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Coming Up on FFM Week 2…

September 10, 2018 9:57 PM
September 10, 2018 9:55 PM

Coming Up on FFM Week 2…

-- If you’re an In-Season subscriber already, you can ignore the last section on this update. The last section is for nonsubscribers…nonsubscribers who read all the summer/offseason material and love it. But it’s also a nice life lesson to stop and consider what I’m saying and how it applies to other things in your life. I often have this conversation (last section) with myself and friends/wife to keep myself in check.

-- Week 2 projections, and any ‘new week’ projections will first post around 6-8pmET on Tuesday nights – and we will update them WED and THU nights about the same time period.

No projection update this FRI night. SAT night will be the injury report-based projection update and then we update again on Sunday noon time after the inactives are declared.

-- Next Video Chat Q&A will be announced tomorrow morning, I think. Going to try to do something for an hour so starting around 9-10-11pmET Tuesday to help with the early waiver claims, etc. Not 100% sure yet, but we’ll let you know ASAP.

We haven’t figured out how/where we want to make the video shows on demand for subscribers. You’d think it’s an easy thing…it is not. I mean, it may be…but I don’t have extra time to learn audio/video production as a part-time gig. I don’t have enough time now to focus on football as it is…much less 30-60 minutes messing with the set up per event.

So, you have to be at the events live or you’re missing gold…which would have included Sunday’s discussion/advice of starting Randall Cobb over Marquise Goodwin.

-- I’m going to post my first Dynasty Stash report this week (the one I wanted to post last week) and I’m going to have a special Video Q&A chat taking dynasty questions only from Dynasty Stash subscribers coming up. I’ll announce when and what time that will be.

-- Week 1 game recaps as fast as I can watch them, write them, and publish them all week.

 -- Last section message/preaching:

*I write this message in some form every year at this time -- and at least one person gets all riled up about it. I don’t care. I think it’s an important message for me and some others. It’s good to consider these things in life…

Once the season starts, non-subscribers will email me with one or both of two things this particular week: (1) They would like me to answer a fantasy question. (2) They mention they’d like to subscribe ‘but it’s a lot of money’.

I’m going to mention/write something that may seem harsh or self-serving, but I’m doing it for your own good. My message to you is my message to me of 5+ years ago. Today, I’m not happy with that guy I was from 5+ years ago…and am on the constant lookout not to be that guy anymore. I’ve learned, I’ve evolved. I realize some of you fitting into #2 category above are going to get mad and want to email me back something sassy – then this next part is especially for you because it hit a nerve. Sometimes good advice stings at first reception.

If you could care less/little about my writings/articles, etc., I get you not wanting an In-Season subscription. My parents are not subscribers, even if I gave it to them for free they wouldn’t read it – they’re not that info fantasy, even though they play it. I’m not hurt by that. If you don’t really enjoy the material that we produce for free from January-August – then why would you care about my fantasy advice this week? But that’s beside the point. If you don’t read many of my articles all year and don’t enjoy them one way or the other, then an In-Season subscription is probably a waste for you. No problemo.

However, people who really enjoy every time they see I have a new article has posted – I have a message for you. A message for those who have a nice break from life scrolling through 5-10-15-30 minutes of my material during your workday, or lying in bed starting or wrapping up a day, or at your kids practice, etc. A message for those who feel more informed about fantasy after reading our debates and studies. In-Season provides several joys throughout the day as the content pops in. I know the feeling, I have writers that do the same for me (outside of football).

This message relates to me – but also relates to other people’s creative work you enjoy (writers, musicians, baristas, etc.)

If you really enjoy my material and get a nice kick from it throughout the week(s)…why are you denying yourself the joy of it In-Season, my best work? Because ‘you don’t pay for fantasy material? Or the generic ‘it’s expensive’? Really? What’s expensive? Again, I write this all as if writing to myself of 5+ years ago.

I’m not hearing ‘money is tight’ or ‘it’s expensive’ if you dropped $30-50 bucks at Applebee’s or equivalent any time this calendar year. You paid $30-50 for an hour of bad restaurant chain food and you’re judging my 80-100 hours of work per week/carpal tunnel inducing In-Season work ‘expensive’?

I’m going to write the equivalent of five U.S novels on football the next four months. About 75-100+ hour’s worth of material for you to read about the football season. Material trying to win you money!!! Not food particles you’re going to crap out in a few hours.

So, you’re good going to a movie for two for $25+ bucks, $35-40+ movie and food/drink…for maybe three hours of fun? I’m 75-100+ hours of fun over four months in-season. I’m Netflix per month fun. I’m more fun than $100 for tickets to a two-hour music concert. I’m way more valuable than $150+ spent to go to a football game shown on TV for free. You get the point.

My material is not expensive. Actually, for the amount of material and potential financial return – it’s a bargain. I’m not trying to sell you steak knives here and I’m not begging for your money. I am begging – if you really enjoy this material, why are you denying yourself for the artificial argument of ‘pricey’? The emails I get are not “I hate your stuff and it costs too much” it’s “I love your work, but I can’t justify the $X on fantasy.” Why am I not getting more consideration than Olive Garden or IHOP? Seriously? Or your favorite band or comedian or movie franchise, etc.?

The arts you enjoy needs your support…everything costs to produce/to live. Whether it’s fantasy football or a singer at a local bar or your favorite free podcaster. On top of that – enjoy life. Support the things you really enjoy. It feels good. It feels bad when you’re missing out because of a few bucks…I know because a few of email me about it. You’re hurting you as much as me. I was you and that’s why I’m reaching out!

If you gotta sell your organs to raise some cash…you have to have priorities in life.

I’m goading you…to help you. I want you to enjoy my material and life. Not to deny yourself small, inexpensive joys for artificial ‘reasons’. I also didn’t write this to have an upcoming email debate about your finances. I’m not debating your debts, just asking you to consider if we’re really expensive or not as a reason to not join.

About $11+ a month. $2.50+ per week (half a Starbucks/a third of a Chipotle burrito). About $0.18 per game recap, not including all the other material and the projections. Enjoy life! Support the things you love the most – small-time content creators need your support.

Off my soap box.

For every one person who spits fire at this message there are 3-4 who thank me for it -- it's worth drawing the wrath to aid the others.

Our 2018 In-season subscriptions are now open – get ready for the regular season strategies and analysis: Fantasy Football Metrics

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