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2019 Dynasty-Fantasy Preseason Analysis Wk1 Browns 30, Redskins 10

August 13, 2019 7:29 PM
August 13, 2019 7:25 PM

2019 Dynasty-Fantasy Preseason Analysis Wk1 Browns 30, Redskins 10


Sometimes the preseason is a fake world and wins-losses don’t really mean anything. In this game…the outcome represented reality and then some. The Browns have a chance to be really great this year. And the Redskins are starting Colt McCoy

Player Notes…


 -- First, just a quick mention… The Browns went with a lot of the 1st-team offense on the first drive and Baker Mayfield’s (5-6 for 77 yards, 1 TD/0 INT) first pass went off target and then he just stormed them down the field for a TD. It was a two-minute offense that would have made Kliff Kingsbury die and go to heaven watching it.


 -- Later, in the game, Dwayne Haskins (8-14 for 117 yards, 0 TD/2 INTs) also made a coach want to die…but not from pleasure overload. ‘Not good’ is what I’m saying…

Watching Haskins here we saw the same issues as were glaring in college – big buy, big arm, looks good on some throws but then is oddly erratic on others with no reason to be. His first interception made no sense, throwing to a blanket receiver who had three guys around him, and Haskins threw it about 10-foot over his head and right into a shocked DB awaiting arms.

I’ve seen QBs make bad throws, but what was weird here was the odd-looking touch pass Haskins tries to throw.

I really cannot describe it. Everything looks right with his body alignment in the pocket…and then the ball comes out soft and way off target. It’s like a person getting ready to throw a dart at a dart board from like 10-feet away. They do that slow draw back and push forward to kinda gear up/line up their throw…slowly back and forth, back and forth, glaring at the target, locked in and then sudden release and the dart winds up in the ankle of an innocent on-looker 20-feet to his right. I don’t know how the physics could allow it, but Haskins makes throws like that too often for my taste.


 -- I saw ESPN had an article about how RB Dontrell Hilliard (9-19-0) might be the fill-in for Duke Johnson. Wow, really? Hey, good morning…welcome to the football season ESPN. Where have you been?

But then again, the Browns feed I was re-watching this game with…all the announcers in the booth were lamenting the Duke Johnson trade and wondering aloud what RBs were still available in free agency.

What can you expect for football analysis when the people broadcasting and analyzing the game from the one team, they are supposed to cover, know nothing about said team? Have any of them watched any of the Browns’ training camp work at all?

Hilliard has been wonderful all training camp and going back to impressing in his efforts late last season. He’s a UDFA player…so, he doesn’t really matter…I guess.

The Browns will likely add a 3rd RB after September cutdowns around the league. They need a 3rd RB for the roster, but I strongly assume Hilliard will be the #2/handcuff for Nick Chubb because Freddie Kitchens loves Hilliard.

Also, what respectable ‘name’ RB wants to sign up for the Browns to be a backup for 8 games and then be 3rd-string/cut after that? The Browns will add a body for the 8 games, maybe, and then wait for Hunt to give them true depth.


 -- You do have to love rookie UDFA WR-KR/PR Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi (2-13-0/4) from Phoenix JUCO…the guy who kinda talked his way/snuck his way into a tryout this year. He then ran in the 4.3s at a tryout and was given a contract for camp.

In this debut as a pro, he made a couple solid catches but then returned a punt 85 yards for a TD…as he just raced through a lane up the middle and then was gone…pulling away from people as he went, like a majestic race horse.

I have a feeling DSG is making the team…and the Browns will trade/cut Antonio Callaway (3-42-0/7) to make room. Callaway is gone, he just isn’t gone yet. Sheehy-Guiseppi would never clear waivers and go to the practice squad, so he can’t get cut or he’s lost. And what happened at the end of his TD is why he isn’t going anywhere…

DSG raced for his punt return TD, the camera showed us Sheehy in the end zone celebrating with his on-field teammates who raced to greet him in the end zone. Then we saw a quick cutaway where we saw the fans and coaches cheering enthusiastically, as they knew what this really meant given the backstory. But then a great preseason moment -- the camera cut back to the end zone where about the entire Browns’ team was in the end zone mobbing him. That’s what football is all about, but it also shows that this Cleveland team has an energy, it has the vaunted ‘brotherhood’ coaches always demand. Baker Mayfield has built a ‘team’ and real platoon and Freddie Kitchens is watering and fertilizing it.

