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2020 REWIND: 2019 Dynasty/Fantasy Football Analysis: Week 13 – Redskins 29, Panthers 21

August 16, 2020 10:15 AM
August 20, 2020 9:30 AM

INTRO: Well, we got no preseason football to watch/analyze/hyperventilate over this year…so, my normal August ‘to-do list’ is blown to smithereens.

It feels weird to have teams going to training camps and for it to be August/preseason and there not to be my favorite kind of football to watch – the preseason, where we can see a lot of the new/rookie and lesser used players get to work and I get to go on a journey of discovery combing over the tape studying them. Fantasy Football 2020 is going to be a year of great college and pro scouting in years prior…and that should give me/FFM a huge advantage going into the redraft season and the NFL/FF season.

Still, we have no preseason football to watch/get hyped about. So, for a lack of football to watch this August…I had an idea to take snapshots of the 2019 season and publish certain of my recaps/game analyses from last season every day/every week of this preseason – to re-remember things we were thinking in at the various stages of 2019 season.

I randomly chose four weeks from the 2019 season to ‘replay’ (republish) every day/week up to the start of the season.

The schedule is planned to be…

Week of 8/3: Week 3 (every team would have had at least one home game, and no byes…trends developing).

Week of 8/10: Week 8 (midseason, only two teams on a bye)

Week of 8/17: Week 13 (most fantasy regular seasons ending, no bye week for any team)

Week of 8/24: Week 15 (the end of most fantasy seasons with the FF finals for most Week 16…also, NFL teams starting to change players/give younger players a chance if they were out of the playoffs, etc.)

Week of 9/1: The NFL playoffs from start to finish.

We’ll have plenty of other current fantasy/football content all August, but I wanted to have some semblance of ‘real football’ for us to read/re-remember/consider. 2-3 games per day I will publish as they were published for subscribers in 2019…and I’ll add some lite ‘updated’ 2020 commentary/hindsight as I see fit.

Enjoy a look back, a ‘skim’ of the 2019 NFL/FF season in August 2020…


2019 Dynasty/Fantasy Football Analysis: Week 13 – Redskins 29, Panthers 21


I’m sure Ron Rivera will enjoy this as his final memory in Carolina…leading 14-0 right away, and then the offense went to sleep, per Norv, and Washington just played with more energy and more fight and ended up winning going away. Carolina, defensively planned by Ron Rivera maintaining those duties, couldn’t hold off a Dwayne Haskins-led offense at Carolina with a 14-0 lead. Yeah, it was probably time to for Ron to go. Enjoy being the new head coach in Cleveland next season…that’s my 100% prediction – the perfect candidate. Disciplinarian but not a tyrant. Been to a Super Bowl. A good coach. Likely not to be hired by anyone else, so he’d take the Cleveland job…and the Browns would be lucky to have him.

*2020 Comments: Or this game really impressed the Redskins' organization, somehow? and they hired Ron.*

No normal person/coach with any solid resume would want the Cleveland job. I think the best hire the Browns could make in 2020 is to land Ron Rivera, and it’s a good fit for Rivera to get one more round of big paychecks. If the Browns were smart, they would fire Freddie Kitchens now and just hire Rivera before anyone else can get to him. Why not just do it now? It’s Cleveland. They’ll wait, thinking they can get someone they really have no shot at and then they may lose Rivera to a surprise hiring somewhere else --  and chaos, as always reigns supreme in Cleveland.

Washington could also hire Rivera…and that would be smart too. They could do it right now, they have the opening. Why wait? But they also think they’re better than they are and think they’ll get in on sexy names…and they won’t. Rivera will end up in Cleveland or Washington, I think…whichever one is smart enough to do it now would get him. It’s not that Rivera is the greatest, but he’s not bad…but Cleveland and Washington can’t hire real coaches and can’t afford to hire some dud like John Fox or Jeff Fisher or Rex Ryan, but I’m sure they will.

*2020 Comments: I guess I did speculate Ron for 'the Football Club'.*

Carolina falls to 5-7 after once being 4-2 and thought of as a playoff team and possible contender to the Saints NFC South lead. Well, they fell apart in the 2nd-half in back-to-back seasons…let Norv Turner hang around long enough and the losses will occur. He’s a walking voodoo doll for his head coach. The Panthers will probably finish 6-10, fire the rest of the staff and try to land a prized head coaching candidate. We’ll see how smart and connected owner David Tepper is. We’ll see what person with Steelers ties he will hire.

*2020 Comments: Tepper 'won' the offseason with his Matt Rhule hiring. We'll all realize that in November of 2021, but maybe as early as November of 2020. It won;t be long before Tepper-Rhule is a juggernaut pairing in the NFL.*

Washington had a shot a #1 draft pick but making a coaching change in-season freshened things up and now the Skins are on a two-game win streak! Break ‘em up. They are effectively out of the #1 pick race and might get one more win before the season ends. Bill Callahan is 3-4 with the worst QB to try to win football games with…nice job. He probably won’t get the job unless the first 15 options turn the job down.


Fantasy Player Notes…


 -- Once again, the Redskins start out with a heavy dose of Adrian Peterson (13-99-1, 0-0-0/1) and immediately stall drives and fall behind. It makes sense though because they really do need to get a good look at that AP kid and see if he’s any good.

