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2020 FFM Draft Guide Version 1.0 is now LIVE!!

June 4, 2020 5:53 PM
June 4, 2020 6:27 PM

2020 FFM Draft Guide Version 1.0 is now LIVE!!


Finally, the first version for 2020 is in the books…a lot ofresearching, analysis, projecting and writing over the past few months to getus up and running. But that’s just the beginning…we’ll be adding and updatingeverything as we go right up to September. Today, the first wave has been uploaded!

If you signed up early, you’re good to go look now! If you hadn’tsigned up yet, please see the sign-up quick notes (bottom section of this post)to make sure you get in as smooth/easy as possible!


Now accessible…

*600 offensive players ranked/valued/projected on expandedCheat Sheets.

*300+ IDPs ranked/valued/projected on expanded IDP-only CheatSheets.

*Six differentvaluation/ranking Cheat Sheets (4 and 6pts per pass TD, PPR, Half-PPR, Non-PPR)

*A sheet/section containing300+ players with 150-300+ word commentaries for each…about their status,outlook, early and overall schedule, depth chart situation, etc. Whatever is pertinentto consider. 50,000+ words worth of material in the first release.

*Undervalued and Overvalued reports have been in all week,another player added and the list with minor re-rank today.

*The 2020 special schedule at-a-glance has been uploaded.

*The historical stats special insert…adding the 2019 seasonbreakdown for your historical research desires over the next week or so. Just2017 and 2018 seasonal player data in right now.



-- Why are backupQBs ranked higher than you’d expect?

We put the ‘backup QBs’ in as starting all their team’s games,so we have some idea of capabilities but then discount their numbers by 10% orso for being ‘backups’.

I didn’t want the backup QBs to be a ‘zero’ projection and Iused to let them be a full 100% as-is they were going to start, to see theirprojected capabilities…but now I run them all 16-games (15 for fantasy) buttake a 10%+ haircut with them being ‘backups’. If that makes sense?


-- Why are so manyforms in a Spreadsheet format?

It’s the best way I can get all the data and commentary out,but in a way where you can quick sort, search, AND do your own editing and/oradd your own notes.

In scouting and in all of football (and in all numericalthings), spreadsheets are the way of communications/it’s a live tool to be ableto make your own. It would be cool to have an aesthetic online look with playerpics, etc., or a magazine-based spread -- but then what you could do with it,how you could use it would be so limiting. I’ve worked a spreadsheet option ofmy own Draft Guide/projections for a decade+…it didn’t dawn on me until fiveyears ago that it would be the best way for everyone to use it.

Our Draft Guide shows in a Google Docs that in two clickshas you into Excel (if you’re like me and like that better) or in two clickshas you into a PDF look to grab and go and read if you prefer.

All our unique column headings have little notes to help decipher/explainabout each column of data as needed. Just hover your cursor over the columnheadings in the little darkened triangles and it will just pop up for you, ifneeded.


-- How are theDraft Guide rankings/projections different than Best Ball ones?

It’s a totally different computer program/analytics for us.Our Best Ball rankings leans more on players who tend or projects to spikescoring…higher highs for ‘Best Ball’ weeks.

Our Draft Guide (redraft) looks at the schedule stretches differently…weightedfor a bump on players who have schedules projected for faster/better starts (orpenalizes for the opposite). Worldly/mainstream values on the players matter atouch into the equation, for valuation, considering you can trade players inredraft, etc.

Best Ball and Redraft, the FF games themselves, have similaritiesin the objective, etc., but are two very different strategies and thought processesto team building and management all season.


-- RC note: I alwayslike to note -- You don’t have to adhere to our rankings to the last decimalplace. If we have a player ranked 4th at their position, just ahead of #5…butyou ‘feel it’ it for the #5 player – go for it. This Draft Guide is just a bigset of mathematical guidance and all my written cases for/against…you decidethe best course of action off the input.