You cannot demand ‘brotherhood’, it takes leaders/humans to make it happen organically to a degree. The Browns 2019 show signs of having ‘it’ and I’d venture to say most NFL teams do not…they just talk-talk-talk about it.

The DSG TD and celebration: https://youtu.be/h8DIdUMrI08


 -- Antonio Callaway is almost assuredly gone which opens the door for the guy I’ve been saying will be the #3 starter here Week 1…UDFA Derrick Willies (1-8-0/3). But don’t be shocked to see Sheehy-Guiseppi used as a ‘weapon’ for a few touches as a #3 guy either.


 -- One of my favorite players I scouted for the 2019 NFL Draft, Redskins rookie LB Cole Holcomb (4 tackles) worked 2nd-team at ILB and had a nice showing. He’s become one of Jay Gruden’s favorite players and it won’t be long before he’s a starter this year, I believe.


 -- You know who looked good in his first pro level work, and I couldn’t be any happier about it – UDFA rookie WR Steven Sims (1-9-0/1). He was one of the best under-the-radar WR prospects I studied pre-Draft. The measurables from his Pro Day were a huge disappointment, but his tape…and then his movements on-field in this game – he has an ‘it’ factor with his ‘real’ speed. He runs sharp routes. Has good hands. Just had the misfortune of playing for a bad Kansas football team…and was their star.

He looks like a cross between Taylor Gabriel and Tyreek Hill.

Now, I’ve got your attention.

He probably won’t make the roster, because he’s a UDFA player and they don’t matter as much to asleep at the wheel NFL teams, but he has been fighting to earn the starting punt return job, and then make the squad that way. Sims makes this roster and wouldn’t be long before he started seeing NFL touches and eventually starting. He’s really good.


 -- Samaje Perine (6-13-0, 1-1-0/1) has earned nothing but praise this entire preseason. He’s become a Gruden guy, but I don’t know if they can keep him. If they don’t, he’ll be in-demand. I think he’s either making this team or will be traded to Oakland to backup Josh Jacobs in a sweetheart deal between the Gruden brothers. I kinda like the Oakland scenario for him. One step away from…don’t get me started…


 -- Don’t forget about 2nd-year SAF Troy Apke (3 tackles) as a possible starter and shock IDP producer. One of the fastest 40-times in the NFL and has worked his way to the 2nd-team and closing in on the starting free safety job opposite of Landon Collins.


 -- Redskins rookie CB Jimmy Moreland (6 tackles, 3 PDs) is such a scrapper. He’s fast and energetic and is the kinda guy the coaches love. He’ll make the team for sure. He may even start as a slot corner before this season is over.

Washington really has done a nice job with their 2019 rookie class…they just butchered everything at QB and that makes all the difference.


 -- UDFA rookie WR from Austin Peay D.J. Montgomery (2-47-1/2) showed he’s capable of making the team as well. Another young WR with a great training camp and trying to force his way past established players. Montgomery would be on the bubble for the last WR spot.

Terrific Pro Day measurables but nice tape as a great ‘hands’ receiver as well. He made couple really nice catches in this game.


 -- Browns UDFA rookie QB David Blough (4-7 for 59 yards, 1 TD/0 INT) had a decent debut with a few erratic throws but overall it wasn’t bad. He’s a very poor man’s Baker Mayfield who needs 2-3 years of seasoning to ever matter in this league. But he has some skills.


 -- I wanted to see why Gruden loved rookie RB Craig Reynolds (9-21-0, 1-5-0/1) so much from this training camp. I didn’t see what the fuss was about. He didn’t standout among the Washington youngsters playing.



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