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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Offseason Notes + Amazon + Irritations (7/10/2019)

July 10, 2019 5:45 PM
July 10, 2019 10:53 PM

Dynasty-Fantasy Football Offseason Notes + Amazon + Irritations (7/10/2019)


Throughout July and through the preseason, we’ll be dropping Dynasty-Fantasy notes every few days as we have some things of interest, rumors, etc., to talk about.

*For this next 10 days, pre-training camps getting started, I’ll have a special version of ‘daily notes’ – a player/team note or two I have to share, PLUS a special top 10 things I bought off Amazon this year, PLUS one ‘things that irritate me’ note (an ever-popular annual feature).*

…then, it’s time to great ready for (fantasy) football!!

*Writing them on the fly, forgive any errors…


-- Well, well, well… The Tyreek Hill situation is surely getting interesting.

Here's my two-cent opinion on a complex situation that no one outside the people involved really has all the facts on:

Now, we get the full audio from that damning secret recording…and whaddya know, we didn’t get to hear the parts where Tyreek is beside himself that his 2014 guilty plea for punching his pregnant girlfriend was not real thing that happened (according to Tyreek). It appears the news outlet that had the audio tape only released the parts they thought were relevant (wink-wink)...allegedly. I can't swear to their motivations, but others are starting to say the KC news outlet cherry-picked over some interesting material.

In that moment, on that recording…Tyreek didn’t know he was being recorded so he could have said anything and buried himself. Instead, he adamantly denied breaking his child’s arm…even though the girlfriend was trying to pin it on him (knowing she was recording) and then he also denied hitting her back in 2014.

Is it possible Tyreek is really not guilty of anything we thought he was all along (back to 2014)? Is it possible we hate a human for things that are not true?

You’ve already convicted Tyreek of being a terrible person, so you may or may not entertain the notion he’s may be the innocent one. It’s your choice to evaluate. And I am not making the case that he is innocent…just making the case that MAYBE we are all wrong and he is innocent. I know this – the collective media and the do-gooders who wanted Tyreek kicked out of the league for good based on the initial headlines…they’ll never rest. They’ll never apologize for convicting him (in their minds, articles, and on social media) off a headline. They’ll never even consider that they were all wrong (potentially)…the supposed big-hearted people/concerned citizens that they are. Tyreek still has to be a monster to fit their worldview.

Just for speculations and ‘what ifs’…

Tyreek pled guilty in 2014, but what if a young, dumb, scared college kid was caught in a he-said/she-said (and the ‘she’ is almost always assumed innocent, and the ‘he’ almost always assumed guilty) took a deal of admitting guilt so he wouldn’t go to jail or go through a trial? His girlfriend stayed with him through the 2014 ordeal, so she’s either dumb or she knew Tyreek was not that monster.

Here’s one way to look at a scorecard on Tyreek from the past few months…

Tyreek = denied wrongdoing in the broken arm claim, was cleared three times, was secretly recorded and never admitted/was adamant he didn’t break his child’s arm on secret tape and adamant that he never did what he plead guilty for in 2014.

The girlfriend = May have fabricated/exaggerated the 2014 story, may have been the abusive parent in the current/2019 situation that the investigators said ‘someone was guilty of something’, and she tried to setup Tyreek by secretly recording him and tried to entrap him, spin the story…only for him to deny strongly AND for her to start admitting/not deny as much on her parts in the 2014 and 2019 events.

The media and fans = Tyreek is 100% guilty of everything and that poor girlfriend/mother of that child!

Who has the guts to starting investigating/questioning the girlfriend as the real monster (possibly) in this story? That doesn’t fit the evil, ogre football player and innocent mom story very well. We won’t get investigative stories like that…just extra focus on Tyreek saying “…you should be afraid of me too!” The focus on that hoping to get Tyreek some suspension so they’ll feel better about their wrong narrative from the beginning.

