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2021 REWIND: The 2020-21 Super Bowl Buccaneers vs. Chiefs/The Tony Romo Comedy Tour

June 6, 2021 10:41 PM
June 7, 2021 9:17 AM

2021 REWIND: The 2020-21 Super Bowl Buccaneers vs. Chiefs/The Tony Romo Comedy Tour


As I’m going through research for the 2021 FF Draft Guide, I am re-reading some of my game recaps just to get a feel for how certain things developed...to see what I was thinking/sensing/feeling/tracking in-season, week-to-week in real time/as it happened. 

One team’s 2020 seasonal flow of interest to me was just how the Buccaneers unfolded and became the Super Bowl champs. In September, our final preseason projection was for the Bucs to win the NFC South but then fizzle out in the playoffs. 

When the Bucs made the playoffs, I thought they might get upset by Washington (and they sweated that down to the end). I did not believe the Bucs were going to run through the playoffs and dominate KC in the Super Bowl...but they did. 

To review some of the 2020 season...to have some game recap material to read during the summer, to fill the lack of football void, I am going to republish a couple team’s 2020 season week-by-week, a game report each day just to walk through their season again. 

Let’s see how the Bucs went from ‘interesting Brady drama team, but can’t beat the Saints’, to beating the Saints in the playoffs and going on to win the title…


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***WE END our look back at the Buccaneers season with my Super Bowl extravaganza. 5,000+ words of pure gold...always my favorite piece of the year. I just re-read it, and yep...it's a masterpiece. Call Pulitzer. No 2021 notes added...just letting it stand on its own. Start the week with this great timewaster when you are supposed to be working... ***

Live from Tampa, Florida…I hope you got to enjoy four separate 1+ hour comedy sets from the hilarious Anthony ‘Tony’ Romo on Sunday night.

I don’t know who told Romo he was now ‘funny’ and that he should feel free to free-flow his comedy during football games…but I wish that person would get punished severely. Romo has been let out of his cage, and has gone from the smartest, freshest voice in football commentary (back when he used to just chime in on football things) to now becoming the most annoying ‘hack’ jokey commentator in the business. How did this happen so fast?

It’s gotten so bad with Romo…it’s not only the horrific ‘jokes’ but now his football analysis has turned to garbage as well. We all had to endure 4+ hours or Romo pointing out the most obvious things “When you get to the Super Bowl, Jim, you really want to win” to laughingly asking Jim Nance if he (Nance) had just ran out onto the field when that one fan ran onto the field – oh, what rapier wit.

CBS has paid Romo too much money on his contract renewal and cannot control him now – they are stuck with him, as are we all…forever. Romo kept this side of his ‘personality’ hidden (for the most part) until he got his mega-deal/extension…now, he’s off-the-chain, as they say. Sorry, CBS. Sorry, America. But congratulations to Troy Aikman! You are no longer the most annoying ex-Dallas QB commentator in the NFL.

Competing network executives should now look to fill their key NFL commentator roles by first beginning the process by banning anyone in their sports programming from hiring any ex-player that was a key Dallas Cowboy in their football career. Romo…Aikman…Jason WittenMichael Irvin. What is it about playing for Dallas and being a babbling buffoon on football commentary? I can’t wait for Dak Prescott to take Romo’s TV job in 10-12 years, like he robbed away Romo’s NFL career. Too soon? It’s OK, Dak will be a long-time Cowboy…so I’m sure he will suck on TV commentary too.

The combination of how boring this game was and Romo’s four quarters of improv sets from The Chuckle Hut in Tampa made for quite an ‘event’. At least there was that scintillating halftime show (insert eyeroll here)…

At some point in the 3rd-quarter of this game, after watching the halftime show, seeing the play of KC, listening to Romo – I was suddenly lamenting that COVID wasn’t able to take down the NFL season.

Hey, if Tony Romo can be a zany jokester…then I can too. Welcome to R.C. Fischer’s Comedy Roast of the 2020-21 Super Bowl!!

I’m going to need to use a lot of jokes for this piece because there’s not a lot to really get in-depth on from the game. Kansas City played lackadaisical from the opening snap, and Tampa Bay gained confidence quickly…and once Tampa took the lead in the 1st-quarter, KC played even more skittish and the Bucs fed off it and just took it to the Chiefs.

