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2020 Offseason Moves ‘Tournament’ (NFC Final Four 'Winner's Bracket')

April 9, 2020 12:01 PM
April 12, 2020 10:37 PM

2020 Offseason Moves ‘Tournament’ (NFC Final Four 'Winner's Bracket')


This year, for judging the offseason, now that we are through the bulk of free agency (and pre-Draft), we’re going to rank the team’s offseason moves within their divisions #1 (best) through #4 (worst). One division each day.

The best team (in our judgement) moving on to the final four of their conference, where we’ll rank those winners until we get to the final two (the Super Bowl matchup of the offseason moves) and then crowning one ‘the best’ team of the offseason…and the same finding single ‘worst’ team of the offseason.  

Looking at each team’s adds and losses together in one spot is often eye opening on just what certain teams really accomplished for the upcoming season. We’ll rank them and add some positive or mocking commentary all the way through...there are some teams that…that…I have no idea what they are doing.

And we’re looking at JUST the impact to 2020’s chase – 2021 draft picks or contract logic doesn’t matter. We’re just looking at a +/- player or talent impact to the 2020 cause.

Today we look at: the NFC FINAL FOUR ‘Winner’s Bracket’

NFC FINAL FOUR ‘Winner’s Bracket’




Key adds: Darius Slay, Jatavis Brown, Javon Hargrave, Nickell Robey-Coleman

Key losses: Pick #85, Pick #166, Malcolm Jenkins, Hala Vaitai, Jordan Howard, Ronald Darby, Nelson Agholor

Net pos./neg./neutral: POSITIVE

Commentary: I really didn’t quite grasp how well the Eagles did (so far) in the offseason. I mean, when you look at the names all listed out like this it is really impressive – all from an organization I thought was shooting itself in the foot, personnel-wise, for the past few years. They ‘lost’ two top personnel people to be GMs of CLE and NYJ…and suddenly they know what they’re doing? Good luck to the Jets and Browns…if the Eagles kill it in the 2020 NFL Draft it confirms the prior years of poor decision making was perhaps due to/on the personnel people who got ‘stolen’ from them (which would be so typical of bad NFL organizations like CLE and NYJ).

It’s not just that the names Philly added are really good/smart, but that they dumped/let walk all the right people as well. Super smart work in the 2020 offseason here. Arguably, the best in the NFL. We’ll see.



Key adds: Teddy Bridgewater, Russell Okung, Robby Anderson, Pick #148, Phillip Walker, Zach Kerr, Tahir Whitehead, Stephen Weatherly

Key losses: Cam Newton, Kyle Allen, Trai Turner, James Bradberry, Mario Addison, Gerald McCoy, Vernon Butler, Greg Olsen, Eric Reid, Dontari Poe

Net pos./neg./neutral: POSITIVE

Commentary: Wow, this is what happens when real coaches with real plans take over a dying team? Carolina gets better at QB with Teddy/P. Walker in and Cam/Allen out. Better on the O-Line with Okung in and Turner out (both good players but LT more important). They dumped all the defensive malcontents and full of hot air Greg Olsen and added a few sneaky solid defenders on great contracts, plus got a draft pick and waited for the market to cool on Robby Anderson and got a decent deal on him, from what was expected in the market.

I thought the Panthers were going to gut and tank 2020…they are actually building a decent foundation right now.



Key adds: DeAndre Hopkins, Jordan Phillips, Devon Kennard, DeVondre Campbell, Pick #131

Key losses: David Johnson, Pick #40, Rodney Gunter, Zach Kerr

Net pos./neg./neutral: POSITIVE

Commentary: I love David Johnson, but DeAndre Hopkins is more critical in 2020…I think DJ could be more important and I think Hopkins is going to get big money and be a bad deal as we go, but for now Hopkins matters to Arizona operations than DJ at this moment. Losing pick #40 kinda brings that whole deal to a neutral impact for 2020.

The rest of the moves are a ‘plus’ – Jordan Phillips can be really good, if he doesn’t get lazy with the money. Campbell is solid. Pick #131 is handy. Arizona is better for 2020 after all their moves so far.



Key adds: #85 pick, #166 pick, Desmond Trufant, Jamie Collins, Hala Vaitai, Nick Williams, Chase Daniel, Danny Shelton

Key losses: Darius Slay, Graham Glasgow, A’Shawn Robinson, Ricky Wagner, Logan Thomas, Jeff Driskel, JD McKissic, Rashaan Melvin

Net pos./neg./neutral: NEGATIVE/NEUTRAL

Commentary: Downgrade at CB with Trufant over Slay. Big hit on the O-Line from Glasgow to Vaitai. Solid beef up at DT with Williams (a nice move) and Shelton. Losing Jeff Driskel is a bigger deal than anyone will give credit/critique to. Chase Daniel isn’t helping anybody.



 -- The Lions are eliminated quickly here…they just happened to be the least worst of all the NFC North ‘winners’, they really don’t belong in the ‘winner’s but the tournament set up allowed them this far.

Arizona goes next…they got a bump from DeAndre but losing DJ and the #40 pick isn’t nothing. Arizona is ‘better’ for 2020 overall with the offseason (so far)…but Carolina and Philadelphia are far and away the two best in the NFC to consider.

Philadelphia is my favorite team from my youth. Carolina my new favorite team (sorry, Buffalo…it was a nice five months). I’m half-kidding, I have no favorite team…I only care about the teams/players I’m betting on that moment. I am very intrigued by Matt Rhule and his takeover in Carolina…I think he might be ‘the one’. The next big thing in NFL head coaching, but I thought that about Sean McVay…so, it’s just speculation right now.

I see what Carolina is doing and I love it…a Godfather-esque multiple hit job scene, ‘taking out the trash’ if you will. Instead of muddling along with beloved by fans players, Rhule is pulling up and discarding the weeds (‘weeds’ in talent or contract) and is planting some very interesting/smart seeds for the future…and a future quicker than I expected. I want to award it to the overall savvy of Carolina, but this ‘tournament’ is based upon how the moves impact 2020…and with that in mind, the Eagles got way better than Carolina for this season. Carolina will be better later, but for now…I give the edge, begrudgingly to Philly.

I say ‘begrudgingly’ because I have slammed Philly’s personnel moves the past few years. Their recent drafts, overall, have been a borderline joke. Miles Sanders was a stupid pick in the 2nd-round, even if he is ‘OK’…there is no need for average/good backs top 100 in the draft. It’s silly. Drafting J.J. Arcega-Whiteside selected means your scouting department is filled with fools…anyone should’ve seen through him.

Now, since the 2019 NFL Draft -- Philly lost one key personnel man to the Jets to be their GM last offseason (post-Draft) and then lost another to the Browns this January. They lost two ‘top guys’ and suddenly they had a super-smart offseason, when they entered it down on the charts in available cap space. It’s been a masterful-ish job by the Eagles this offseason. They got a Pro Bowl CB (Slay) and sweet DT (Hargrave) and you might know how fond I am of Jatavis Brown (and didn’t I ‘call’ him going to Philly a few times the past six months or so? I have contacts!!).

All those great adds and they lost a bunch of dead weight players and Jordan Howard, but who cares about ‘good’ running backs in the year of our Lord 2020? The Eagles got WAY better (while Dallas stepped back). I’m back pro-Philly again. I’ll excuse you for ditching Nick Foles…twice…

The Eagles go on to face the Indianapolis Colts in the ‘Super Bowl’ of best 2020 offseason (so far). 


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