Who will try to defend Tyreek in public? Since the story broke, I’ve speculated on some of the ‘what if’s’ and wondered why Tyreek kept getting killed in the media despite getting cleared at every turn – and people sent me vicious emails and/or angry social media posts for not joining the ‘crucify him’ crowd instantly. Someone with thick skin would have to take this investigation on – and not to begin with the premise Tyreek is guilty or innocent, but just seeking the truth of the matter. If I were a real journalist, I’d love to investigate it. Just to see what there is to see. Just to see how poorly this was all handled by the media and the state...potentially.

From my armchair view, this whole story and the way it has been treated stinks to high heaven. Facts/events are getting more and more ‘favorable’ for Tyreek as it goes on…but it will never be reported that way. American journalism is mostly a total disaster, an embarrassment…whether in football or politics or whatever.

It’s potentially becoming more and more likely that we’ve all bought into a lie, a spin against Tyreek and our desire to be on a high horse overruled being patient and letting the facts play out. It makes sense why we would all do that, because we’re shoveled such bullshit from the media all day and we bring our biases to every event -- but I’ll be more tolerant of those in the media/fandom who locked Tyreek up and threw away the key upon the first headlines…if they now take to their social media and apologize for running out ahead of the facts. You don’t have to believe Tyreek is innocent but based on all that’s coming out…admit you were just a fool to jump to a conclusion so far, so fast with such impunity without knowing any of the true details. Apologize for it and you have my respect.

I’ve been involved in all kinds of controversial stances on silly football things, and I know what the pattern is – a ton of people crucify me and are awful humans to me when I criticize their favorite teams or their favorite players…and then when I’m proven right, there is almost/never an apology from those same people.

There will be no mass media apology here. They will sweep it under the rug and try to keep you away from facts that hurt their premise. The damage to Tyreek is already done. They won’t do-good by righting the wrongs done by them at first, they’ll just go silent and move to the next controversy to be wrong about/push their do-good (in their minds) agendas on. Why shouldn’t they? Us consumers won’t hold them accountable, and we’ll let them easily whip us up on the next topic du jour -- so we’re just as bad as they are.


 -- Irritation item…

The Tyreek situation reminds me of something: If you wonder why I didn’t respond to your question or post on social media on anything in 2019…it’s not you. And it’s not me being a highfalutin jerk. I’d love to engage with people and answer questions. If you’ve read my work, sent me an email, seen one of my video Q&A’s with subscribers – I’m not lacking for giving my opinion or talking through controversial/bombastic stuff.

I just can’t look at social media comments that often because just one jackass ruins my day/week. I have made snarky comments on social media, so I don’t think I’m above-it-all…I just don’t want to waste time or energy on going back and forth about it – and I got some nasty things about my stance on even talking about Tyreek’s situation. Which is fine, and I want to fight back on stuff, but I know I can’t…because it will be a never-ending cat-fight. I want to get in the ring, but I know if I do…I’ll take time away from everything else trying to win an argument that cannot be won on social media. We’re predicting things about the future, so why argue about it now with a random stranger? We won’t know who was right until the future plays out. I have nothing to gain. And I know the person will never be back admitting their error. I’ll admit mine in some of the million words I write about football each year…I have public evidence of admissions of wrongness every year.

So, sorry to the great platforms of Twitter, etc., but I may not get to everyone’s good or poignant posts/comments/questions because I could get distracted by someone wanting to pick a fight…and I just don’t even look at the platforms as often as I used to so I don’t get suckered into the battle. I just try to post alerts of new items/content we produced, and not use it as a sparring format.

I hope that makes sense.

I’m not ducking anyone. Just email me love or hate or questions to rc4metrics@gmail.com. I try to answer every email I get even if I’m 2-3-4 weeks behind on some items because of busy football work stretches.


 -- Coming up on FFM/CFM…

New projections and rankings changes for the 2019 Dynasty Rookie Draft, Draft Guide, Best Ball, and Dynasty will be on THURSDAY (not Friday) this week, getting ahead of the draft weekend.

