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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Notes and ‘Coming Up’ This Week…

February 10, 2019 10:54 PM
February 10, 2019 10:53 PM

Dynasty-Fantasy Football Notes and ‘Coming Up’ This Week…

I just finished my draft of new Bengals head coaching hire, Zac Taylor. You’ll see my research report on him Monday 2/11. You’ll have to see it to believe it…and find out what ‘it’ it is that I’m talking about.

I’m going to try to do all my new head coach reports (remaining…LaFleur, Kitchens, Fangio, Flores) this upcoming week and then look at the retread hires (Arians, Gase) next week. Several coaching reports planned to knock out the next two weeks – so I can fully gauge the impact to our dynasty projections for our offseason debut subscription ‘Dynasty Offseason/Best Ball’.

In addition, I have 3-4 more QB scouting reports planned to post this week. We also have the ‘Rewind Report’ voting taking place. The NFL Combine attendees were announced and now I’ll start doing previews of all the prospects and ranking them – all that will post the week+ leading up to the NFL Combine.

Here are some random football notes to share that I have grabbed this past week, including my trip to Nashville to the Johnny Cash Museum…

-- Did you see the Kyler Murray interview with Dan Patrick? Not good.

I’m a 0.0% fan of Dan Patrick. I don’t hate him, I’m just think he’s not interesting or funny at all. I have listened to his show on the radio for 0:13 seconds combined since it started…counting all the times the radio accidentally landed on it on a scan/search. The only time I catch him at all is on YouTube during this time of year when draft prospect QBs go onto his show and I watch some just to get more input and notes on how the QB prospects handle themselves in various media situations.

Sadly, on the Patrick-Murray show…Murray looked like an idiot and probably knocked his draft stock back a few pegs. He could recover just fine ahead, but this appearance definitely did not help him.

I watched the carefully edited ‘highlights’ of the interview first, and they were cut up to make Murray look foolish. He wouldn’t answer the most basic questions as Patrick tried to have some fun with him on whether he was going to play baseball or football. Murray just didn’t speak or shrugged his shoulders at simple questions he could have deflected or had fun with. Patrick pressed and Murray looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

I then watched the full interview after the ‘just the highlights clip). Murray answered (poorly, unenthusiastically) a lot of questions in the segment but was obviously overcoached by handlers not to say anything about which way he was leaning between the NFL and MLB. However, when Murray was answering questions otherwise, basic ones…he looked and sounded like a shy millennial moron. If an NFL GM and/or President and/or Head Coach watched Murray on the Dan Patrick show for all 13 or so minutes – they would get a very uneasy feeling about turning an entire franchise over to Murray to be the face of.

Media interviews are not easy, especially if you’re on the shy side, so I’m not saying Murray is a doofus…he just came off as one in a bad spot. Murray’s a kid trying to bluff the NFL and MLB on a rare/random radio show appearance while Dan Patrick has been doing this for decades…it was somewhat doomed from the start. Murray has to have ‘handlers’ – so they have to know Murray isn’t good at this (interviews). That being the case, they need to put him into cupcake situations…like go on Good Morning Football or any NFL Network show and keep it brief/safe/fawning. The longer Kyler Murray talks off he cuff…the longer you get to realize he’s a fairly immature young person and the ‘diva’ is just hiding in there waiting to escape.

Will a 5’9” running QB (who is a pocket passer) succeed in the NFL?

How about one that’s immature and pampered/full of himself a little bit…one that can run and hide into baseball if you don’t like him?

Some will react ‘Yep, this guy is a spoiled brat. He won’t work in the NFL’. Many are wanting the next Tom Brady…and that’s not Kyler Murray. Many NFL coaches will have the same negative reaction to Murray – because they want the next great clipboard holder and first into the team facilities at 3am guy. That’s not Kyler Murray. Most NFL decision makers want/love a Chase Daniel or Josh McCown or whomever is ‘like them’ (most coaches are failed players/grinders). Every O-C in the league either played as a pocket passer in college and/or studied old-school run games or old-school west coast offenses as their trade. Rare is the O-C with radical, new-age college offensive coaching background.

It’s going to take a team to do what Baltimore did to draft Murray – Lamar Jackson is not Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes. Lamar Jackson should never do interviews because he’s worse at it than Kyler Murray. You draft Jackson and let him run the college spread offense -- and not do interviews ever. You draft Kyler Murray and you have to almost treat him like an OBJ – you put up with a lot of noise because they’re ‘special’ and more important than coaches who change every 2-3 years.

What NFL team is willing to do that?

What NFL team is willing to use a top 10 or 32 draft pick on it? The more Murray is not in the top 20…the more chance he’ll just head to baseball.