Usually, Kansas City plays sloppy and then Mahomes hits the gas in the 2nd-half, or whenever he wants, and the Chiefs just roar back into control and win in the end. Not here. Not this time. The worst performance of Mahomes’s career, the biggest loss, the first time he’s played an NFL game without the team scoring a touchdown. ‘Dismantled’ wasn’t even the word for what Tampa did to KC. This was never really a game after a mix of sketchy penalties and dumb penalties by KC allowed the Bucs to score right before the half. The Chiefs defense had picked off a pass and were set up to then go score and tie the game before half (down 14-6), maybe…but a totally garbage pass interference call reversed the turnover (and cost me my top prop bet of the game, Brady ‘over’ 0.5 INTs), then KC started in with dumb penalties and down the field Tampa went (80+ yards and less than a minute, mostly on penalties) capping it off with a TD to take a 21-6 lead into halftime…game, essentially, ‘over’.

We all thought Mahomes would at least get the Chiefs back into this game, but he never did. The combination of his toe injury and missing two, key starting O-Lineman – it led to the worst performance of his career, and KC has no other gear to go to than ‘please, Mahomes do something’.


Four overview takeaways from this game, before we start looking at specific players…

1) My prediction on this game (that KC would win) was based upon the fact that Tampa Bay, Tom Brady specifically, wouldn’t get the referee help he had been getting in the playoffs and throughout the regular season. Welp, I was wrong – because it only got more egregious in this Super Bowl.

If you had let me know one team stat before the game and let me leap to conclusions – if it was the penalty disparity alone, I would have bet my life on Tampa Bay +3.0.

It’s not just the differential of 11 penalties for 120 yards against KC and just 4 penalties for 39 yards against Tampa (half of them late/meaningless)…it’s the non-calls on holding/protection for Brady and the non-calls on pick plays/rub routes by the receivers.

I thought Mahomes would get the same respect…nope.

It probably wouldn’t have mattered, as TB was whooping KC all night, but the late 2nd-quarter frenzy of penalties (leading to an extra TB TD before half) really took a lot of wind out of the KC sails.

2) The Chiefs likely would not have won regardless of the penalty issue because they couldn’t protect Mahomes…missing two top O-Lineman.

We all acknowledge the QB is king/key in the NFL, but this Super Bowl proved the O-Line is next most important. When you look back at the NFL Draft and see the teams that passed up on elite grade blockers Mekhi Becton/Jets (#11 pick) and (#13 pick) Tristan Wirfs/Tampa Bay in order to take non-QBs…they all deserved their fate.

Detroit took Jeff Okudah #3. GM fired in 2020.

Carolina taking DT Derrick Brown #7. GM replaced after 2020.

The dumbest of the dumb…#8 Arizona takes Isaiah Simmons, outside linebacker.

#9 Jacksonville took C.J. Henderson (which I was fine with because I think he might be elite) – the GM fired midseason 2020.

Runner-up dumbest: Las Vegas takes #12 Henry Ruggs.

I’m not saying that one pick got them fired…I’m just noting/drawing a parallel that bad-at-their-job GMs made bad picks in the draft this year…they got fired for being bad at their jobs, and part of being bad was bypassing elite OLs for nonsense players. No business or market sense whatsoever. Henry Ruggs…how stupid. What is there like 9 million WRs who can run fast in the NFL? You can’t find an elite offensive lineman on waivers, via free agency (they never reach it usually)…but you can find any number of great UDFA WRs or free agent WRs off the street to work. Like Nelson Agholor, for example. When you can draft an elite OL…you do it.

The Giants, Browns, Jets, and Bucs took top/high-end OLs in the first half of the 2020 NFL Draft, and three out of 4 of those teams had a nice or big turn (or Super Bowl title) in 2020 season.

3) Anyone who was wondering why Eric Bieniemy was passed over by every interviewing him team in the NFL for two years running…perhaps you’d like to watch this nightmare event for his resume? If you know Mahomes has a foot problem...maybe don’t run a college option sweep, maybe design a different game plan? If you can’t figure out how to get Tyreek Hill the ball in unique ways as your ship is sinking…what purpose do you serve as offensive coordinator?

This was so atrocious of a play called game that I felt like I was watching a Matt Nagy offensively coached game. Oh, I guess I was…in a sense.

Down three scores, trying to comeback, 3rd & 9 in Bucs territory…they have Tyreek Hill going in motion, so that when the play was snapped, Hill was still in motion, five yards behind the line of scrimmage, and thus the long conversion hope was left to Watkins-Pringle-Hardman types. How do you not have Tyreek going downfield to pull attention away at least? He wasn’t even into the play because the useless motion was so ridiculous…and that was one of the most key moments/plays of the game.

