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2019 Dynasty-Fantasy Preseason Analysis Wk2 Texans 30, Lions 23

August 21, 2019 11:00 AM
August 21, 2019 10:55 AM

2019 Dynasty-Fantasy Preseason Analysis Wk2 Texans 30, Lions 23


A mix of some starters/starting units(ish) at the beginning of this game…so, we got to see an interesting look at some real starters at work mixed with several prospects seeing good work. There are some interesting takeaways here if you want to read into ‘who started’ and ‘who rotated in and out’ with the starters.

Fantasy Player Notes…


 -- I’m proposing two NFL longshot RBs to potentially come out of nowhere and either pressure the starting RBs on their respective teams, should those weaker talented falter…or they are the guy is an ankle twist away.  

1) The top pick is Tampa Bay RB Dare Ogunbowale to be the #2 RB out of training camp and pressure Peyton Barber into a split soon. The mainstream’s Ronald Jones experience is about to full scale blow up in their faces…as I predicted post-2018 NFL Draft.

2) You know who the Texans RB ‘handcuff’ is for Lamar Miller? Not Duke Johnson…he’s not a real RB, not a main workload one. Not UDFA rookie RB Damarea Crockett either…but I thought it could be/hoped it might be. Right now, it’s Buddy Howell (15-84-1)…until/unless the Texans sign an RB during September cutdowns.

Think about it…

Howell was a UDFA camp RB for the Dolphins this time last year and showed some grit/energy/toughness. Miami tried to quietly cut and stuff him on their practice squad. In one of the most bizarre moves, to me, of 2018 September cutdowns…Houston ignored Josh Adams, Justin Jackson, among other talented guys who were cut and stashed…to sign Buddy Howell from Miami.

I want my football name to be Jazz Ferguson…not Buddy Howell. Damarea Crockett sounds more intriguing as well. If you don’t think ‘sex appeal’ of a player’s name doesn’t weight into things beyond the well-publicized guys…you’re missing it. It affects all of us and our critical thinking on players. Buddy Howell doesn’t get us very excited.

It’s a quite a little commitment for an NFL team to grab any guy off waivers in September…you need to roster/pay them for weeks, even if you don’t use them. Houston was in some need (Foreman with his foot) and they grabbed Buddy Howell…and they’ve stuck by him since they’ve signed him.

If you watched Howell in this game…you might feel he’s better than Lamar Miller. He certainly showed more energy and effectiveness than Crockett here. If Miller is the lowest hanging fruit RB to be taken over by any modicum of talent underneath him…Howell is the man in waiting. Keep the name in mind.

He’s a 6’0”/220 banger with 4.5+ speed and weaker agility times…more a straight-ahead power runner with quick burst and fearlessness. He’s not great, he’s just in a great spot…potentially.


 -- I know the Lions LOVE Kerryon Johnson (3-16-0) and people are so excited because he’s the starter and all the media loves him. I get it. He’s fine. Not my favorite but any port in an RB-storm. However, I don’t go to the Kerryon port at all in 2019 redrafts (or Dynasty).

I get the Dalvin Cook appeal. If he’s healthy – RB1 all day/season long. I’m not a fan. I disagree with Zimmer on putting all his chips in on him, but I’m not stupid. I see what’s happening, clearly. I’d FF-work with Cook if I had to. But not Kerryon.


I don’t think he’s getting the touches you/the media thinks he is. The Lions pushed too hard for Malcolm Brown in free agency, and then did get solid C.J. Anderson, and then drafted/found speed-demon Ty Johnson…for me not to think Matt Patricia is going to mimic Belichick and go the way of a rotation/RBBC is silly. I get that Kerryon will be the lead, but if CJA gets hot and Kerryon is not…a fantasy crisis happens with Kerryon quickly. Ty Johnson has become a revelation…so, he’s going to get some home run hitting touches, as he should. Kerryon is not getting the Dalvin Cook treatment.

Most preseason games, ‘the guy’ works with the 1st-team exclusively and then the backups enter with that #2 RB. Like, for example, Jaylen Samuels…you think he’s better than Conner, but he gets nowhere near the 1st-team in the preseason when Conner takes work – message sent. Tony Pollard was not sharing work with Alfred Morris. Teams send messages with their preseason rotations (sometimes too much info given opponents).

In this game, Kerryon was in for two plays and then CJA in on 3rd-down. Back came Kerryon, then in came CJA for a spell, then Ty Johnson popped up for a moment, then Kerryon rotated back in. Yes, it’s Kerryon in the lead – but the other guys are getting work and that takes some of the appeal of Kerryon away…especially since C.J. Anderson is better, in general, and much better as a goal line option…and with Ty Johnson as a great passing game/3rd & long, two-minute drill lightning bolt. How many 14 carries for 62 yards rushing and 1-2 catch games are you willing to get before you admit Kerryon was overrated for redraft and sends you into an RB2-3 roster panic?

 FYI, Ty Johnson looks terrific, like I said back at the East-West Shrine week. I already know he'll go to waste in Detroit (see: Zach Zenner).

 -- Hey, you know who I don’t like…T.J. Hockenson (1-22-0/2). I mean, he’s OK. Should’ve been a 3rd-4th-round pick not ‘next Gronk’. I hate the media’s pump of him not TJH himself. It wasn’t fair to Noah Fant among others…cost them money.

But I have to say…Hockenson looked pretty quick-footed in his work here. Moved around nicely, faster than I remembered watching his college tape. He looks solid.

…solid on a team that started two TEs (James/TJH) and rotated them a bunch and had them blocking a lot. Solid on a team that went nowhere with Eric Ebron for years and then watched Indy get something out of him a year later. If Hockenson had landed on KC or GB or wherever he was a part of a high-grade passing game, I’d zip my mouth for fantasy. My problem with TJH is, like Kerryon, I don’t think they’re going to be in the role/numbers of snaps the media thinks (and they don’t think they just ‘feel’ and echo).


 -- Starting #3 WR, with no Danny Amendola playing here…it was not Brandon Powell (3-53-0/6), who looked nice again, but it was UDFA rookie, pro lacrosse player, Tom Kennedy (2-23-0/2). He’s a coach’s fantasy player… a grinder WR. Patricia coming from New England has to adore the scrappy, hard nose Edelman type…and that’s what Kennedy is bringing.


 -- The Lions have moved 3rd-year SAF prospect Miles Killebrew (6 tackles, 1 TFL) to linebacker and it seems to have energized him/been a better fit and it looks like his career has turned around. He won’t start, I don’t think but he’ll push the starters. He’s a hitter but always was out of position at safety. Linebacker suits him more.


 -- If Keke Coutee is announced hurt longer than expected, like for many games…DeAndre Carter (3-40-0/3) is probably a better version of Coutee anyway. Hop on that in deeper PPR leagues if bad news hits on perpetually injured Coutee.

-- Deeper IDP leagues...keep an eye on UDFA rookie SAF Chris Johnson (5 tackles). He's another guy I liked since the college all-star games...he should've been drafted. He's a big, fast safety who was playing some OLB/SAF hybrid in this game. He played most of the game as Houston gave him a long look/get ready to contribute work.




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