2-1

Savage 2-2-1

Skol 1-3-1

(Group 14-10)

*When all five us agreed on a play, we went 4-1 in Week 1 (PHI, CIN, CHI, KC...and ARI).


RC: Because Baltimore destroyed the Bills Week 1, they are being elevated to essential favorite status here. Pick 'em in a TNF game is a slap in the face to Cincy. I don't think the Bengals looked very good on Sunday but they are as randomly good as the Ravens. I don't know if we know if the Ravens are good or bad because crushing the Bills is meaningless. Anyone strong either direction here? Winner takes hold of the division -- and it means the winner might just pull this division lead off for awhile. If the Steelers lose to Tyreek in Week 2 to fall to 0-1-1, then one of these two teams are 2-0 with the edge over the 1-1 loser. It's a AFC North huge deal who wins this game. Possible playoff atmosphere in Cincy, maybe?

Skol: Curious where the line goes from here.  Cincy was everyone in the world’s best bet last week (which is why I was off of them) and I think now everyone in the world feels like that got away with one and are ready to move on from the Bengals.  I think I’m going to root root root (and bet) for the home team, if they don’t win it’s a shame.  I do like Flacco this year though...

Savage: I don't think this line would have been too different in week 1. Just consider their season win totals. Baltimore was up in the 8-8.5 range, Cincy down around 7. Vegas just has a higher opinion of the Ravens.

I think the Ravens with this game. To start with, they only had to play about a quarter and a half of football in week 1, a pretty big deal on a short week. But more importantly, week 1 confirmed something we all already believed - that Cincy's O-line is still terrible and the Ravens defense is still pretty good. I think they'll be able to shut down Mixon and pressure Dalton.

And let's not forget, Cincy spoiled the Ravens playoff hopes in week 17 last season. If you're someone who likes to play the revenge angle, this game should qualify.

Katz: I am terrified that Mixon is going to be completely bottled up in this game. The Ravens defense certainly isn't as good as the Bills made it look, but it's still a top 10 unit. The game is at home. My inclination is they win this game.

Rabbitt: I hate this game. I don't see how you can bet it. Both QB's suck. Both Defenses seem good. I guess I lean Cincy, because they are home- but this is a game I take the points in any case where I can.

Katz: For some reason I initially though this game was in Baltimore. I still think the Ravens win, but I'm not as certain and more apt to have my mind changed.

RC: The play-makers are on the Cincy side. A TNF game at Cincy is good. Alex Collins the fumbler on the other side of this. The Ravens will get too cute with LJax. The Bengals win this more times than not if they played it 100x. I'm not sure I would bet more than fun $$ on it, but the fact that the line has dropped to 'Pick' has me even more interested in a cup of coffee on the Bengals.

Skol:  I’ve grown to like the Bengals here.  70% ish of tickets on the Ravens with the line moving the opposite way.  Bengals were such a popular pick last week and even though they covered...they almost didn’t.  I feel like people don’t want to go to the well with a team that almost burned them.  The Ravens have all good vibes, they were the survivor pick that worked and if you bet them it was cashed in the 1st quarter.  Win or lose...let’s get 5 Tucker FGs.

Rabbitt: my wagering place has the Bengals -1 right now.  I'd like to put something on it to make it hold my interest... but I'm torn.  If I can get a push I probably go Bengals.

Katz: I've decided the home team is winning. I'm having visions of the Ravens getting destroyed by Blake Bortles last year all over again.

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