That’s Eric Bieniemy…which means, really, that’s Andy Reid. Everyone knew Tampa Bay was going to try and take out Tyreek (like they did the 2nd-half of their first meeting in the regular season)…and KC had two weeks to prepare a unique plan to counter it – and they had nothing.

4) The Chiefs are only as good as Mahomes can make them. As the Bucs are beholden to Brady. Which proves that QB is the most important position on an NFL team, and that includes head coach and GM and owner.

The answer of Brady v. Belichick, has now become ‘Brady’, right?

Guess what the answer is on what makes KC tick…Mahomes or Reid/Bieniemy?

What Brady has done has proven QB ‘is everything’ in 2021, definitively. Not only has Brady become the greatest of all time, for sure, with this win/MVP…but his legacy extends to leading the new QB revolt of the future. He left the pain in the ass, cranky coach and went off and won a Super Bowl with a new team, new players, and no real offseason in less than a year…at age 43.

Brady has opened the gate to the QBs of the league revolting against tyrannical head coaching.

Brady opened the gate door.

Deshaun Watson is going to kick the gate door down when he forces his way out of Houston.

And Aaron Rodgers could burn the entire door and gate to the ground by forcing his way out of Green Bay.

Head coaches now need to kiss the ring of the QB, not the other way around. Old school head coaches will not like that…they will not do that willingly. There’s going to be a civil war inside many franchises…the coach vs. the QB vs. the GM caught in the middle.

Bill Belichick should just leave ‘on top’ because he’s not built to serve the QBs of the day -- but now he’s probably forced (in his mind) to stay and try and prove/protect his legacy by building a winner without Brady because his image has taken a huge hit with Brady (and Gronk) leaving and going elsewhere to win. Even Matt Stafford was like ‘umm, no thanks’ to going there. A perpetual NFL loser through many coaching staffs Matt Stafford walked away from Belichick and he hadn’t even played for him – he just knew/heard the stories from others. Imagine the day and time we’re in.

Quarterbacks are going to rule the NFL now, and throw their weight around – but the reaction from that will be head coaches now getting aggressive with them if they disappoint them. When one of these franchise QBs disappoints the coach/organization – they will be jettisoned quickly, no more long-suffering patience. Two can play that game – just ask Jared Goff and Carson Wentz, and Matt Stafford.

Established NFL quarterback’s patience with head coaches is going to zero…but vice-versa if the QB isn’t winning divisions and going to Super Bowls immediately (coaches don’t have time like QBs do). The Real Housewives of the NFL ahead is going to be cat fights between NFL head coaches and quarterbacks…which the media is going to love, because they love drama, dissention, and especially anything QB.


OK, now let’s take a look at some of the players from this game, and I’ll insert random commentary of things not-game related as well (the halftime show, commercials, etc.). Here we go…


Fantasy Player Notes…


 -- You just have to shake your head at Tom Brady’s (21-29 for 201 yards, 3 TDs/0 INT) career and just bow down to his greatness. Of all the things he’s ever done…changing teams in a pandemic (thus a limited offseason of prep) at age 43.5 and taking a non-playoff team the year prior to the Super Bowl and winning it over the defending champs – unbelievable.

However highly you move your Tom Brady respect meter, you are also moving it down the same amount on Bill Belichick. You just are…even if it makes no sense/is not fair. The debate of QB vs. head coach has been decided in the 2020s going forward. Head coaches only hurt/throttle/hinder talent…they don’t ‘make it’ in 2021. Rookie quarterbacks are walking and wrecking the league…as are 40+ year old QBs. Where is the coaching? What defenses are stopping great quarterbacks?

Build an NFL franchise blueprint…

#1) Quarterback

#2) Offensive Line

#3) Every other position

#4) GM

#5) Head coach…one that does not get in the way or aggravates the quarterback.

Tom Brady and the Bucs are the biggest ‘winners’ from this game.

NFL head coaches of the now and in the future, and their pay levels, are the biggest ‘losers’ from this game/season.

Also, mediocre QBs are going into the same boat – there’s no time/patience for ‘good’ or ‘OK’ quarterbacks now. If you show any flaw/issues, your arse is replaced (thus they are already turning on Tua). There are too many ‘good’ QBs (from rookie to old) for teams needing QBs…more and more ’good’ QBs are going to wind up with no place to start. The team that ‘wins’ the Carson Wentz sweepstakes is going to be a ‘loser’ for 2021 season. He’s not going to take a team to consistent winning. He’ll be adored and filling fan’s hearts with ‘hope’ coming in…and then will be on the ‘we need a QB’ offseason 2022 list a year from now.


