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2018 Handicapping Chat Week 7 (MNF): NYG at ATL (-4)

October 22, 2018 5:59 PM
October 22, 2018 7:44 PM

Savage: I love this spot for Atlanta. A home MNF game with a chance to save their season, against a team that knows they're finished. Atlanta's defense has been horrendous because of all their injuries, but they've also been the victims of a pretty tough schedule. They've played top 10 offenses in each of the last 4 weeks and 5 of their 6 opponents would be considered playoff caliber teams. The Giants fit neither of those categories. The group as a whole (myself included) has predicted a Giants uprising a few different times this year, and we've mostly been wrong. We're 3-2 on the Giants again tonight, so what's the appeal? Is it the extra time off? The public love of Atlanta? Was it that close-up shot of Saquon's legs?

Katz: As a perennial Giants hater, I've found myself backing them more times than I care to admit. I'm not sure why. They're terrible. But once again, I like the Giants. I use narrative street a lot when trying to decipher these games and it seems like such an obvious play for Atlanta to steamroll the Giants at home. Just when we write the Giants off, they'll pretend like they know how to football. It's what they do.

RC: First, how is this a Monday Night terrible! I'll be the one holding up the sign..."I came to see Evan Engram"

I've been guilt of the crime of liking the Giants. Around Week 4, my Computer models told me the Giants had signs of being better than I thought...and then they fought the Saints hard but could never score. Then they has Carolina beat until a 63-yard FG at the buzzer. Then they got humiliated at home on TNF last week. My Computer models have been fading the love for weeks. The Computer continued to back Indy and the Lions but left the Giants behind with more data/game play coming in. Now I show NYG as a bottom 10 team.

BUT...I also show ATL in the bottom 10 as well.

I went with NYG +pts with no confidence. I see this as ATL-NYG both bad. ATL home field edge. NYG has the momentum of getting whacked prior week and having 10 days to stew and prepare. With no confidence, I'll take the points.

I liked this better when it was NYG +5.5. The +4.0 has me a touch nervous.

Skol:  I like the Giants here.  Getting points with the better defense...Giants had some love last Thursday +3 and disappointed everyone  badly in a stand alone game, I like taking teams in that spot. Also we have Engram and Vernon back.  The Gmen haven’t been terrible on the road.  On the other side we have the Falcons who should have (or easily could have) lost ATS vs TB and maybe straight up...but made the questionable call to boot the late FG to go up by 5 and cover with 1 min left.  ATL backers were bailed out and I think there is more trust for them as a result.  I’ll take the points and money line and see what happens.  Also I picked Eli up for a one week FF rental so I’m aware that that may subconsciously be the real reason...

Katz: You think this game is bad? Who put Patriots-Bills on MNF next week?

RC: Can I add this...why is part of the pre-game show for ESPN a segment like Louis Riddick talking about why Aaron Donald's so good? Like, no kidding. The guy had 4.0 sacks and 6 TFLs yesterday. None of us watching a PREGAME of NYG-ATL is unaware of who Aaron Donald is and that he's pretty good.  

Skol:  It’s ATL and NYG...that may be the only chance to talk about defense the whole night

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