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2021 New NFL Head Coach Hire Fantasy Impact Study: Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles

June 28, 2021 7:46 AM
June 28, 2021 11:11 AM

2021 New NFL Head Coach Hire Fantasy Impact Study: Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles


So, the Eagles hired Colts offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni this year. I researched and studied his work/career ahead of this, obviously. So, I’m prepared to give you a dissertation on him — but I can also give you a brief summary to save you time...

The brief summary: The hiring of Nick Sirianni is a total disaster, bordering on inexplicable…not ‘bordering’ – it is without logic or explanation. But the Eagles upper management did this on purpose, so they deserve the absolute devastation to come. 


OK, onto the longer review...

Where to begin? I don’t even know. This hiring is so breathtakingly bad…it’s hard for me to convey the emptiness of it. For years I knew Nick Sirianni existed, but I never thought of him as anything special…and I never heard anyone I trust in football circles say he was anything special...or, quite frankly, even mention his name for any reason. It’s like he didn’t even exist. I knew his name but wouldn’t have known him if he broke into my house. Never thought about him really, until now…until I was forced to take a deeper look.

Here’s the path for Sirianni to becoming an NFL head coach…

*2004-2008 a D3 assistant coach.

*2009, his big break…Quality Control coach for the Chiefs/Todd Haley.

*He went from Todd Haley to Romeo Crennel to Mike McCoy (San Diego) working in various assistant coach capacities from 2009-2020…working for a 'who’s who' of head coach disasters (with a combined 78-126-0 record).

It’s like if Sirianni had gone from being an economic advisor to Jimmy Carter and then moved to being an accountant at Enron on his way to Chief Finance Officer for Bernie Madoff.

Eventually, Sirianni rode the tide and became Frank Reich’s O-C in Indy (the two worked together in San Diego years ago) – which means Reich did the heavy lifting and Sirianni was an errand boy. As an O-C for Indy, Sirianni had Andrew Luck in 2018 (his last season). Jacoby Brissett in 2019 when Luck went down (and out) – a bad offensive season. And he lucked out with Phillip Rivers in 2020. Sirianni did not matter for Luck and Rivers running an offense. And when they needed a coach to step up in crisis in 2019…it was a weak Jacoby Brissett offense that occurred.

There is no miracle turnaround or magical reclamation project on Sirianni’s resume – neither player nor offense that exists has any tie to some Sirianni magic that propelled or saved them. He has no special ‘system’ he brings. His history is literally standing around and cheering on great pocket QBs (he’s like Jason Garrett without the Ivy League pedigree or NFL playing experience). So, with this kinda of background, naturally football management considered who was the best fit for a team turning over its offense to a promising new-age spread-offense QB like Jalen Hurts -- and they thought it best to hire a first time head coach that has ZERO experience with the spread-offense, who then hired his buddy from the past to be the O-C…someone who also has no spread-offense experience.

Makes perfect sense.

The Eagles franchise/management is leading the league in inexplicable decisions right now.

Of course, some of you do know of Sirianni’s via his terrible intro press conference as Eagles Head Coach. I’ll get to that but before I did I went back to his past stops in Indy and San Diego and watched video of him speaking with players and the media to see if he is actually normal and is just an unpolished public speaker (not a crime) and that’s why he flopped his intro, and the presser may not be the crime it’s being made out to be…or was it?

So, after watching his past…and studying his resume/history -- I can see why he flopped his intro presser. He is the most empty vessel of a coaching candidate I’ve seen in a while. There is not an ounce of depth…no original thoughts…no savvy…no nothing with Nick Sirianni. He may actually be worse than Zac Taylor, Cincinnati. Dan Campbell at least has a belief, a toughness, an ex-player gravitas. Sirianni will arguably be the worst head coach in the NFL in 2021. He has no toughness. No system. No originality or cleverness. He’s a total zero. Less than zero.

Thus, when faced with a Zoom conference call intro press conference where he had prepared notes to read from and facing no media in-person…it was a total babble-fest of cliches and nonsense – all delivered in a scared, stammering, repeating, searching-for-words (and never finding them) manner. It was breathtakingly bad.

Take a look at some of the intro press conference ‘highlights’:



Colin Cowherd captures it properly: https://youtu.be/5N_DuH28718


I could’ve included more ‘highlights’ but it’s so boring and scary…you already get the point. I mean, he struggled to get through his initial 'thank yous' to family and friends and co-workers to start the event. I’m pretty confident to say that Nick Sirianni does not deserve this head coaching job at all, he's not close to ready/prepared as a leader…and it’s obvious to everyone…EXCEPT, do note that a multi-millionaire owner and his highly paid disaster GM purposefully picked Sirianni to lead this business on the field. The only thing more idiotic than Nick Sirianni getting hired as a head coach in the NFL are the two wealthy idiots that interviewed, vetted, and hired him!

Eagles fans, if you wonder why your team is in collapse this season – don’t blame Nick Sirianni. He never should’ve been put in charge. Blame your owner, but you won’t…you’ll still buy tickets, jerseys, etc., and complain about it all the way.

How a no-real-resume, not in demand, uncomfortable, unpolished assistant rises through to multi-millionaire leader of a billion-dollar organization is absolutely beyond me. Howie Roseman and Jeffrey Laurie wanted a puppet (as Colin Cowherd theorized/reported), and they got what they wanted.

So, who is the biggest idiot in the equation? Sirianni…the Laurie/Roseman combo…or Iggles Season Ticket Holder?


Sirianni’s impact on Fantasy Football output? Hell, if I know…

Non-spread background coach inherits a nice, mobile spread option QB…great…what a smart pairing! However, the Eagles may be such an absolute mess that Hurts garbage times his way to a top 5 FF status among QBs regardless. Maybe Hurts carries a bad coach like the way Russell Wilson did when he got to Seattle? Joe Burrow shined despite Zac Taylor breathing oxygen near him. Sometimes, just having an empty dolt for a head coach is good because they don’t get in the way (see: Dak and Jason Garrett or about a thousand other situations in the NFL the past 10 years).

I assume Sirianni will be bad for wins and losses, but his FF-impact on the offense might be OK because he stays out their way and they are constantly losing and working against a lot of prevent-ish defenses along the way to their losses.

Howie Roseman should pay for this someday…but he won’t.

I have three more new head coach studies to do for this season – if any of Arthur Smith or Robert Saleh or David Culley are worse than Sirianni, I’ll be stunned. It’s a pretty safe bet that Sirianni is the worst head coaching hire of the 2021 offseason. 

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