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Coming Up on FFM/CFM for May 2020...

May 4, 2020 6:17 PM
May 4, 2020 6:15 PM

Note -- Our FFM App on Apple/Android devices...the general notification of articles/reports banners are not working/sending the past few days. It's being looked at/worked on. The FFM App itself will show you when new stuff is posting until we fix those nice banner alerts ASAP. You'll have to keep checking the FFM App 'Updates' area or jumping on the FFM or CFM home pages to see the latest items until we fix the issue. Sorry and thanks!

Coming up on FFM and CFM in May+…

 -- For the past week+, since the NFL Draft completed, we’ve been building our Dynasty Rookie Draft rankings piece by piece. We’re up to the top 200 on our way to 300+ prospects ranked this week.

We’re also observing many DRDs taking place and are about to add the ADPs we’re tracking and adjusting our DRD rankings weekly as needed.

We’ll be adding more player commentary for the top 100 or so all month of May.

Once we have the top 300+ in place, we’ll be updating the rankings weekly based on the latest news, camps, etc.


 -- We’ve been integrating the rookies into the Dynasty and Best Ball rankings…their projections and their projected impacts on the surrounding pieces. We’ll keep adjusting those rankings/values over the next week or two as we study the situations over and over, and/or as something changes (trade/injury/cut, etc.).

Side note – you will see some slightly different rankings on a few players in our Dynasty Rookie Draft rankings vs. our Dynasty overall rankings/top 600. There are two slightly different programs/formulas we run isolating looking at the Dynasty Rookie Pool and valuing it vs. the whole pie of 600 NFL players.

The Dynasty Rookie Draft has some more consideration of asset or ‘trade’ value. Example = I think Jerry Jeudy is highly overrated, but in a rookie draft I acknowledge there is some value in their ‘worldly’ values…what people are willing to trade for them. I might not like Jeudy, but at a certain point I would take Jeudy just as an asset to trade and get players I have ranked higher later. 2nd-example = we consider that if you draft Jeudy, you could trade him for Bryan Edwards (who we like a lot better) and ___ item/s. This thinking doesn’t rule our DRD values/rankings, it’s just a piece…but a bigger piece than our top 600 overall for Dynasty.

Whether you want to forgo Edwards to take Jeudy to trade (as an example) – that’s for you to evaluate. Some players are worth taking that risk, others I just want to take my player to get locked in. It’s fluid and interpretive, not an absolute law.

If any of that makes sense?

You don’t have to be a slave to the rankings, especially when they are close – you want to take Mims over Claypool or Pittman over Edwards, etc., it’s fine. It’s your call. We’re just trying to value them, rank them, as the best guide/best source for ideas possible for you to consider…considering the big picture of talent PLUS landing spot PLUS trade value to others, etc.


 -- All this week, we’ll be integrating the IDP rookies into their Dynasty and Best Ball rankings. The current IDP rankings are pre-NFL Draft. They will be up to speed for post-Draft and published 5/8 evening or 5/9 morning.


 -- While we get all the rookie integrated, work is beginning on the 2020 Fantasy Football Draft Guide. I’m getting some pre-work done on it waiting for the actual schedule to hit May 9th to then get the full feel for schedule impacts on performance, etc.

The Draft Guide will be available for early signup around June 1st. More info as we get closer.


 -- Normally, the NFL schedule is out pre-NFL Draft but with COVID it’s been delayed to May 9th. As soon as the schedules hit we can start looking at team over/under win totals, etc. We’ll do all that on FFM in May/June and beyond.


 -- There will be more CFM player/prospect 2020 rookie scouting reports. Just pausing to get them integrated into our system for projections, and then I;m set to go back in and look deeper at some names of interest – whether that be UDFA hidden gems or players drafted much higher than I expected, and might want to double check my scouting to see if I missed anything.

I usually do not change my scouting just because of where they were drafted but there will be some players that went so much higher than expected, and I didn’t take a super-deep look at them…so, it’s worth taking a deeper check to see if we find gold. Usually not…but Diontae Johnson and Quincy Williams were situations where our scouting models were dead wrong initially, but their radically higher draft slots led me to take a deeper look and ‘bam’.

There’s no virtue in assuming everything we have is 100% on point. No harm in taking a second look. You never know what you’ll discover. Being ‘wrong’ is the worst thing you can be, so I’ll turn over every stone I can to find the truth, as I see it. More of those reports May-June-July.

2021 Devy initial scouting looks slated for July 2021.


 -- All the above going on and we’ll keep pushing new articles and reports as we see the opportunity. I have like ten different articles/reports/research items I want to share, but I won’t have the time until I get this 2020 NFL Draft class processed and into our system.

Our series of three undervalued RBs, where #1 is out…where is #2 and #3 – coming as soon as I can get it worked out. One of them is going to take a deeper journey of research to due the proper due-diligence. All that coming in the next week or two.

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