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2019 Dynasty-Fantasy Preseason Analysis Wk4 – Packers 27, Chiefs 20

September 1, 2019 7:40 PM
September 2, 2019 9:45 AM

2019 Dynasty-Fantasy Preseason Analysis Wk4 – Packers 27, Chiefs 20


Among the storylines from this preseason game, we saw the end of DeShone Kizer in Green Bay (and should be done in the NFL…enjoy the XFL) and the Texans new starting RB (apparently) in action for KC.


Fantasy Player Notes…


 -- My last prediction words (before he signed in KC) on where LeSean McCoy would end up (him going to KC)…when most analysts instantly thought he’d go to Houston or Philly or the Chargers…

I think this would complete the circle on the story…it answers the question/the curiosity of why Andy Reid would go from ‘all-in’ on Damien Williams in Jan.-June and then turn his back on him out of nowhere for no good reason in July. Damien Williams did nothing but miss practice due to mild injury (as every RB does in the preseason) and what…Carlos Hyde was so good that it forced Reid to abandon everything? We know Hyde wasn’t the reason. Darwin Thompson wasn’t even being discussed then. Damien Williams did something to move Reid off of him – Reid can fix the wrong and go for the title with his old Philly RB who knows the offense Day 1.

The mainstream hasn’t even scratched the surface thinking about this angle…thus many FFM’ers played this 100% correct – from drafting McCoy/Singletary playing the potential move out of McCoy and then avoiding Damien Williams because of the fear that Reid was going to do something to address his Williams problem.

Well, he did just that…and paid LeSean handsomely. McCoy is starting and Williams is a 20% workload share by Week 2-3 if not Week 1…if not Williams cut by Week 2-3-4.


 -- Think about it – Andy Reid has a Damien Williams problem. He’s had it for a while. In his desperation, he didn’t turn to Carlos Hyde. He had Hyde for months and essentially cut him loose given the Williams issue. The Texans cut an O-Lineman (Rankins)…the info came across my desk on his reported release early Saturday…but you can still trade these players up to the deadline time for official cuts. It’s normal for teams to exchange guys they are cutting for a look so that they have control of them to see about the player without anyone else bargaining or barging in against them with a waiver claim priority, etc. So, KC traded a cut player in Hyde for a Texans’ cut guy.

The Hyde trade was one inch better than just grabbing a released player off the pile…that’s the effort Houston put in. It’s not like there was this big Hyde market or a major Houston desire craving Hyde.

That’s why I say…I’m skeptical Hyde is the Texans ‘final answer’. I think Buddy Howell will lead the Texans in touches Week 1, as it stands today. Howell-Duke-Hyde. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hyde were cut by Tuesday-Wednesday. The question is who will Houston get to join this backfield? I’m not sure. A trade can happen but options are even more limited today. Rex Burkhead is my main guess…which still means Buddy Howell could matter in all this.

Oh, why am I so dismissive on Hyde? Two reasons…

1) I can’t believe Houston making all these big trades/moves going all-in on 2019 -- and then they’re going to ignore the RB hole and hope Hyde-Howell can tough run their way with Duke as a satellite back.

I’d believe O’Brien is thinking about springing Howell on the world before he goes all-in on Hyde.

So, I am still waiting for a new RB to arrive…but that clock is ticking loudly.


2) Hyde looked terrible here. He looked so sluggish and non-explosive. I thought Damien Williams mailed it in a few weeks ago (part of the DW issue)…just pouted on the field, essentially. I don’t know that Hyde mailed it in here as much as he just looks like he’s lost a gear. He looks ‘shot’. I really glared at everything Hyde did here…knowing he had been traded to Houston by the time I studied this tape. Hyde had to know he was getting cut going into this game. He was playing for his next job in this game and he just looked ‘done’.

Even if Hyde was ‘the guy’…he wouldn’t be better than Lamar Miller in fantasy terms, and we all hated Miller anyway.

Today, Buddy Howell runs with more passion, speed, toughness than Hyde.


 -- On a lighter, and Green Bay, note… Finally, DeShone Kizer (8-15 for 77 yards, 1 TD/1 INT) was s-canned. He shouldn’t even be in the NFL. Only an NFL team that is run so poorly, so stupidly would even think to claim him off waivers.

*Checks notes…Kizer claimed by the Oakland Raiders*


 -- I don’t know who has been brought back onto the P-Squad officially yet, but two guys I liked were punted from the team during cut downs…

UDFA WR Jamal Custis (3-18-0/5) has looked like nothing.

UDFA WR Cody Thompson (2-15-0/4) looked solid but nothing special.

I think Thompson is being brought back, but not Custis.


Byron Pringle (0-0-0/1) did make the team from what I see.

WR/TE 6’6”+ Joe Fortson (2-38-1/3) was released…a developmental guy who needs more development.


 -- Rookie RB Dexter Williams (9-34-1, 2-38-0/2) played like his life depended upon it, and it did…he made the team over Tra Carson. Green Bay is really getting ready to go all-in on Jones-Jamaal to start this season. Dexter is way down the concern list. He’s no threat to Jones-Jamaal.


 -- GB rookie IDP LB Ty Summers (5 tackles, 1 INT…74-yd TD) made the team in glorious fashion. A great preseason capped by a pick six.  


 -- Jeremiah Attaochu (8 tackles, 2 sacks) played like his life depended upon it, and his stat line looks great, but it was more he lucked into sacks/QBs were flushed his way. He made the KC roster initially and then he was released to make room for something else claimed.




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