Other ‘losers’ from this Super Bowl game result:

Eric Bieniemy…he lost whatever shred of head coaching hope he had in this game. It’s not racial…it’s performance/personality.

Josh McDaniel…not so easy ‘coordinating’ offenses without Tom Brady to do it/execute it for you, is it? McDaniel better hope Bill Belichick retires soon to hand him over the reins – it’s the only way he ever gets a head coaching job, as of the 2021 mood. *See, also: Bill O’Brien, career made by being the O-C for Tom Brady. Now college offensive coordinator.


Other ‘winners’ from this game result/season…

Byron Leftwich…will get undue credit for being the O-C for a Tom Brady event…the NFL never learns.

Carson Wentz, because some team will see him as ‘their answer’ at QB…their ‘Tom Brady-like move’ to try and solve their problems. Wentz will be ‘wanted’ by some team(s)in 2021. In 2022, they’ll be discussing drafting a QB and evaluating the payroll cost of replacing/releasing him…but for offseason 2021, it will be all hearts and flowers.

The Philadelphia Eagles, because they are getting off of Wentz in this environment.


 -- As I noted a couple weeks ago… Who in the blue hell is excitedly waiting for/watching CBS’s ‘The Equalizer’ premier after the Super Bowl…starring Queen Latifah? When I think of Hollywood ‘bad asses’ who make a show like ‘The Equalizer’ work…I instantly think of Queen Latifah.

With all the money in the world to hire writers, producers, talent…the best show idea, the one they are giving the huge post-Super Bowl debut to is Queen Latifah’s ‘The Equalizer’. Geez, I can’t believe network television is dying off so fast with great business decisions like this…

Who is watching this? I am. I have been inundated with these commercials during the playoffs for weeks. It looks SOOOO unbelievably bad that I HAVE TO WATCH IT. And watch it, I did…right after the Super Bowl. I wanted to see if it was as big a train wreck as I thought it might be. My recap of ‘The Equalizer’ will happen right after my recap of this Super Bowl game finishes within this article.

Let’s see if Queen Latifah’s ‘The Equalizer’ can top the other worst network show I saw this week – Saturday Night Live with host Dan Levy. We all know SNL has been swirling down the drain for years, but I had heard that this episode was particularly bad, so I watched all of SNL for the first time in a long time just to see…and, ‘wow’. I’ve seen some unfunny SNL moments/episodes, but usually there is something redeemable, a few chuckles they’ll pull out -- but I’ve never watched an episode of SNL where I watched it confused…like were they trying some conceptual art thing where made it intentionally not funny for the irony? It’s the only thing I could think of to explain it…

Dan Levy? Here’s an idea for Hollywood – why don’t you take the least funny person (Eugene Levy) from the old SCTV (anyone?) and somehow let him have a long Hollywood career of unfunny-ness and then go further by allowing his even unfunnier son be given an acting/comedy platform. The SNL opening monologue/skit with Dan Levy may have been the single unfunniest thing SNL has ever done in their history.  

Queen Latifah, you have your work cut out for you. I know you can do it. You can be worse at acting than Dan Levy is to comedy.

If you don’t believe there is a God, you have to at least admit there is a devil…like the one to definitely sell your soul to. It’s the only way I can explain Queen Latifah and Dan Levy’s current success and income. It may explain Tom Brady’s NFL career as well, I’m not going to judge. But I’m sure Brady will find out a way to have all the career/life success AND also have figured out a loophole to not have to give his soul over – because no one defeats Tom Brady, not even Beelzebub.

By the way… Does anyone still want to complain about Tom Brady’s personal workout/nutritionist guy having too much influence? Memba when that was a big controversy and Belichick wanted that guy ‘cancelled’/banned from seeing the players…and we all agreed it was all very weird? Maybe you might want to rethink that, Bill? Too late.


 -- What happened to Patrick Mahomes (26-49 for 270 yards, 0 TDs/2 INTs)? The worst game I’ve ever seen him play. Was he ‘figured out’ and this is an issue going forward? Maybe. I don’t think so.

Everybody has a ‘plan’ to stop Kansas City, but it never sustainably works. I mean, coming into this game – the Chiefs had won 25 of their last 27 games coming into this game. It’s not easy to ‘stop’ them. The Bucs just humiliated them. How?

I think you have to run with the excuses of…

1) Mahomes’s toe issue, that needs surgery. He was visibly limping in-between plays. It did not help his cause here.

