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2021 FFM: Happy New Years!!! (and coming up this week/month)

January 1, 2021 2:09 PM
January 1, 2021 2:02 PM

2021 FFM: Happy New Years!!! (and coming up this week/month)


First off, I wish everyone a safe and blessed 2021/New Year!

Secondly, can you believe the regular season is about to end? It’s hard to even fully remember the gravity and concern of the time period in 2020 where all of us had no idea if there would even be an NFL season in April 2020…and then 80%+ of the football media population assumed (cheered on) that there would not be a 2020 season right up to early September 2020…and they speculated that if there even was a season, that it would be a terrible mess of sickness and medical tragedy. Spoiler Alert: The media and analysts got yet another thing totally wrong.   

You could live a great life just assuming and/or doing the exact opposite of whatever the media/the herd is moving towards/pushing on us.

The biggest tragedy we got from COVID on the NFL season was that I had to watch 3-5 minutes of The Ellen DeGeneres Show before a Wednesday afternoon football game began that one week.

The entire state economy of New York is being destroyed for COVID fears and restrictions…but, for the first time this season, the Governor is going to allow you to go to the Buffalo Bills game next week. There’s 2020 insanity in a nutshell...

Again, Happy New Year’s everyone!! Our government is here to help! Don’t worry, Mitch McConnell is going to send us $600…so that should square everyone up for this governmental malpractice on the handling of COVID and all the lives and businesses and children’s schooling/education destroyed still to this day in too many states. Thank you overlords for the crumbs.

We’re not even hours into the new year and I’m already going on an anti-establishment rant. Some things never change…even as the calendar does. Don’t blame me…they’re the ones making it easy to mock them.

Speaking of anti-establishment – Check out the messages on College Football Metrics.com for the when/how to sign up for the new 2021 season. Early next week, we start the early sign-ups. Or just follow ESPN and NFL Network and everywhere else football cons are sold as they tell you how great Tua Tagovailoa is (and Sam Darnold-Dwayne Haskins-Daniel Jones before that)…and the football minds are still fully behind Tua to this very week.


All joking and sarcasm aside, thank you to everyone for your support of FFM for the 2020 season. My employment is in your hands. 2020 turned all of our economics upside down at various points, as we all worried if a Great Depression/the apocalypse was upon us – so I cannot thank you enough for your support of FFM and CFM through bizarre times. It means the world to me and my family.

Also, thank you to everyone who emailed/checked-in on how their Week 16 title games turned out (good or bad). I love to celebrate the good news and I can sympathize with those that lost…and I saw some tragic 1-3 point type losses to cry in a beer about. I love the feedback, and I’m still trying to catch up and respond to it all. I will, if I haven’t yet, respond back to everyone.

All those going for the title Week 17…same message. Feel free to email me for lineup help, etc., but then let me know how it went in the end!!

Also, thank you for the various e-cards and e-gifts sent in for the holidays/post-title game. It’s an appreciated blessing that I cannot fully express my gratitude on. I am responding to each one of those as well, but I do want to note – some e-gift places don’t show the ‘sender’ info. So, I don’t always know who sent it if not a full name listed on the e-card. If I didn’t send a thank you – please reach out and make sure I got your e-item. I have a nice Chipotle e-gift sent from a very common first name…but the company doesn’t display last name, or the email of the person sending or give a ‘send a thank you’ link to use. If I just described you, and you got no thank you/acknowledgement from an ‘ungrateful’ RC (not true!) – email and let me know. I’m stressful about making sure I respond to all incoming messages – help relieve my stress by emailing me so I can give you your due credit!


Coming up on FFM/CFM next week/January…


 -- Next week we turn attention to the playoffs…articles on predictions, fantasy thoughts (for those in FF playoff contests…which is growing by leaps and bounds) – and then game reports the following week.

The playoff performances are highly viewed/watched by the public and are thus FF valuation changing events for certain players – and can create unique Dynasty offseason trade for/away opportunities. We monitor, report and discuss the playoff impacts all up and to/through the Super Bowl.

 -- Our annual NFL Awards tournament will publish mid-January…an article series where we go back through and name team MVP, Rookies of the Year, Coaches of the Year, Defensive Players of the Year and then pit them in a battle to the death, tournament style until we announce (with commentary all throughout) our final winner of each category.

 -- One of the biggest things for our January each year = monitoring the new head coaches and doing our full-scale background reports/outlooks and the impacts on the affected Fantasy players and on Handicapping opportunities.

As soon as we have new head coaches, the studies for the reporting can begin.

 -- CFM is going to get started with our annual ‘last three years’ Dynasty Rookie Draft re-do…a draft and commentary on only players from the prior three NFL Drafts/UDFAs (2018-19-20 this year). And then we’ll use that to sprinkle in the early look/valuation of the 2021 prospects by comparison

The start of this draft will greet CFM opening day next week…and it runs all throughout January.

CFM goes full scale mid-January with the debut of the first wave of 2021 full scouting reports, early grades/rankings, Senior Bowl coverage and more.

 -- Dynasty Offseason reports on ‘buy low/sell high’ opportunities/cases will pop in throughout January (and beyond).

 -- And whatever else comes our way.


I started mapping out my January work plan, and it is about as packed as the NFL regular season – football, Fantasy-Dynasty study…it never ends. There is no ‘off’season just a different type season. Thank God for that! Prep for the 2021 season starts next week and continues for 8+ months.

Once again, blessings to you and yours for 2021 and thank you so much for your support of our work!!!

 -- RC Fischer

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