AND our rankings are very divergent from the mainstream – so,our rankings are not where we THINK you SHOULD take them, it’s where we thinkthey really are…so, go build a plan around exposing the value compared to whatthe masses are taking at ADP-wise. We want to plan around them…not try to copytheir game and then try to beat them at it. It’s why your post-Redraft analysison Yahoo or NFL or ESPN or wherever will grade your redraft a ‘D’ or ‘F’. Ifthey don’t…you might have done something wrong. You want a ‘D’ or ‘F’ grade post-Draft,if you use FFM philosophy.

We don’t use their measuring stick. We break their measuringstick, turn it sideways and stick it up their candy…sorry, I was channeling TheRock from the 2000’s. You get the idea.


-- Any questions youhave on any of the methodology we use or players we are so divergent on…justemail me and I’ll be happy to explain our logic.


Every year for the last few years, I always provide thisclip at the draft guide launch. It always beings me great joy. I feel like themain character every time the Draft Guide 1.0 launches. Enjoy (and if you haven’tsigned up yet, info you need is below).


Time to open the gates to draft season…  https://youtu.be/sz9jc5blzRM




Just now getting ready to sign up. Take these items intoconsideration for easy subscribing…


2020 FFM Draft Guide Package – Early Sign Up Instructions(and the reports waiting for you)

Our 2020 Fantasy Football Draft Guide and ReportsPackage (updating all the way to opening day) are opening up for earlysubscription sign up on Thursday May 28, 2020.

The early sign up period allows you to get properly checkedout, set up and to test to make sure your access is all set for the release ofthe full Draft Guide about a week later.

You’ll be able to early sign up for just the Draft GuideOR save money/time by doing one checkout and getting the Combo of allthree 2020 season items from FFM…

COMBO = (1) In-Season subscription (content beginsAugust) + (2) the Draft Guide + (3) Dynasty Stash reports(content begins October).



Easy steps to make early sign up a breeze:

Three steps to easy, early sign-up…

1 = If you’re a current CFM or DOBB subscriberor prior Draft Guide and/or In-Season subscriber, sign into your accountfirst (retrieve/update password if you forget what yours was last sign-in).

*New/first time subscribers – obviously, you do not have anexisting sign in/password. You’ll be going through an initial set up as a newsubscriber like any other website purchase.

2 = After going through checkout, a registrationpage will pop up next – confirm all your account data here. Don’tskip by this registration page or ‘X’ out after signing up/checking out. Thisis a quality control to help link and connect everything for smooth sailing.

3 = After checkout and registration you will getan email instantly from tfa@fantasyfootballmetrics.net to confirm it’s‘really you’ – just confirm you’re you and you’re set (check spam if you didn’tget the email instantly).

*Any questions along the way? Please see FFM homepage and hit the big red ‘Customer Service’ button for assistance.


More detail on the steps above, if needed…(or skipdown to Draft Guide Reports info below)

(A) If you are a returning a subscriber, to make sureall your accounts (like CFM, DOBB, etc.) are linked to your preferred one username/password,sign in to your FFM account with your current (CFM/DOBB users) or your lastyear’s FFM draft guide/in-season username/password and sign up using that infoand our system will recognize you and link all your access together under yourpreferred username/password.

*If you haven’t logged on in a while, you can test sign innow and make sure you remember your user/pw, and/or get help if needed ahead oftime.‍

(B)) At the end of checkout, you will be redirectedto a registration page (this is where you enter your preferred email/password-- IMPORTANT, ‘username’ is used as an identifier but doesn't affect login).After that, there is a confirmation page of your account details to‘approve’…make sure you don’t skip past (especially PayPal users).‍

(C) After successful checkout and registration, you will instantlyget an email for you to ‘click to confirm’ it’s really you. If you don’tget right away, check your spam/junk email files and addtfa@fantasyfootballmetrics.net to receive emails from us straight to yourinbox.

Once you confirm the email sent to you right after subscribing…youare good-to-go accessing your reports. (*Hint: even if you don't click theverification link in the confirmation email, you can still login with theemail/password you set, but it's best you check over your registration detailsfor your records and to be sure that signup went smoothly)


-- If you run into any tech issues getting signed up, or ifyou ever have a tech question on anything all year ‘round…just go to the FFMhome page, see the big red button ‘Customer Service’ and we will haveour tech support help you from there.

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