2) The missing two O-Linemen coming into this game really hurt KC/Mahomes…it was evident all night.

3) Issues #1 & #2 magnified by the gravity of the Super Bowl aura…once down, they couldn’t get to that calm, cool comeback mode they usually do. The Chiefs looked, for the first time I can remember, rattled and pressing and unable to answer the bell.

If Mahomes was 100% with his toe…and had his normal O-Line, things might have gone differently.

When Tom Brady is involved…these are the things that ‘mysteriously’ happen at just the right/wrong time to the opposition.


 -- A sign of the times…

If you only watched the Super Bowl commercials every year, going back in history…you could get some idea of what the serious topics/issues of the day were, the emerging technologies, etc. Like a historical journal of sorts. The Super Bowl ad campaigns are a quasi-(jaded) window into our national soul.

What was the overbearing theme of the 2021 Super Bowl advertising? I’ll tell you…

No, not social justice/awareness stuff. Was there any of that? I don’t think I noticed any.

No…the issue of our time, clearly, as played out via Super Bowl commercials – Oat Milk. Milk made from oats. Milk harvested from oats just sounds delicious, doesn’t it? You know the times are-a-changing when there are more oat milk commercials than beer commercials during the Super Bowl.

I feel like if I poured oat milk on my bowl of hot oatmeal…I might reverse the rotation of the planet. It just doesn’t sound right/proper. I would not pour regular milk on a steak.

Honestly, I’ve been trying milk alternatives lately to see what I’m missing.

Almond milk? No thanks. Not totally terrible, but not a great substitute to me.

Coconut milk? Didn’t like my first attempt. It was unsweetened and tasted like chalk water.

Hazelnut milk? Tasted like chalk water with a brownish hue.

Oat milk is my last gasp attempt. Going to try it this week. Already ordered it on Amazon Fresh for this week – I will report back if it is the real deal milk alternative. The fact that oat milk had a couple competing commercials on the Super Bowl makes me feel like maybe they are onto something…or it’s a huge con. I’m about to find out.


 -- I wonder if the Chiefs would like to have their #32 pick back from the 2020 NFL Draft? Clyde Edwards-Helaire (9-64-0, 2-23-0/3) made little difference in this game or in their ability all season to get back to the Super Bowl. Perhaps another offensive lineman or linebacker would have been more in order?

CEH entered the 2020 season as the #1 rated/drafted rookie for Fantasy/Dynasty drafts. He leaves 2020 season trying to stay in the discussion as a top 10 rookie for fantasy from the 2020 class for 2021 and beyond.

Edwards-Helaire is nice, but they don’t need him…he’s not their offense. It’s not a talent thing…it’s a mindset or game plan thing.


 -- How many times did Steven Colbert pop up in ads this game? I mean, it was a CBS game…so they ran with their own people/team a bunch. I get that. However, was I supposed to think Colbert was funny or talented with these Super Bowl commercials? Was I supposed to consider watching his show for his brilliant oration, political commentary, and/or humor – from silent commercials of him eating chicken wings?

Wow, he’s so like ‘us’…it’s the Super Bowl and he’s eating chicken wings! So clever…so deep! He’s every proud American! He’s one of us.

The first time they showed him, to my recollection, he was eating wings making disgusting consumption sounds. Wow, he must really be a voice that I should tune it to listen to see what he thinks of the issues of the day!

But wait for it… His second pop up in the commercial runs, he had the wings nearby, but then the comedy swerve -- he dipped a football into a bowl of ranch and started licking it off the football…GET IT…because it’s a football game we’re watching so he has a football nearby and he has wings and ranch dressing nearby as a prop…he’s just like us, he so gets us. I really need to watch that show and see what he thinks of national policy and follow it without question because no one is more brilliant in silence and eating and licking things like a disgusting slob than national treasure Steven Colbert.

The amount of times I’ve watched Steven Colbert’s late night show is equal to the amount of times I’ve watched a TV show where someone was ‘Masked’ and we had to guess who it was…meaning zero times.


 -- The running backs in this game did not lead their team to the Super Bowl, they were just interchangeable props all season – which is another reminder of how devalued running backs should be/are in the NFL. Any GM signing one to a ridiculous contract should be fired immediately.

The big contract RBs of the 2020 offseason, the ones so critical to get done or they might ‘holdout’ (perish the thought)…Dalvin Cook, Joe Mixon, Derrick Henry, Alvin Kamara -- they combined for one playoff win this season.

