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2019 Dynasty-Fantasy Preseason Analysis Wk1 Dolphins 34, Falcons 27

August 15, 2019 12:32 AM
August 15, 2019 12:30 AM

2019 Dynasty-Fantasy Preseason Analysis Wk1 Dolphins 34, Falcons 27


Another preseason week, another difficult time to scout the Atlanta Falcons. How can you get a read on the offense, or the opposing defense when the Falcons are coming at you with the Wonder twin QBs of Matt Schaub and Matt Simms? In this day and age, how are those the Matt Ryan backup plans?

It could be worse. You could have Miami’s V.P. of football come on during the telecast and when asked by the announcers why they hired Brian Flores/why they chose him to be the new head coach…the V.P. came back with gems such as, “He’s a grown adult.” Also noting, “He loves football.” And the scintillating, “He really believes in conditioning.” As well as the confusing, “He has conviction about his decisions.”

Wow! I didn’t know I was eligible to be an NFL head coach!! I shoulda sent in my resume’ via Monster.com.

How anyone is a Miami Dolphins fan is beyond me? Don’t reward these people for their running of the team into the ground. I feel bad for real Dolphins fans. How does Bill Belichick get this lucky to have the Jets and Dolphins in division every year? Bill better watch out…Brian Flores believes in conditioning…so, here comes the physically fit Miami Dolphins to win the AFC East never!

Miami has won the AFC East once since the 2001 season. Twice since 1995 season. Their last playoff win…2000 season. Get those season tickets before they are all gone!

Fantasy Player Notes…


 -- OK, maybe I wouldn’t get the Miami HC job… Because I would have told then not to waste their time based on the scouting analytics of UDFA rookie WR Preston Williams (4-97-0/5). And that would have been ‘my bad’.

I was fully ready to calm everyone down on the Preston Williams looks great in camp talk, but he made a believer out of me here. He’s hands down the best WR talent on the Dolphins…but keep in mind what the Dolphins have at WR.

Williams played like a five-year veteran in this game. Not a hint of any ‘rookie-ness’ from him. If you didn’t know better, you’d have thought he was their long-time #1 WR. He still has an issue of having enough speed to get open, and most all his catches here were him blanketed by the corner…but Williams just caught everything despite the placement of the throw or what the CB was doing to him. Diving catches, one-handed catches, and all done just so ‘matter of factly’. Wildly impressed.

Now, this new age WR prospect issue is getting serious for me. I’ve never seen so many talented WR prospects in an NFL Draft class that were duds at the NFL Combine or Pro Day in timing, historically compared. I’m going to have to overhaul my entire WR analytics this offseason at this rate. I’ve been trying to find the statistical linkage/formula to better locate these weak 40-time and three-cone athletes at WR but are secretly quality/professional WRs, but I’m still hit and miss doing it via numbers. I have learned to see it if I study it enough via tape, but then you have to comb through 100+ WR prospects a year looking for ‘it’. I watch a lot of them trying to find ‘it’, but I didn’t think Williams was worth the time looking at his numbers and considering how many players at all the positions I have to scout.  

If KeeSean Johnson, Preston Williams, J.J. Arcega-Whiteside, and Jakobi Meyers are new age NFL stars…I have to really reengineer everything about my WR scouting models. The NFL is evolving so fast…NFL analysts have to keep up with it, but that’s a lot of time and study (that they’re not doing now anyway). Analytics almost needs to be written, recoded every 2-3 years by position. I do that, I’m aware of it…but I am missing some of these new breeds of WR prospects too much, maybe…we’ll see what happens against 1st-team and Pro Bowl DBs.

All that to say, Preston Williams is already better than DeVante Parker will ever be. What ‘grown adult’ Brian Flores does with that info/reality in 2019, we’ll see as well. If Williams isn’t starting over Parker Week 1…why is there a preseason?


 -- The Miami backfield is a hot mess. I want little to do with it for fantasy. I like Kenyan Drake (4-12-0) to be ‘the guy’, but now he’s dinged up.

Kalen Ballage (6-23-1, 0-0-0/2) is such a limited/straight ahead runner…I know he won’t be ‘the guy’, but he will be the short yardage guy probably. Side note…they tried to get Ballage going in the passing game here, but Kalen looked like he’s never played football before. The word/concept/label ‘has good instincts’…Ballage cannot claim. He looks like a Greek god in shorts and t-shirt work, I know this from the Senior Bowl week. He’s alluring, visually. Real pads and full speed execution…not his thing. Not on the level we’re be led to believe.

Rookie Myles Gaskin (6-13-1, 3-19-1/3) looked like he had the instincts. He doesn’t have any of the physical tools that Ballage has, but he has ‘instincts’. He’s a useful hand for Miami, that may get pressed into more touches if Drake is nicked up. I like him over Mark Walton (6-12-1, 0-0-0/2) for the #3 job.


 -- Wow, how fast did Josh Rosen (13-20 for 191 yards, 0 TDs/1 INT) fall off the face of the earth? Where is 80% of the football media whining about how the Cardinals shouldn’t make such a rash decision and how great it was Rosen was getting a fresh start in Miami? Now, they could not care less. Fake emotion back during the draft, fake story in general, and bad business from the media purveyors of such things all season long. Kyler Murray made so much sense and kudos to Arizona for cutting their losses quick.

No one remembers 4+ months ago when the football media was up in arms defending Rosen/blasting Arizona GM Steve Keim…the media doesn’t remember this because they’re too busy doing Kyler Murray excitement pieces/stories for clickbait.

Again, congrats on ‘winning’ the Rosen sweepstakes, Miami.


 -- In the battle for the #2 RB for the Falcons, rookie Qadree Ollison (8-41-1) took a step forward in the race…to make it a race, after a weak HOF game debut (understandable for a rookie). Ollison is not displaying anything special, but by default of the weakness of his competition he’s got a shot at being the #2 RB.

Brian Hill (8-23-1) might be the clubhouse leader now, as Ito Smith (4-7-1) swirls down the drain a little more each week of this preseason.

Still a race at this point, that won’t be decided until the very end of the preseason.


 -- I think I saw Mike Gesicki (1-6-0/2) looking a little sleeker/faster moving in this game – lining up as a wide receiver and running a nice little inside route. Usually, he looks like he’s carrying a piano on his back despite having the greatest TE measurables known to man…but he looked a little spry here for a brief moment. Maybe there is some hope for those vested? I’m not changing my stance today, but I’m still looking at the enigma wondering how his measurables don’t translate at all on the field…wondering if they’ll magically kick in at some point.


 -- Focusing on a few IDPs in this one…

I thought Miami rookie DT Christian Wilkins (3 tackles) looked as advertised…very good, very energetic, unblockable at times.

Miami rookie LB Andrew Van Ginkel (1 tackle) looked like the potential was there. He’s working 2nd-team on the depth chart but will work with the 1s when Raekwon McMillan isn’t available.

Atlanta rookie Kendell Sheffield (3 tackles, 1 PD) looked solid but he was among many that got burned by Preston Williams…’burned’ may be too harsh, just Williams making an amazing, head-shaking catches on them.




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