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2019 Free Agent Preview: Quarterback

March 11, 2019 11:34 AM
March 11, 2019 11:33 AM

2019 Free Agent Preview: Quarterback

As I’ve been touting for a few years now…we’re in the golden age of quarterbacks and QB prospects. We’re hitting the critical mass of too many starter-level QBs for no job openings. We’re in the early innings of this, so it’s only going to get worse. Take the surge in QB play and add it to too many poorly run NFL teams who listen to know-nothing analysts who parrot each other…and you get a recent Super Bowl MVP, a franchise QB (Foles) just sitting available that no one really wants…and like one team supposedly wants him, but not that badly. We also have Weeks 1-3 of 2018 league MVP Ryan Fitzpatrick, who like Foles, was benched for an inferior QB to take his place because ‘everyone knows’ the other guy is better. We also have former franchise QB hopeful (Teddy Bridgewater), who won’t even get signed to be a starter for 2019.

The league’s most important position is the one managed the most poorly by the NFL execs with their partners in crime -- the football analyst class who know more than we all do.

What a strange era we’re embarking on…from QB to RB to WR – too much talent flooding into the NFL and not enough places for it to go and flourish. The NFL should’ve expanded by 2-4 teams a few years ago to prep for it, but they’re 2-4 years away from it if they started now. You think it’s bad now, wait until a few years from now…NFL talent will be as valuable as Venezuelan currency.

The most talented QB in free agency: Nick Foles, PHI – Obviously. I’m not sure what else I can say about how wrong the football world is, and has been, on Foles. I don’t know what else Foles needs to do to prove himself. It’s possible, Foles isn’t even the Week 1 starter anywhere in 2019. There are limited teams thinking they’re in need of a QB…and those in play for Foles will draft a rookie along with signing Foles, and then it won’t be long (in 2019) before the angry mob (media) tries to take out Foles again by caterwauling for the rookie/backup to play Week 1 or after Foles’s first interception.

Here’s how limited Foles’s 2019 options are – He won’t go to Washington out of respect for Philly, and they just traded for Case Keenum for reasons that I don’t think God could figure out. I don’t think he wants to play for Doug Marrone/Coughlin. If he rules out those two options, where can he go besides Miami…who are likely too stupid to pull the trigger, as they wait on the ‘Alabama’ QB because ‘Alabama’. I haven’t even scouted the hot Alabama QB yet and I can 99% confidence say he’s overrated just by the media and fan initial reaction to him.

Where’s Foles going to go? It has to be Miami or Jacksonville – there’s nowhere else to go. He’s really not wanted…even by the teams with an opening. Unless a freak injury hits…Foles may have nowhere to go. Jacksonville is his only real opportunity, but I have a feeling it’s going to be Miami for some reason.

The most overrated QB in free agency: Ryan Griffin, TB – Football people think because he was kept on a roster for years, he must be good. This was happening on a team that started and has kept Jameis Winston on purpose and benched their only good QB at his peak in 2019, Ryan Fitzpatrick. Griffin will go to Atlanta with Dirk Koetter to be a backup.

The best ‘sleeper’ QB in free agency: Teddy Bridgewater, NO – He’ll likely be signed to a place where the starter is young and sketchy…and, maybe, he can have a hostile takeover when the youngster fails (Sam Darnold). But I have a feeling he goes to a contender team that is smart and sees the value of having two legit QBs – like the Rams, Chiefs, etc.

The best ‘Deep sleeper” QB in free agency: Brett Hundley, SEA – Flashed some skills when forced to start in Green Bay in 2017. Has skills, athleticism, and leadership ability. He’s a great #2, and he should re-sign with Seattle, where he’s wanted and for continuity.

Other free agent QB notes…

-- Trevor Siemian is a free agent…it will be interesting to see if the Vikings stand pat at QB and allow Kyle Sloter to move up to the #2 slot…and thus a Kirk Cousins concussion away from ‘magic time’.

-- I’m guessing David Fales will find his way to run with Gase-Loggains again, in New York (Jets).

-- It’s funny seeing Colin Kaepernick on the available free agent list. What struck me was – how long it’s been. He’s 31 years old already. My how time flies.

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