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2018 Week 1 Saturday Notes (the day before the madness)…

September 8, 2018 10:28 PM
September 8, 2018 10:27 PM

2018 Week 1 Saturday Notes (the day before the madness)…

A few notes heading into tomorrow:

-- Steelers-Browns weather? Let’s just wait and see what it is before we all get hysterical from all the hysterical headlines about it. You’re not going to click an article/note that says: “Weather for the Cleveland game looks perfect.”

You might click: “Weather could be a bit messy in Cleveland for the game Sunday.”

You definitely click and lose Antonio-Big Ben sleep over the headline: “Natural disaster possible in Cleveland for Sunday’s games…40mph winds and 5-87 inches of rain possible! Evacuate women and children first!!”

The forecast has been 10-18 MPH winds all week, but now ’35 MPH gusts possible’ has been tacked on from Saturday night to Monday night…and hysteria has arrived for click bait.

We’ll see what it looks like tomorrow, but we might be looking at ‘just’ some steady rain with 15 MPH winds…not ideal, but not the end of the world either.

-- Video Show update…

1) Sunday showtime 11:15am-1pmET…see FFM home page for the info. For In-Season subscribers only.

I’m working it with Jason Katz, but also taking other calls, emails, texts from sources throughout…and updating the projections. When I get any nuggets, I’ll share them live. I’m going to see if I can handle doing three things at once.

2) The Friday midday show REPLAY – still trying to figure it out. Replaying on Shindig, as I was told would be so easy, turned into an hour waste of my precious time to no avail today. If I/they can figure it out, we’ll replay it.

The Sunday show will not be recorded because it will be mostly Week 1 sit/start, out of date by Monday on most of it.

-- Just a few more hours and it’s really official – no Le’Veon Bell. Actually, it already is official. He had to report today in order to get paid for Week 1. There’s no reason for him to show up Sunday out of the blue.

Now, that we’re past the peer pressure of being there to start the season with the guys -- Le’Veon is very likely out until Week 11. I’m not sure the Steelers care. I think they see their easy schedule and know they have a good team and realize they can just keep Bell fresh and let him walk in Week 11 as a rent-a-player in a sense and ‘go for it’ from there.

If Ben goes down Week 2, done for the year, Le’Veon won’t save them.

Bell has every reason to lay out until Week 11, and the Steelers are fine without him for the most part.

It’s the James Conner show with co-star Jaylen Samuels.

There is great opportunity here with Conner – tune in tomorrow 11:15amET and I’ll tell what I’m doing specifically and how to approach it (hint: looking to trade him before 1pmET).

-- The Saints cut an O-L and activated RB Jonathan Williams, throwing cold water all over the Mike Gillislee sleeper story. I still think Mike Gillislee gets the majority of ‘Ingram’ work but now if things get out of hand in an expected blowout, Williams can take work too.  

-- Week 1 projections update posted around 10:20pmET. You should see the date 9/8 on each position projection.

-- Daily Optimizer? Still not clear on release. Not sure when/what we're going to do with it. We're working with the program designers to make it smooth as silk with a lot of last second minor tweaks.

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