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Corey Coleman Traded to Buffalo: Dynasty-Fantasy Instant Analysis

August 6, 2018 12:45 AM
August 6, 2018 12:30 AM

Corey Coleman Traded to Buffalo: Dynasty-Fantasy Instant Analysis


Well, it’s true. It’s real. The rumors this year of the Browns’ discontent with Corey Coleman and the possible trading of him have come to fruition. The #1 WR selected in the 2016 NFL Draft…traded for nothing two years later, as the string of disastrous high draft pick WRs by the NFL just continues with the accelerator jammed to the floor.

There’s much more to this than Corey Coleman being a bad player to dump, which he isn’t a bad player/prospect at all. In fact, he’s potentially a great player…but we’ll get to that. Let’s look at/speculate on why Cleveland did this and then Buffalo’s situation, and then the fantasy ramifications.


Why would Cleveland do this?

Everyone is going to jump right to…”Well, Josh Gordon must be coming back soon.” You can’t rule that out, but…seriously? We’re all good with Gordon now? No worries? He just disappears into a mysterious treatment facility check-in, unscheduled, for an unknown amount of time (weeks now) and we just expect he’s walking back in the door totally pristine, clean as a whistle ready to embark on a decade long of football without a hiccup?

Josh Gordon’s return status should have zero percent reasoning on trading Corey Coleman. The Browns can’t count on Josh Gordon, no one can. The Browns have no salary cap reasons/pressure to make this move. The Browns have no depth chart reason to make this move. The Browns, of all teams, should be keeping a Corey Coleman type player hoping for a turnaround.

Corey Coleman is not guilty of being a bad player or anything near a bust. He’s been productive when not injured. He’s been borderline good-to-great when working with a decent QB. The problem is Coleman has been stuck with two Hue Jackson specials…the awful Cody Kessler and the dreadful DeShone Kizer. No one is succeeding with them (thus the 1-31 record the past two years as a major hint). Coleman has been solid-to-good despite the bust QBs and is only guilty of breaking his wrist/hand a couple times and missing too much time. You don’t dump all-upside Coleman because he breaks a bone too much…BUT then keep Josh Gordon through five years of country and western song tragedy and disappointment. Why dump Coleman for nothing in return but continue to cling to the ghost of 2013 Josh Gordon?

Coleman obviously was a personal thorn in the coaching staff’s side, whatever that means to management (lazy or disrespectful or whatever) – it’s the only reason I can think of why they would do this. Coleman might be a jerk and they had enough, or Coleman is rightfully disgusted by this coaching staff, especially the head coach. The whole staff is a disaster, and if Coleman acted out, lashed out, or just didn’t buy into Hue Jackson’s persistent con job bull shit…I could see management dumping him for daring question the offensive genius, the 1-35 in his last 36 games coached, the darling of the national football media somehow still…Hue Jackson.

Who wouldn’t try to get themselves traded out of Cleveland? I mean that more than the easy joke. That is the worst franchise in the NFL from on-field recent history to the area of the country anyone wants to live in compared to the other 31 teams/cities…except, he may have been traded to the one city worst of all to live in among the NFL options (worst = taxes, weather, advertising visibility/exposure to fans/media coverage, etc.).

Why did Cleveland trade Corey Coleman for nothing? If you think Hue Jackson is a genius than they did this for good reasons only they know. If you think Hue Jackson has virtually no idea what he’s doing running this business…as witnessed by his coaching record, the QBs he has pushed on the team the last two years/guaranteed all of us he was smarter on QBs than anyone, and just the words I hear from people in Mobile who won’t invite Hue Jackson to the Senior Bowl again after his last escape down there – if you think Hue is terrible at what he does, than this is probably another in a string of stupid moves.

The Browns gave away Danny Shelton and their best CB from last season Jason McCourty this offseason…why not give away their most promising WR in Corey Coleman too? This is the same group that overpaid Jarvis Landry and traded FOR Tyrod Taylor on purpose.

You want to trust them, go ahead. I think there is room to be skeptical thinking that they know what they’re doing.


Why would Buffalo do this?

It’s a no-brainer. They just got a top young WR prospect for nothing…and they had the worst WR group in the NFL 24 hours ago. Cleveland apparently wanted that crown.  

Three things that jump out at me for Buffalo making this deal…

1) I imagine Cleveland could have traded Coleman anywhere and received some random late draft pick. I think they sent Coleman to Buffalo to try to punish him/put him where there is a terrible offense/QB play. They know if they sent Coleman to the Patriots, and don’t you know the Pats would have been interested with their WR issues of late – Coleman probably becomes a superstar and the Browns look stupid again. This was calculated banishment to Siberia.

2) I’m thinking the recent Kelvin Benjamin pot shots in the media at Cam Newton got the Bills to hurrying up to bring in real WRs. I’m not a Cam guy or defender, but Kelvin Benjamin just revealed that he’s a fool…and if you’ve heard him hold court before, you know ‘thinking’ is not his strong suit.

Benjamin is a terrible lead WR for a team to have. A bad guy for the team in general, I suspect (thus Carolina giving him away). Now, Benjamin is going off the rails in the press.

With Zay Jones already off the rails as well, the Bills had to do something. They get an absolute steal here with Coleman, a desperate need.

3) Coleman will be the Bills #1 WR, somewhat by default because of what I just mentioned on Kelvin-Zay.

Boy…Kelvin, Zay, and LeSean McCoy – what a circus winding up in Buffalo!

I wonder which of these two dumpster fire WR depth charts will sign Dez Bryant first to pour gasoline on their fire?


Fantasy implications…

 -- Coleman is the #1 WR for Buffalo, but they have a junior high passing game and arguably the worst QB group in the NFL. Coleman probably can’t be ‘great’ here, but he might get enough targets to matter some for fantasy…a WR2-3. I like CC here better than where he just was for fantasy, oddly.

 -- Kelvin Benjamin is on life-support for FF, and Zay Jones may be the next guy punted by Sean McDermott.

 -- ‘Stock up’ for Jarvis Landry, as he is now in line for all the limited targets from Tyrod Taylor…and, now, easily double-teamed in coverage.

 -- Josh Gordon…he only matters if you think he can actually stay on an NFL field. This trade mattered little for him. Gordon’s impact is if he can stay clean, not who else is on the team.

 -- Antonio Callaway being pushed as a starter in place of Coleman? Callaway has a worse off-field track record than most of the WRs I’ve trashed in this piece. He’s got talent but he’s a mess/a risk, and a rookie.

 -- Rashard Higgins I could see getting some play. He seems ultra-normal in a sea of dysfunction. He’s a professional WR, but teamed with Landry and no Gordon…the Browns have no playmakers/game breakers again.

 -- Corey Coleman would have been perfect with Baker Mayfield. Now, that’s been taken away. Landry-Higgins put a lid on what Mayfield can do…looking down the road. Stock down on Mayfield just because the Browns are doing the opposite of what the Bears did for Mitch Trubisky in building and adding for him.


In summary – two teams that are a mess offensively made a trade, one team gave up a promising WR to the other for ‘reasons’ that we’ll never really know. The WR goes from a weak QB/weak offense to another weak QB/weak offense.

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