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Dynasty-Fantasy Daily Notes 5/13/18 SUN (10:06pmET)

May 13, 2018 12:05 PM
May 13, 2018 10:00 PM

*Quick notes, moving fast on them...forgive any typos*


Evening Notes…

 -- OK, my two Arizona Cardinals rumors…and take them with a grain of salt. Semi-reliable sources and fluid situations. Just two guys talking…

1: Arizona has interest in trading for or acquiring Ameer Abdullah. They are waiting to see a few things…(1) How much they like/can count on rookie Chase Edmonds for the relief back role, and (2) whether they might just wait and let Detroit release Ameer, which is being speculated. The Lions RB depth chart begs for at least two RBs to be released/cut/traded – Abdullah is for sure one of them

Recall, from the Amazon documentary, the Cardinals DESPERATELY wanted Ameer Abdullah in the draft and after they cried and wailed about missing out on him, a round later they settled on some David Johnson guy who might could come in and backup Andre Ellington nicely.


2: There’s a quiet QB controversy already developing.

The current Arizona QB depth chart is:

Sam Bradford

Josh Rosen

Mike Glennon

Chad Kanoff


There are all kinds of twists and turns…

 -- Kanoff showed so well in rookie camp that they dropped two other QBs off the roster, but now they have to deal with the fact that they cannot roster 4 QBs for Week 1. They are going to have to hide Kanoff…to try to get him on the practice squad.

I know Kanoff’s work…if he gets serious preseason playing time he might be the Kyle Sloter/2017 of the 2018 preseason – meaning a team will claim him away.

 -- The Cards could cut Mike Glennon, but they put $4M into him for 2018…a decent hit to the salary cap to just give away.

 -- The Cards are stuck with Bradford…paying him $10M guaranteed this season. Josh Rosen isn’t going anywhere…so, it’s cut Glennon or try to hide Kanoff.

Apparently, there are two schools of thought within Arizona…

(1) One group feels they are a strong playoff team today but if Bradford goes down they’d like a veteran over a rookie taking over this playoff group.

(2) Another group doesn’t see why Glennon is there in the first place and wants to ditch him and use Rosen as the #2 and Kanoff as the #3 to develop as the #2 behind Rosen in 2019.

When faced with backwards or forward thinking…always assume the NFL does the safe, the for ‘the now’ thing. They’ll not do anything radical, looking more to save face – which means keep Glennon and try to hide Kanoff on the practice squad…as of now, but Kanoff’s preseason work could really force the Glennon release. Assume the Cards ‘play it safe’ and cut non-D1 talent QB and hope they land him on the practice squad. It usually works 80%+ of the time, as other teams barely pay attention or see talent in the preseason games.

Morning Notes…

 -- The first ‘the upcoming (2019) draft class at QB isn’t very good’ claim (I’ve seen with some legs behind it) has been released into the media wild. I know it’s got legs because suddenly I get emails saying, “I hear the 2019 class isn’t very good. Should I trade /do…_____ ?

When you see this 2019 draft class strength/weakness claim today or tomorrow in Roto-notes, note that the source of it was ONE team’s scout saying this to an NFL reporter of such things. Who knows or who cares what this scout thinks? You’ve seen the NFL Draft for the last decade…let’s just say, “I question the minds of NFL scouts.”

It’s a claim from an unknown source, and it’s so far ahead of time. When scouts have their way, pre-Senior Bowl/Combine, their early instincts on the draft class in the summer before, in-season college, Dec-Jan leading into draft season…it’s all horrible. It’s mostly Matt Barkley, Geno Smith, Johnny Manziel, Ka’Deem Carey, Donnel Pumphrey type time bombs they love along with all Alabama players.

What do I think of the strength of 2019’s class? I have no idea. I just assume whatever the prevailing wisdom is…it’s the opposite of that.

I will start to pre-scout and preview top 2019 names on CFM later this summer…just for fun/pre-work. It’s too soon to make any claims on the 2019 class right now. Not enough info in.


 -- Tonight’s notes will feature two rumors involving the Arizona Cardinals from a source. One a trade another ‘of interest’. Check back tonight. I’m checking how serious I should take this with another source today, but I’m going to share it either way.


 -- Coming up on FFM and CFM this week/month…

I’m working on draft guide studies this whole month….early June release target date.

Working on some new 2018 rookie scouting reports on guys I have interest in…posting soon on CFM.

I’m writing a pretty gusty ‘Rewind’ on a player today for release this week.

I’m working on episode #3 of Very Deep Sleepers, a new report every week until September.

I’m going through the ‘Faux’ computer simulations of the 2018 season as we know it. You’ll see that project later this month, I hope.

I’m jammed pack in the supposed ‘dead period’ for football. Much less, I start watching the Dallas Amazon series for review this week as well.

Nothing like 12+ hour work days with the weather perfect outside. Let me know what fresh air smells like if you get a chance…


*2018 Draft Guide studies are underway. Early June is the targeted release date.

*Note: my new football email, as I ditch corporate email.

*Note: Dynasty Stash reports from FFM 2017 are posted on CFM 2018 (Date 1/7/18, under Scouting Reports tab or search via the searchbar tool).



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