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Dynasty-Fantasy Daily Notes 5/12/18 SAT (11:36pmET)

May 12, 2018 7:56 AM
May 12, 2018 7:00 PM

*Quick notes, moving fast on them...forgive any typos*


Evening Notes…

 -- I was reading a story about the Ravens and them making the draft pick of Lamar Jackson…how management asked John Harbaugh “…if he could win with Lamar Jackson in the future,” and his positive answer to that question helped clinch the deal. What else is Harbaugh going to say to that question? I’m sure he thinks he can win with any QB…he’s certainly in no position to tell the GM ‘no’ with his coaching tenure on thin ice in Baltimore.

This is reported as being so brilliant of management to ask such a thing.

And then, supposedly, they had the offensive coaches draw up plans for Jackson, in case they drafted him.

Wait, what?

So, you’re going to draft a guy at QB, THE MOST IMPORTANT POSITION IN THE NFL, that doesn’t fit AT ALL what your long-time tenured coaches across the offense and at the top do as a primary game plan…because they’ve been in the pros so long they wouldn’t know what to do to draw up plays for the spread game, but there they are drawing up plays and that somehow satisfied you to take LJax? Great…coaches with no experience in such an offense wasting time drawing up plays for a player that THEY MIGHT draft. Why not just go hire a spread college coach in 2019 instead?

It’s like running an accounting firm and the boss tells you he just hired a great addition for your staff…a very successful car salesman with no accounting experience.

This is the way NFL teams are run all over the place…almost no business sense present anywhere. It’s to be expected because they have no experience in business matters or the real world in most cases anyway.

In that sense, it’s like…Hey, guy who played football up to college, didn’t make the pros, instantly became an assistant coach and worked from team to team climbing up the coaching ladder after 10-15-20 years as an assistant and coaching a position or side of the ball is all you’ve ever known as an adult– here’s $5M a year to run a billion dollar business and manage guys making more than you, be an advanced public speaker under constant media scrutiny, and I’m sure you’re a draft scouting expert in your spare time, and be sure to understand the vast economics and trends of salary cap management.

It’s surprising how rapidly most of them fail…


 -- As I was saying about Tavon Austin in Dallas…

It certainly was exciting to think of him as a PPR RB, but Dallas is already out calling him a WR, and working him as a WR.

It could be a misdirect, but…seriously, when is the NFL, non-Patriots, ever that smart?

A clip from me on this topic from earlier this week:


Jeff Fisher was going to get Austin a million touches…and then he didn’t.

Sean McVay is smarter about football than anyone that has crossed paths with Tavon. You figure he would have seen the possibilities more than anyone…and then actually did something with it. The Rams were desperate for an alternative to Gurley to take a few touches. Austin made a ton of sense for the Rams 2017 offensive concepts. For a few games the first half of last season, Austin starter to creep up in touches…and it looked like McVay was going somewhere with this. Eventually, about halfway through the season, Austin was relegated to relief carries in blowouts and was pulled from returning punts and kicks…and didn’t touch the ball in their playoff game…and then they couldn’t ditch him fast enough to a taker/sucker this offseason.

McVay came, saw, tasted…and spit it out.

So, now the team that sensed/knew Ezekiel Elliott would be suspended last season, and yet drafted no running backs to backstop the situation and decided to roll with Alfred Morris, Rod Smith, and carried Darren McFadden on a roster spot for multiple years and then never used him in the Ezekiel crisis – this is the group that has suddenly found religion and is going to take always disappointing, overpaid, diva-ish Tavon Austin and be the one to redefine the game with him?

I don’t believe it.

I think all these people (GMs and coaches) really think they are going to do this upon a Tavon acquisition…but their hearts are not into it fully.

Tavon Austin is the FRIDAY for people who say ‘I gotta lose weight -- the diet starts Monday’. And they really mean that…on Friday.

Guess what happens by Tuesday…


Austin will not be sued radically outside of a play or two early on and then by midseason it’s all forgotten.

Morning Notes…

 -- Two low-levels things that caught my eye yesterday…

1: The Colts signed WR Kasen Williams…remember, the star of the 2017 preseason for Seattle? They almost kept him but were overloaded with young WRs and tried to hide him on the practice squad and then he was poached by the Browns, and actually got in to play some last year…with their awful QBs, and did little.

He was cut this offseason and is now a Colt…and is maybe their 2nd or 3rd most talented WR on the roster. A terrible roster/WR depth chart…

He’d be perfect for inaccurate, not an NFL starter, Jacoby Brissett.

Deep, deep sleeper, not a drop everything and get…because I see like him but he’s got UDFA bias to deal with on top of whatever else/


 -- Peyton Manning as part of a group buying an NFL team…the Charlotte Panthers?

I’d made me think…would Manning willing join up to be a part of a team that is locked into Cam Newton as their starting QB? Wouldn’t you think Manning would want to be established in a situation with a pure pocket, traditional QB?

Considering that Manning will have many options to get onto an NFL ownership group…possibly, becoming the GM day one…would he pass on this right now because of Cam?

If he does land in Carolina as owner-GM…the Cam days are numbered there, no? Manning drafts a pocket passer he likes from the Manning Academy in the 3rd+ round of the 2019 NFL Draft?


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