If Leonard Fournette (16-89-1, 4-46-0/4) rolls this late season run of success into a decent/big contract with a team in 2021…then that team/their GM deserves the flailing away their team will produce for the season. Fournette was fine/solid but anyone could have done what he did…caught a few passes out of the backfield and ran tough sometimes in an offense where the defense was playing the pass and allowing the run. Remember when Fournette was benched/deactivated midseason…because he was so lightly regarded?

Fournette’s mini breakout only occurred because Ronald Jones (12-61-0, 0-0-0/1) got hurt and they had to turn to Fournette. They tried to go with Ke’Shawn Vaughn and/or LeSean McCoy but they were worse. Fournette was in the right place at the right time.

We can’t say Jones is the future either…he simply cannot catch passes well enough to be with Brady on 3rd-downs or in passing situations.

You know who the Bucs’ passing game back is going to be in 2021, right? Jones will be the runner….and unrestricted free agent James White will be the pass catcher. When that signing happens – White’s PPR fantasy value will pop.



OK, time to talk about the halftime show.

First off, when you announce who your halftime musical act will be and half+ of the nation goes ‘Who?’…probably not a great job by the booking team.

I had heard of ‘The Weeknd's’ name before, but never once heard of any of his songs. I might have, unwittingly, on a commercial or at a restaurant but I never knew it/never had it catch my attention as something I’d like to listen to more of. So, I was ready to watch this halftime performance to see if I might be missing something.

Ummm, no.

His performance sounded like one run-on song. I couldn’t tell you when one song ended, and another began. He sings every song in the same boring manner and tone…none of the tones were of any interest to my ears. Having a hundred backup dancers wearing jockstraps on their faces and running around in circles…did not help make this ‘entertaining’.

Queen Latifah’s ‘The Equalizer’ and Kansas City’s offense had serious competition from ‘The Weeknd’ for the biggest train wreck things I will have watched on Super Bowl Sunday.

If it’s possible a musician would get negative clicks registered of them on Spotify after a Super Bowl performance – this would be the time. I’m sure his agent was like, “What an opportunity the Super Bowl is to get your name out there and grow your franchise!” Yeah…no. 

I think I saw Pepsi execs on TV today going… ”Pepsi halftime show? What? No, that was Coke…Coke did that. It wasn’t us.

At least, with COVID, we didn’t get the typical Super Bowl halftime nonsense of the paid throng of people given overdoses of Adderall to rush the stage and act like they are listening to the greatest performance in history. I think even they would have been mostly stoic and checking their watches at this ‘The Weeknd’ performance.

Again, tip of the cap to Satan – stop rubbing into our faces that you can take any pile of crap performer and give them massive opportunities and paydays over and over. The only person with more Super Bowl wins in history than Tom Brady is the Prince of Darkness’s ‘push’ of awful TV, movie, or music talent each year’s game/spectacle.



 -- Rob Gronkowski (6-67-2/7) had been very quiet the last half of the 2020 season but was a key performer here.

Gronk…Antonio Brown…Fournette…Brady – boy, building a team/culture through continuity and a lot of practice time is really important.

Another reason why Bill Belichick’s legacy is getting ruined – he made football so un-fun, that Rob Gronkowski wasn’t interested in playing anymore…when obviously he was healthy enough to do so. Brady and Gronk left Bill. Stafford refused to go. The Patriots franchise is going to fall fast. If I were Robert Kraft, I would ‘sell high’ before the Patriots’ are totally unmasked as a place no one wants to go play on purpose when they have other options.

The Patriots future was doomed when Brady left, that seems obvious now. No one with options wants to play football in that weather/climate or wants to live in the climate of the New England area. I think what is happening to the Patriots right now is also a sign for two other franchises that are going to swirl down the drain when their long time QB escapes/retires/ends because they are in geographies no one wants to play in on purpose – Green Bay and Pittsburgh. The only thing holding those franchises together is the long-time, elite quarterback. The Steelers are on that slide right now, past the point of no return…just the speed of the fall is on whether Big Ben returns or not. Aaron Rodgers is going to force his way out in 2021 or 2022, unless they make him the top paid QB in the NFL…egregiously so (and I don’t think Packers’ management wants to be led by Rodgers, which they will soon regret…but I believe they arrogantly think it today).

Everyone (free agents, etc.) will want to go play for the Chargers, Dolphins, Rams, Raiders, Cowboys, Bucs, Jaguars, Saints, Falcons, Cardinals, and (in a few years, after this current nightmare blows over) the Texans – dome or warm weather locations. They’ll flock there if there is a great QB and non-old school coach. Midwest/Eastern teams that play outdoors are in trouble in the years to come.

