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2019 Dynasty-Fantasy Preseason Analysis Wk4 – Colts 13, Bengals 6

August 30, 2019 11:47 AM
August 30, 2019 11:44 AM

2019 Dynasty-Fantasy Preseason Analysis Wk4 – Colts 13, Bengals 6


I watched this game from the Indy home announcer’s feed/coverage. In-between them talking about how magnanimous Andrew Luck’s decision was and how dumb we all are for not understanding it  (people who sell Amway wish they had the conviction these local announcers did trying to sell us on Luck all game)…with all that I watched a Week 4 preseason football game.

I’ll save you the watch/listen from the Indy side and give you the cliff notes – Andrew Luck is so much smarter than us mere mortals that we should not question anything he does, on the field or off. Luck simply made the greatest, smartest decision a human has ever made in the history of the NFL. We should all be so lucky as to be as great and as smart as Andrew Luck.

I think that about covers that. *Too soon?*

I came to see the Parris Campbell debut, not vote for Andrew Luck for congress. I wonder if Andrew Luck has inadvertently grassroots qualified for the Democratic debates this go ‘round. He has to be polling above the threshold, being he’s the greatest, smartest human who ever lived. A Biden-Luck ticket wins all Indiana’s delegates for sure. I could not be any more worn out on a story than the Andrew Luck retrospectives and in memoriams a week later…a.k.a. the greatest, smartest, saddest story in human history. You should still be wearing your sackcloth and sitting in a pile of dirt until you’re told it’s OK to stop mourning this tragic event.

There were some player notes from this game to considering in your depressed state if you can bring yourself to love football without Andrew Luck. If we all stick together, we can get through this.


Fantasy Player Notes…


 -- Parris Campbell (3-42-0/4) made his preseason debut and looked fine. Because fantasy scouting/player ranking is such an exact science, and definitely not ‘emotional’, Campbell has been falling in redraft and dynasty rookie draft rankings for weeks…because ‘not seen’ (due to a mild hamstring). Luck leaving (sob, why do you keep mentioning it…I don’t want to relive the pain) then pushed him down further in the various rankings.

Four things…

1) Parris looked fine here. He wasn’t in all that long. Didn’t score a TD, which means fantasy analysts cannot get excited by his performance.

All he did was remind us that…

2) He’s the best built fantasy WR from the 2019 class…6’0”/200+ and runs a 4.31 is very unique/special. Lot’s of players have clocked in the 4.3s…not above 200 pounds though – that’s rare.

He had a play in this game where he caught a kind of slant and then just took off and subtly pulled away from his coverage/tackler and turned a 7-yard gain into 31 yards. We have to keep in mind, the guy covering him probably will tryout for the CFL next week.

3) He isn’t Mecole Hardman or Marquise Brown styled…he’s not just tiny/waterbug fast and working the outside only. Campbell was working between the hashes over the middle. He has elite speed with size and works a receiver style most speed guys don’t want to (over the middle) or they’d get broken in half.

4) It will probably be a few weeks before Campbell is getting more touches. He’s missed a lot of preseason time and that usually means a punishment, of sorts, for a rookie. Campbell feels like one of those guys available on redraft waivers Weeks 3-4-5 and is a key WR3 with sweet FF scoring spikes in the 2nd-half of the season.


 -- Here’s how good Jacoby Brissett (DNP) is (a.k.a. the greatest backup ever…because he has to be backing up the greatest, smartest human quarterback in the history of Earth or any other universe)…he’s so good that I’ll bet Chad Kelly (13-16 for 138 yards, 0 TD/1 INT) is pushing for his job by midseason.

Kelly has a better arm. Better passer skills. And is a quicker runner out of the pocket if needed. Not meant to be a ringing endorsement of Kelly as much as it is that Brissett is way oversold to us by people who haven’t a clue.

I’ve never been a huge Kelly fan on a number of levels, but I see the potential there…even if a false hope. Kelly looks exactly like what NFL head coaches dream of for their starting QB. Only, Kelly has a nagging issue of great throw followed by good throw followed by laser beam throw followed by ‘why the hell did he throw that?’ Kelly has the raw talent, but he’s tough to coach and isn’t a film room/first in the building ass kisser so he’ll have a barrier to get through.

…I’m just predicting Brissett gets exposed as ‘not the greatest backup QB in Western Civilization’ and a restless team and fan base hopes for a change if they see the ‘big arm’ of Kelly.


 -- Cincy UDFA rookie QB Jake Dolegala (27-41 for 233 yards, 0 TD/0 INT) put some more nice tape out for the second week in a row. He’s making a practice squad somewhere. He needs a few years cooking in the oven.

Watch for Seattle to possible claim him at cut down weekend…just to pick his brain for Week 1 hosting Cincy, to get info on the new coaches for the Bengals.


 -- Bengals’ rookie RB Rodney Anderson (5-2-0, 1-7-0/2) hurt his knee in this game. He’s coming off an injury last season in college and he didn’t look good in the preseason. This may be the end of the line for him. He’ll go on IR, I assume. Mixon-Gio-Trayveon as the 1-2-3 Week 1…unless Cincy trades or cuts Gio.


 -- Colts’ LB E.J. Speed (8 tackles, 1 TFL) started and put on a nice show here…as he’s done all preseason. I was surprised to see him starting a Week 4 preseason game.

He’s a later drafted rookie with a checkered off field, so he may just be getting put through the grinder some more. It tells me he won’t be a shock starter/heavy rotation guy Week 1. I thought he might jump into serious playing time right away because he’s been so good this preseason.


 -- Poor Colts’ rookie UDFA WR Penny Hart (0-0-0/1, two lost fumbles). He’s hardly been in on offense/seen targets this preseason, but he has worked as a return man…and two lost fumbles here which definitely kills his case to make the team.

I really like what I see in Hart, as a receiver…liked his whole game as a professional, smaller WR at Georgia State when I scouted him. He’s a talent with fast feet off the snap. He’s got skills. He has shown zero of them this preseason. He’s not a return guy, in my book, he’s an Edelman-type WR.

Likely, Hart is cut and easily put on the practice squad…but watch for New England to claim him for their practice squad – then you can get a little more excited about his prospects.




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