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Coming Up on FFM, CFM and Dynasty Offseason/Best Ball (DOBB) in February 2021…

February 8, 2021 8:07 AM
February 8, 2021 8:05 AM

Coming Up on FFM, CFM and Dynasty Offseason/Best Ball (DOBB) in February…


We’re already 25% through February! How time flies! The Senior Bowl, the Super Bowl…so much football activity – but now all those events are in the books.

So many scouting things to work on between now and the 2021 NFL Draft, as we build cases, research, and analyze prospects for the draft…and then re-analyze them after they land on their teams for Dynasty Rookie Drafts and for Best Ball/the 2021 season. Not a minute to spare.

I’ve never worked a pre-Draft without an NFL Combine…but I’m getting ready to do just that. The Combine is a huge piece of the giant jigsaw puzzle and without that event it’s going to take a keen scouting eye and study time. Here I am, reporting for duty. This is going to be a pre-Draft, Dynasty Rookie Draft, and translation to 2021 season (and beyond) process like I’ve never come close to dealing with before…with the added bonus of the QB circus taking place in the NFL – which upends/changes team and player projections as they get traded/retire/get cut/get drafted. It’s going to be a whirlwind next few weeks and months.

Here’s my plan of attack post-Super Bowl, for February (of course, my annual 5,000+ word Super Bowl extravaganza will be later Monday 2/8)…


 -- The next wave of CFM Scouting Reports…

Usually, I’m working on mostly all QB scouting reports plus Senior Bowl and Combine previews until after we get to the actual NFL Combine and then have the data to plug into our computer scouting models to help guide us. With no NFL Combine, I’m not waiting until March Pro Days. I’m diving in to write the first wave of RB-WR-TE reports this week, as well as prepping work on defensive players and O-Line prospects/computer grading.

I’m going to have to do scouting ‘eyeball’ and ‘experience’ projections on 40-times, three-cones, etc., and then comeback behind my projections/estimates with the Pro Day data and update the player scouting grades (and reports if need be) as we go. The first (top) RB-WR-TE full reports will start publishing later this week and publish every day until the NFL Draft, and continuing on with more of them after the draft.

It’s going to be a brand-new process, a different flow on releasing reports and grades in 2021 – I’m going with a plan of diving right in now and then adjusting as we get the Pro Day data. We may have positional boards/grades updated weekly or multiple times per week leading up to the draft, especially in March with the bulk of the Pro Days happening then (none in February).

We need to start evaluating and valuing these top names for upcoming Dynasty Rookie Drafts in order to know – buy, sell, or hold the top rookies and by what valuations. We’re chasing that hot and heavy in February.


 -- Dynasty and Best Ball Rankings (top 600 boards, etc.)

I will be putting the finishing touches on the first round of player valuations all this week for release as fast I can, releasing the debut board during or right after Valentine’s weekend.

Dynasty values/rankings = the long-term view and valuations. Updated weekly throughout the offseason.

Best Ball = the 2021 season valuations based on their Best Ball scoring projections/spike scoring ability (different valuation than our Draft Guide guidance/rankings). Updated weekly throughout the offseason.

*And the top rookie names will be included in the 2021 Dynasty and Best Ball valuations, a pure estimate on their value/potential before the NFL Draft, and then post-Draft we add a ton more rookies and can dial in on their projections on their new teams better.

**Draft Guide 2021 = Will first release in June 2021.


 -- All week/daily we’ll be posting the remaining 2021 Senior Bowl re-grades…my thoughts after the entire weeks’ worth of events. Another piece of the giant puzzle we are putting together pre-NFL Draft on these prospects. Trying to find the hidden talent, guys we need to study deeper, or guys to avoid/red flag prospects.


 -- With that being said, we have the Senior Bowl measurements and a week of activity…so, I will be re-grading the QBs who attended, and I plan to update my Mac Jones scouting report I already published.

In fact, I plan to re-look at Jones and Lawrence and Wilson and Fields and Lance again…a quality control check on these top QB names. The results/reports of the audit will be out ASAP.


 -- Coming up on FFM…

1) I have a lot of NFL head coaches to study. Some of them are still filling out their coaching staff/key assistants. I will be going through each new hire, per usual, and doing a bio piece and projections on how they will affect Fantasy results and handicapping options.

You’ll likely see the coaching reports start 2nd-half of February and go into March for sure before we have reported out on every one of them.

2) Free Agency is the next big NFL event. We’ll be doing free agent previews by position late February into the 1st-week of March heading into official Free Agency kickoff. Free Agency officially starts March 17th. The whirlwind of activity and rumors all hit March 9th and on (when franchise tagging is due).


 -- The 2018-2019-2020 Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft/Re-do draft has one more entry to go. We have the top 30 picks posted. I have a wrap up thought and comments on some ‘just missed’ or ‘surprised they are not on there’ guys.


All that and much more – commentary pieces on the NFL news/rumors/trades, Dynasty Offseason special reports, Podcast appearances, and anything else under the sun that comes up.

Post-Super Bowl is not the beginning of a 6-month football nap and foray into Fantasy baseball. No. It’s the starter’s pistol shot that begins all the scouting and prep for the NFL Draft and 2021 Fantasy/Handicapping season. Football has no real ‘offseason’…just a shift in activity from the field to off it. I love it!

Thanks for being a part of the ride in 2021 offseason!

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