You need a Belichick or Tomlin to find and coach grinder players to work in the cold weather – but players won’t go there by choice like they used to. The Bucs going from losers to instant Super Bowl title in the span of a less than a year, because of the free agents they brought in means the patience for ‘rebuilding’ elsewhere in the league will be shortened even more. Head coaches ditched after one season will happen more and more in the years ahead.

Who your head coach is matters from a player attraction standpoint…not a scheme or teaching standpoint. Imagine if the Chargers didn’t have Anthony Lynn as their head man this past offseason…Brady might have been a Charger if an acceptable coach were there.

However, what is better (if you owned the Chargers) – having Brady for 2020 and 2021…or falling backwards into Justin Herbert for the next decade?


 -- Anyone like me…watching the Wayne’s World commercial and thinking – wow, how old Mike Myers and Dana Carvey looked? No amount of makeup they caked on was going to make them seem like it was 20+ years ago…the extra makeup only made it stand out even more. I watched their commercials thinking how old they looked the entire time – which made me think…I’m certainly not as aged looking as them, right?

Yeah, right.


 -- Tyreek Hill (7-73-0/10) got shut down for 95% of this game, which begged several questions/thoughts…

1) How smart are Andy Reid/Eric Bieniemy if they can’t even find ways to generate mass touches for Tyreek…in a game that was totally getting away from them? Their best weapon…they used as a decoy. Smart. Worked out well.

It’s all about the quarterback…and his protection. Coaches have no offensive answer or plan that can overcome the talent of the QB or the problem with the O-Line. Coaches only suppress it…they don’t grow it. Their best is – getting out of the way of it and letting it breathe (the 2020-21 Bruce Arians story).

2) The Chiefs paid $15M to Sammy Watkins (1-13-0/1) for the 2020 season. Why? Why does any team chase this name over and over? With all the attention on Tyreek and Kelce, Watkins was absolutely no help…as has been the case his entire bank heist career.

You can maybe use Tyreek as a decoy if you have a WR group like Evans-Godwin-Brown-Miller-Tyler Johnson to utilize. But when you go Watkins-Hardman-Pringle-Dem.Robinson…then you get what you deserve…and KC got just that here.

When Tyreek was feared to be suspended back in 2019…the Chiefs big answer was to desperately trade up for Mecole Hardman. How ridiculous does that seem now? Hardman has never seized the opportunity in the NFL for two years. He slipped all over the field Sunday. He drops passes constantly. He was replaced from returning kicks in this game by Byron Pringle…as well as not starting at WR because Pringle took that job too.

The Bucs have five WRs who would be the #2 WR for the Chiefs had they been traded there in 2020. That’s another small, hidden explanation for why this game went the way it did.


 -- So, Tony Romo did a small commentary on how great it was, how his heart was warmed by the fact that the first female referee was on the Super Bowl crew. He said something to the effect of -- I know so many young girls out there are inspired by her.

Really? Name one outside of her own family.

It’s fine/nice to see that anyone can do this not-so-difficult job, but let’s tone it down on the over-the-top patronizing. No young girl is watching this game and is sitting there in awe of this female ref and is now thinking anything is possible, and maybe someday they’ll grow up to be an NFL official (with veterinarian as the fallback).

I’m not being sexist. I’m just saying, “Right message, wrong application (and that Tony Romo is a patronizing hack).

It’s not an anti-female stance…because if my young boys came to me inspired, wanting to be NFL referees when they grew up – I would have a serious sit-down discussion…and possible punishment for such thoughts. I’d be very worried if any child was inspired to be an NFL referee by anything they ever saw by a referee on TV. Tony, this is not a great ‘you can be anything you want’ example of a childhood dream vocation that was out of reach for sexist reasons…just no one in their right mind wants to be an NFL ref growing up. Calm down, Romo…take off your Sketchers and relax, stop trying to be ‘relevant’ when you’re a tone-deaf shill.


 -- My Tom Brady Super Bowl prop of the ‘over’ on 0.5 INTs in the game was robbed/reversed in the 2nd-quarter. But my late breaking Devin White (12 tackles, 2 TFLs, 1 INT) to lead the game in tackles prop (thanks to the Bet The Close podcast) bet did pay off.

You could’ve at least mentioned White in the argument for MVP of this game. The way White finished the season makes him the possible #1 IDP asset for 2021, usurping Darius Leonard’s (2018-2020) stranglehold on that perch.