Once again, the Redskins offense starts humming when they push Derrius Guice (10-129-2, 2-8-0/2) out there. He had 2 TDs this game, nearly had 3 TDs. Everything changes when Guice enters the game.

I know, I pushed Guice for a couple weeks, and especially Week 13…and POW it helped some of us win to make up lost ground from Kyler. It feels good and we’re all gung-ho for Guice now but be cautious. You see the touch counts. Bill Callahan refuses to get Guice more involved, which Washington has won two in a row so you can’t tell him he’s wrong. You’d think surely Callahan gets it by now? I’d retort – have you seen the Seattle backfield the last two weeks…that Rashaad Penny has been locked away for 2+ years and will be again next week.

Losses change coach’s plans…and Washington is winning, so be careful. Chris Thompson (3-14-0, 1-15-0/2) played more snaps than Guice here. Let that sink in.

Guice is not a given at this point.

*2020 Comments: Guice never getting touches was likely more about his attitude than his ability/game plan for touches. I don't know that you'll ever see Guice successfully back in the NFL. He's a piece of work.*


 -- OK, I’ll be back in love with Curtis Samuel (4-65-1/7)…he scored a TD, so we’re friends again. He’s still just a random hope for a TD. Four catches for 40-70 yards happens about every week with him. It’s the TD or not that changes things. Three notes about Samuel from this game…

1) Four carries last week, all for 7 or more yards each carry. How many carries this game after that great effectiveness? Zero. Hey, Carolina won this game so don’t get mad. No, wait…they lost in a humiliating way to a humiliating team and got the coach fired after. You’re an ace Norv Turner. You’re the Grim Reaper of head coaches and wins.

2) Curtis Samuel had a 5+ yards wide-open sprinting downfield on an 81-yard TD opportunity that Kyle Allen once again threw 6+ inches too far and blew it. It happens 1-2 times every week.

Samuel has 541 yards receiving this season to date, and another 1,541 yards missed out on because of Kyle Allen being horrible at his job. I’m not joking…that 1,541 number might be the real number of misconnected air yards attempted this season between them.

3) Samuel didn’t help his cause dropping an easy 20-yard pass either or a 5-85-1 line would have been a bit more tasty. He was probably put into a state of shock that Allen actually hit him on target with a pass longer than 10+ yards in the air.


 -- In the last five games with Dwayne Haskins at the helm…he’s really helped his buddy Terry McLaurin (2-8-0/4) out big time!

TML’s per game numbers the last 5 games: 3.6 rec. (6.4 targets), 55.4 yards and 0.0 TDs per game.

McLaurin looks great. Way better than I ever scouted. But this is what happens to a WR when he gets stuck with a bad QB. That’s why it scares me to play Sutton-Golladay or any Steelers’ receiver week-to-week right now.


 -- FYI, Dwayne Haskins (13-25 for 147 yards, 0 TD/0 INT) has not thrown a TD pass in their two recent wins and has 2 TDs/6 INTs on the season with a 54.1% Comp. Pct. and is routinely throwing into traffic or miss throwing to open receivers. It’s frightening how not ready (or not-talented) he is.


 -- Steven Sims (3-29-0/4) might be the best WR Washington has. He looks great. So smooth snatching Haskins’ throws in this game. So graceful after the catch. A star is waiting to be born.

The future of the NFC East is sitting in Washington if they could get a coach and a QB. They have nice young talent. If they had Alex Smith, Trent Williams, and Jay Gruden all 2019…they might have won the NFC East this season.

If Dallas loses the rest of their games and Washington wins their 4 remaining games, and Philly loses every game from here except the Dallas game – the 7-9 Redskins might win the NFC East. Hope is still alive!!! The way Dallas and Philadelphia are playing…is it unreasonable?


 -- Ian Thomas (4-24-0/4) got some solid work in because Greg Olsen got hurt. Olsen is likely to miss this week and that would propel Thomas as a possible TE1 this week against the Falcons. Thomas was great at the end of last season in fantasy.

*2020 Comments: Thomas went 5-57-1 on 10 targets the following week, his best game of 2020.*


 -- I saw the box score with a guy I couldn’t remember having 2.0 sacks in the game…I had to look him up. DE Chris Odom, UDFA out of Arkansas State in 2017, had 4 tackles and 2.0 sacks in his Redskins debut just activated from the practice squad.

Yeah, no…there is no IDP hope here. A super slow DE who had the QB flushed into him. Congrats.


 -- Oh, if you’re wondering if any cool offensive changes might happen with Carolina with Rivera gone? No. You know who got promoted to ‘special advisor’ to the interim coach? Norv Turner. Who’s the new O-C? Norv’s son Scott, who definitely earned his way to the NFL without any nepotism whatsoever.

Scotty is going to try to impress for his next job the next few weeks, so that means MORE work for Christian McCaffrey…ride that car ‘til the wheels fall off, what do the Turner’s care? They’re out of here in a few weeks onto their next locust invasion/devastation of another franchise. They don’t care if the use/abuse the Panthers main asset. You love it for fantasy. How is McCaffrey going to hold up with this workload year after year?

*2020 Comments: Scotty Turner leveraged his Carolina tryout into a job as O-C with Ron...we'll see if Scotty has the same deleterious effects on wins and offense as his old man has for the last decade.*


Snap Counts of Interest:


74 = McCaffrey

01 = Bonnafon


39 = Olsen

32 = Ian Thomas


23 = AP

23 = C Thompson

19 = Guice


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