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College Football Metrics Opening Day *Update*

January 18, 2018 4:16 PM
January 18, 2018 4:00 PM

Good news: We have people in/testing the look of the new site layout and reports, accessibility to reports, etc.

Bad news: We still have a couple of things to fix to make it less confusing bouncing from FFM to CFM and back.

Instead of limping along with daily updates and hoping 'tomorrow is the day'. I'm going to move CFM opening day to 1/23 Tuesday coincide with the post-Senior Bowl weigh in event. We could be ready this weekend but I hope to be travelling to Mobile to meet with a few contacts and attend my favorite event -- the Senior Bowl weigh in. I might stay for the practices for a day or two.

Whatever I do, I'll be covering the Senior Bowl events for College Football Metrics all week -- one of the key events of the NFL Draft season. which makes it critical for dynasty rookie drafts upcoming. Most top 100 drafted players were Senior Bowl invites and/or NFL Combine invites.

I'll update again on Monday 1/22 just to check in on it and I apologize for the late run this year but the change in system/website is like building a house with a contractor...always 'one more thing' to do before you're done.

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