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Dynasty-Fantasy Daily Notes 5/16/18 WED (10:35pmET)

May 16, 2018 8:40 AM
May 16, 2018 8:00 PM

*Quick notes, moving fast on them...forgive any typos*


Evening Notes…

 -- Three players of note in the latest transactions…players almost no one cares about, but all my children matter to me; just some less than others now that they’ve been cut:

WR Nelson Spruce – Memba him? Star of that Rams preseason game in 2016 that one time? Yeah, he’s bouncing around the league. He’s just landed with the Chargers (until they cut him). Still keeping an eye on him as a Welker-alike somewhere.

WR DeAndre Carter – Finally released by the 49ers, this time for good probably. Bouncing back and forth between the Patriots and 49ers practice squads for a couple of years now. He never made it. We liked him as a sleeper, a top 5-10 WR talent from his draft class. Besides a flash or two in the preseason and a cup of coffee in the regular-season, he never made it. Had Brandin Cooks DNA, to me…but it never happened. The NFL journey is probably over now.

CB Jordan Thomas – 2018 UDFA rookie for the Eagles, out of Oklahoma. He of the freakish 6.28 three-cone at the NFL Combine. I thought he might have a little something, but I understood he might have ‘issues’ – well, I guess ‘issues’ might be the winner. Marking him down on the next dynasty rookie draft top 250+ update.


 -- It may not matter…but…I’m watching for where CB Bashaud Breeland lands as an impact to the 2018 season/team projections. I think he’s a solid cover corner, one of the best out there in free agency. He signed a nice deal with Carolina and then failed the physical with an infected cut on his foot (?).

The Colts are talking to him now…no real impact on that dud team.

However, Arizona is talking to him as well…

What kept Arizona from playoff football in 2018, in my book, was three things: (1) David Johnson lost for the season in Week 1. (2) Tyrann Mathieu, more negatives outcomes than positive on defense. (3) No decent CB opposite Patrick Peterson.

#1 is back for 2018. #2 is gone for 2018. #3…could be Bashaud Breeland and sends Arizona into serious playoff contendership…

Morning Notes…

…an all Dallas related morning notes, partly because I’m caught up watching the ‘All or Nothing’ Cowboys event.

Three things…

1) There was the Dez Bryant rumors/speculation of him to Green Bay yesterday…started by new media man Jason Witten. I don’t know where Bryant will land but two things that come to mind…

 -- Dez is a going to be a fantasy wrecker for some unwitting WR/s, to some degree, when he lands on a new team. Imagine if it were Green Bay for a moment. Davante Adams would drop from WR1 to WR2 ADP. The three rookies that GB drafted…they’d fall another level in the dynasty rookie draft.

You think you have a locked in, safe WR1 guy on your roster today…tomorrow, Dez could cause you sleepless nights landing there.

 -- I think the horse race on Dez’s landing spot is…(1) Carolina, (2) New Orleans, (3) LA Rams


2) Just thinking out loud. Wouldn’t it make sense for Dallas to sign DeMarco Murray to a cheap deal to backstop/teach/help/mentor Ezekiel Elliott?


3) I’ll go into detail on why when we start the ‘All or Nothing’ Dallas reviews, likely Friday am debut review for Episode #1, but I’m slightly downgrading Dak Prescott from where I’ve had him before…for long-term dynasty or short-term 2018 redraft.

I’m still pro-Dak, but a year ago I would have argued him a top 3 for the future. Six months ago, with…or a small step behind the new breed, emerging young QBs. Today, a full step behind the new breed. Still of value. Still hope and upside, but not as much hope and upside.

I’ll explain it in detail Friday and beyond with the Dallas/Amazon reviews, but I wanted to get that out there for anyone drafting MFLs, etc., the next few days…for what it is worth. Not fear of a bust. Not any issue with him. Just a slight downgrade taking him behind the top young guys.


*2018 Draft Guide studies are underway. Early June is the targeted release date.

*Note: my new football email, as I ditch corporate email.

*Note: Dynasty Stash reports from FFM 2017 are posted on CFM 2018 (Date 1/7/18, under Scouting Reports tab or search via the searchbar tool).



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