When training camps start and the preseason gets going -- we will be updating rankings more often. Not much to change in early July…but the fireworks are about to happen!!


 -- Amazon Prime Days are on July 15-16th, in anticipation of that…and to promote our Amazon affiliate program that takes you 30-seconds or less to use/set up and changes nothing on your experience but means a lot to us (details below), I am counting down my top 10 purchases off Amazon, so far, in 2019. So many have been asking if I would be doing this again in 2019…here I am to make your life better once again.

I feel like I spend as much time scouting Amazon as I do football players. I’m on a constant quest to save time and money, but mostly to make my life better – and while Amazon taking over the world’s economy is likely the death of us all, it’s good for us now…and that’s all that really matters, right? I’ll let my kids fight The Terminator/SkyNet 20-30 years from now.

Here are my Top 10 items off Amazon, so far this year…


Amazon #6a) Monthly ordering/Subscribe & Save

Aamzon #6b) Bai Coconut Pineapple Water and Erythritol

Yesterday, I wrote of ‘Prime Wardrobe’…I was a later adopter on that, but I also don’t buy a lot of clothes either (my company uniform is shorts and a t-shirt and no shoes ;). However, ‘Subscribe & Save’ -- I was on that pretty quickly.

I was afraid of ‘Subscribe & Save’, at first. I was drawn in by the discounts being offered on stuff I was looking at, but then hesitant of this new way of shopping. To unlock sweet discounts, you need to have at least five products on order. At first, I couldn’t find five but then so many things started popping up on ‘Subscribe & Save’ that I got to five pretty easily…and then six…seven…eight…ten+.

Things I get on a regular basis, I have set up on ‘Subscribe & Save’ – and they get delivered middle of the month as I have desired. Some stuff I get every month. Some stuff every two. Some every six months. Etc.

It’s nice because things like a filter for the refrigerator water…I get every six months just as the fridge alarm tells me it’s time to replace. Dog food…big bag of dry food every two months as that’s my dogs’ pattern. Her special all-natural treats, they come every month cheaper with more options than I can get at any local stores. Keurig K-cups every month or two depending on brand. You get the idea. So many things are on there now it’s great…and money and/or time saving.

My best ‘Subscribe & Save’ product is something I discovered in 2019. I started doing a low carb diet and wanted to move away from diet soda and from the artificial sweetener that may be doing the opposite of what I think it’s doing. I needed to drink more water, in general, but I hate plain water. Most flavored water is like diet soda with artificial sweeteners.

So, I tried Bai Coconut and Pineapple water…just a solo bottle at the supermarket. I loved it. A bit sweet, so I cut it down with some regular water added…a perfect blend was found. Bai uses Erythritol, which is a sugar but acts differently than real sugar – your body doesn’t process it like sugar and it’s natural/not artificial (read more about it if this is of interest because I’m not going to make the scientific study here). It makes things sweet like sugar but net carbs it down to awesome for low carbers.

I get 12-pack cases of Bai delivered to my door every mid-month at a lower price per bottle than I can buy them at the supermarket (and they sell almost always in solo bottles not packs at the store). No lugging around the bags of bottles from the supermarket. Now cases get delivered to my door.

My wife started doing the Keto diet and her Keto App told her Bai drinks were ‘As’ and ‘Bs’ grade, so she sampled and fell in love, so now I upped more monthly order from one case per month to three. Again, cheaper than buying at the supermarket. Plus, we fell in love with Peach Tea they just came out with…cases of that delivered each month, at a discount, as well.

It’s easy to find products at favorable prices with Subscribe & Save. It’s easy to manage, add to or takeaway. I keep going around the house finding things I can get on a schedule (that I can change any time)…batteries, hair color for wife (I have no hair to color), sunflower seeds, cleaning products. With a little work, you will find 5+ products that you can have delivered…saving you time and money, which is my favorite sentence in the world.




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