-- Did you know there are already massive problems with the Jets coaching staff under Adam Gase? All the following is secondhand info given to me…

Gase hired Gregg Williams as his new D-C, so you know Gase is a doomed for failure more than you already knew prior.

Williams then proceeded to hire his son as a defensive assistant -- after much fighting about whether he could do such a thing or not.

Gase then hired his father-in-law, Joe Vitt as an assistant coach…with the same worries from management.

Vitt and Williams used to coach together in New Orleans…and it was Vitt has testified against Williams to the NFL…said Williams was lying.

(If this is all true) Enjoy your very healthy, full-functional team, Fireman Ed! How can any of you buy season tickets to this team? Do you have no respect for your money?

Gregg Williams is so likable and humble, I’m sure this will all be fine (insert eye-roll here). PLEASE Amazon do a documentary of this Jets debacle…at minimum, be on ‘Hard Knocks’.

-- Did you watch the AAF league opening games? No? Me either.

I could not care less about a football league than the AAF. Actually, when the XFL hits then I will find one I could care less about.

Will an AAF player catch an eye of the NFL? Absolutely…but, as a scout, I’ll worry about that player when they arrive into the NFL. I know most of these guys from college/the NFL Draft or NFL experiences anyway.

I do love that it could be a minor league for the NFL. Long needed for the NFL…a developmental system. The production value of the AAF games look great on TV (saw quick highlights of a game). I hope it succeeds and gives players a chance to shine. However, I will not waste time watching it – I will watch tape chopped to one player if they are breaking out and going to the NFL. If there is a deep sleeper down there…I already know who they are, and I’ll keep tabs on them I’m sure.

The first person who asks me about AAF fantasy lineups or betting…I swear…I don’t know whether to have ultimate respect for you or to curse your existence.

-- I went to the Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville this past week. A guy’s trip…three generations of my family in an Airbnb for a couple of days. A fun time had by all. My biggest takeaways from the trip…

*Johnny Cash was an amazing performer…and what a life. Coming up the ranks in the same time and space and touring with young Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis as they were all just emerging. Cash becoming a star quickly, crashing mid-career due to drugs, kicking the habit/cleaning up and becoming more immersed in Christian and charitable endeavors in the second half of his life. Cranking out hits until he was 71 years old…and doing so, lastly, covering rock songs and in collaborations with then-current day star acts.

Actually, he cranked out hits after he died in 2003 at age 73 too. He had recorded with famed producer Rick Rubin before Cash had passed. In 2006, three years after he had died, Johnny Cash posthumously released an album that went straight to #1.

*The story of Johnny Cash and his whole Folsom Prison concert idea and reality – it may be the most bad-ass thing a musician has ever done in the history of music. If you don’t know the story…they have full documentaries on it on YouTube, I think. Really cool, anti-establishment thing for its time.

*Thanks for the welcome, Nashville!! It was 77 degrees when I got there (from the cold Midwest). BUT the next day we went downtown to the museum and were going to see the sights…30 degrees ‘feels like’ 15 out that day. What a miserable, brief walk-around. We mostly did the museum and cancelled the walking around town part after 5 minutes of walking around in the frozen tundra.

*How Joaquin Phoenix did not win the Oscar for Best Actor for his Johnny Cash portrayal in the 2005 hit bio-pic Walk the Line, I’ll never know. I know Phillip Seymour Hoffman was great, but he won that year for his portrayal of Truman Capote…really? Phoenix learned to play guitar and sung all the songs himself, no lip-sync. You try to sing like Johnny Cash to the level that Phoenix’s versions of the songs got released for public consumption and one of them (‘Jackson’) got a little billboard traction.

*Through my college-aged son’s eyes, questions asked by my Dad/his grandfather (asking about the famous young stars when Cash got discovered/broke out):

My Dad: What do you think of Roy Orbison?

My Son: Who?

My Dad: What do you think of Jerry Lee Lewis?

My Son: That crazy piano guy? He can sure play piano. Don’t really like his music besides that one ‘Shaking’ song.

My Dad: What do you think of Elvis Presley?

My Son: Not a fan. He’s kind of a joke, right? Was he really that popular?

But ask my son about Johnny Cash…well, that’s why we were all there. All generations respecting the man and his work. My Dad knew Johnny Cash in his later years and was our REAL tour guide on the museum trip. In a neat moment, my father passed on a personally autographed book and a special pocket knife Cash gave my father for helping him out with something…passing it on to his grandson. My father is no bigwig that knows celebs, just a chance situation occurred and they became friends. So, it was pretty nice to see his personal possessions of memory of Mr. Cash going to my son.

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