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2019 Dynasty-Fantasy Preseason Analysis Wk3 – Giants 25, Bengals 23

August 29, 2019 5:33 PM
August 29, 2019 5:30 PM

2019 Dynasty-Fantasy Preseason Analysis Wk3 – Giants 25, Bengals 23


Two teams that might vie for the #1 pick in the draft next year played each other in a preseason game…showing off their rookie 4th-round QB talents – one of the teams got theirs in the 4th-round of the draft, the other took theirs at #6 overall in the draft.

Cincy went with the starters for a bit, especially on defense. On the other side, I’m not sure I can tell who makes up the Giants 1st-team defense, so not sure if they went with the 1st-stringers some or 3rd-stringers to start the game.  Regardless, we have some notes on it all.


Fantasy Player Notes…


 -- Daniel Jones (9-11 for 141 yards, 0 TD/0 INT) is the epitome of the suckers’ bet QB in the NFL. Jones is a smart/studious/courteous QB that is super ‘yes sir, no sir’. Coaches LOVE this guy. He can talk about micro details with a head coach who probably talks about offensive micro details as a hobby. Pat Shurmur types love lap dog quarterbacks. Jones super-respects his coach and makes Shurmur feel good/in control. You see it in football and in Corporate America…bosses value control over employees more than trying to break eggs and change the world with radical talents. That’s why ‘first in the building’ is so important to them. Winning games and throwing lots of TDs is secondary.

When Shurmur had his first head coaching gig, he rolled with Colt McCoy in Cleveland and then bought right into taking 1st-round draft pick Brandon (freakin) Weeden. Shurmur was fired quickly in Cleveland.

Shurmur went on to become the Eagles O-C…where he couldn’t wait to dump Nick Foles for Sam Bradford…how’d that work out? When he then went to Minnesota as O-C, he couldn’t wait to dump everybody there for Sam Bradford.

When I am reincarnated, I hope to return to earth as Sam Bradford. No one has been paid more to do less in football than Sam Bradford. The more he sucked…the more teams/Pat Shurmur wanted him. No kidding, Bradford has booked like $200-250M+ dollars ‘playing’ (in quotes) football. He was the last of the #1 pick bonus babies getting paid massive contracts, and then had several teams/coaches paying him tons of money to come ruin their teams/careers his entire career. Anyone remember him as getting a $25M deal to go play for Arizona last year? How the hell…?

Shurmur got his next HC gig in New York where he works with vanilla Eli Manning but wants to go with vanilla Daniel Jones.

Shurmur’s QB choices/attractions over the years…Colt McCoy, then Brandon Weeden, then Sam Bradford, then Sam Bradford again, then a lucky half-a-year with Case Keenum gets him to Eli Manning to get to Daniel Jones.

Those QB names have a pattern of docile, accepting personalities and HUGE on-field limitations (Eli the best of his group, but he inherited Eli…and wants him gone now). You want to believe Shurmur has it right now with Daniel Jones?

I’m watching Jones this preseason run the same lame short passing game Shurmur always runs…predetermined throws, risk aversion, take no chances with QBs who are mostly gutless and under-talented. It’s what I scouted Jones as in college before he arrived to Shurmur. Chocolate meets Peanut Butter, except the chocolate is out of date and the peanut butter has no sugar.

Cincy rookie QB Ryan Findley (14-20 for 155 yards, 0 TD/0 INT) looks the same as/better than Jones this preseason (and Findley was better than Jones playing in the same conference for years), but Finley doesn’t play for New York/the media center, nor does he have the ‘Manning’ brand endorsing him, so he doesn’t matter as much.

Cincy UDFA rookie 6’7” QB Jake Dolegada (10-12 for 94 yards, 2 TDs/0 INT) came in late and put on a show to rival the more lauded rookies just mentioned. Dolegada put down some good tape here – he’ll make a practice squad for sure, and probably get poached from Cincy later in the season by a team looking for developmental guys.


 -- We saw more Bengals’ rookie RB Rodney Anderson (8-7-0, 4-51-0/4) in this game. I’m still not impressed. He doesn’t have NFL speed-burst to matter for fantasy down the road.


 -- Giants’ WR Darius Slayton (1-27-0/2) debuted but didn’t really stand out. All that training camp talk…I didn’t get the great vibe being put out by beat writers. Not terrible, but not a standout for me here. There’s still time. It’s just his first game.


 -- Evan Engram (1-9-0/1) played on the 1st-series. 14 snaps…7 runs, 7 passes.

On the 7 passes, he was in the game six snaps.

On the 7 running plays, he was in the game twice.

His lot in life, right now, is passing game tight end. You have the big three tight ends in fantasy (Kelce-Kittle-Ertz), and then our hope at #4 is a guy who isn’t trusted in the run game on a weak passing team (Engram). The next hope is O.J. Howard…who works with a terrible QB and a new offense that does not feature the TE.

So…good luck with ‘I’ll just stream tight ends’.

You have Engram already? This made you uncomfortable. I am too. Scared to death, but if you don’t get the top 3…you got a bunch of flawed TE options after that. Engram is my Hail Mary after the Big 3. I’m not into Hunter Henry at all.

Engram SHOULD be top 5 fantasy viable on being the passing game TE alone, but he will be hard pressed to be a threat to rise to top 1-2…but such a talent (for FF design) that he could make a run at it.


 -- The Bengals’ starting TE?

They came out first series with C.J. Uzomah and Tyler Eifert in two-TE sets to start the game. Eifert is getting solid 1st-team work this preseason. He appears in a split role with CJU.


 -- News out of Cincy is that UDFA rookie WR Damion Willis (3-55-1/6) is starting in place of A.J. Green. He’s a WR3-4 at best and it makes you nervous for Tyler Boyd…teams are free to double him until AJG returns Week 4-5-6.


 -- Bengals rookie LB Deshaun Davis (4 tackles) keeps seeing his stock fall. Once thought to be a top 2-3 LB prospect for the 2019 NFL Draft…he fell to the 6th-round and I’m not sure he’s making the Bengals 53-man.


 -- NYG rookie CB Corey Ballentine (7 tackles, 1 TFL, 2 PDs) was the standout young IDP that I observed in this game. Aggressive in coverage and not afraid to hit at all. He should make the team and press for playing time.


 -- NYG rookie Ximenes Oshane (4 tackles, 2 sacks) had a couple sacks in the game, but they weren’t all that impressive. One was a flushed QB sent his way/into him. The second was him unblocked going to the QB.




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