I know Brady HAD to be the MVP…it makes sense. But the real MVP of this game was the Buccaneers defense. Brady throwing short TDs, managing a game well, throwing for 200 yards…I’ve seen that before. What I’ve never seen is Mahomes looking like a fool and Tyreek Hill doing nothing and the Chiefs not sniffing a TD in a game.

In a sense, Todd Bowles deserves the game’s MVP.


 -- OK that’s it!

The 2020-21 season is in the books. Time for me to go full time into scouting for the NFL Draft, Dynasty Rookie Drafts, Dynasty/Fantasy/Best Ball planning and ranking for the next 7 months – the Super Bowl teams are on vacation now, but I’m not.

Thank you to everyone for your support of Fantasy Football Metrics this season, and all the seasons. Some of you have been with me since the beginning over a decade ago, and many of you have been with us for 5+ years…and most reading this fought through the COVID fears of spring and summer 2020 and supported our work back when it was a much more uncertain time. I cannot thank you enough.

All I can do is try to make fantasy, handicapping, football in general more entertaining and/or prosperous for you. I will try and do that again in 2021. Check out College Football Metrics/our NFL Draft based work this offseason as well as all the offseason material on Fantasy Football Metrics. The football season never ends. Thank you for supporting our fight against the football establishment.

You may get back to your life now, after 5,000+ words of Super Bowl talk/jokes…or you can stay tuned/read on for bonus content – as I watched Queen Latifah’s ‘The Equalizer’ for you in order to report back, to ‘scout’ it for you.

In the spirit of the great Jebidiah Atkinson, I have watched and studied Queen Latifah’s ‘The Equalizer’ (or otherwise known as Madea’s Very Bad Impression of Dirty Harry Show) and I am ready to thoughtfully and evenhandedly report out my review.

Here goes…

Queen Latifah’sThe Equalizer’ is an abomination of television production – one that is so bad that CBS stock should be shorted out of business by the Reddit gang in a reverse joke of their GameStop mutiny. Someone needs to abort this television show, and also anyone involved with greenlighting it or so thinking they had a hit they put it on after the Super Bowl of all things. Everyone involved needs to pay.

I pray for you to watch this pilot episode in like that ironic way you watch something so horrible that it’s actually fun to watch to rag on while you sit there in utter disbelief that someone paid big money to have this show made and released prominently to the public.

Queen Latifah’s ‘The Equalizer’ is what would happen when the wrong people sit down with the initial plan/premise of trying to jam every political, social narrative together in one show and then attempting to fill in the blanks of how it could be done.

It makes sense at first – let’s do a TV show featuring a tough, gritty woman of color as badass vigilante serving justice along with several sassy one-liners as we all learn a valuable lesson. It fits with the times. It’s not crazy thinking. But it went wrong when management was like…

VP of Development: I love the concept. Totally fits today’s culture and what we want to portray as a company. But pray tell…who can we put in the starring role? Think of the toughest SOB, the most physically fit, edgy female actress that would be perfect for this role.

VP of Casting/Talent Relations: Obviously, my first thought has to be Queen Latifah.

VP of Development: Obviously! Great thinking. There can be no other female actress so tough, physically fit, and edgy than a 50+ year old, pudgy Queen Latifah. Get Satan, I mean get her agent on the phone ASAP. We gotta hope she is not bogged down in 50+ other projects right now, with her being in such high demand. Whatever salary she asks for…double it. We cannot take any chances of losing out on this perfect casting.

VP of Casting/Talent Relations: I’m on it. You know, if we can get her…I’m sure this will be a hit so huge that we’ll debut right after the Super Bowl.

VP of Development: Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, but I like your spirit.


The dialogue written in this show was so bad…it was like a parody piece you’d find on SNL, something to set up the incoming twist/joke – but there was no joke coming (except the entire show as a joke unto itself). And if the written dialogue was not high school production level bad enough, then the delivery of the lines via ‘The Queen’ (and others ruining their career here, to be fair) were beyond the pale stiff and cliched off the charts. The cheesiness of the whole production was not a joke on the audience. This was them really trying to ‘bring it’. This was CBS’s shining jewel for the new year…apparently.


This might help you get caught up on Queen Latifah’s ‘The Equalizer’ in less than 5 minutes… https://youtu.be/5tGqMfhbjiQ?t=82


This is what is going on in my brain as I watched Queen Latifah’s ‘The Equalizer’… https://youtu.be/Y7EfsTcFAk4


Good night 2020 season!



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