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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Offseason Notes + Amazon + Irritations (7/15/2019)

July 15, 2019 6:23 PM
July 15, 2019 11:10 PM

Dynasty-Fantasy Football Offseason Notes + Amazon + Irritations (7/15/2019)


Throughout July and through the preseason, we’ll be dropping Dynasty-Fantasy notes every few days as we have some things of interest, rumors, etc., to talk about.

*For this next 10 days, pre-training camps getting started, I’ll have a special version of ‘daily notes’ – a player/team note or two I have to share, PLUS a special top 10 things I bought off Amazon this year, PLUS one ‘things that irritate me’ note (an ever-popular annual feature).*

…then, it’s time to great ready for (fantasy) football!!

*Writing them on the fly, forgive any errors…


-- Ronald Jones added 10+ pounds to play up/at 220? Really? Am I supposed to be impressed with this as a fantasy GM?

The guy who was too slow, not shifty enough (and not aggressive enough) at a lower weight, is going to add more weight to slow him down more…and be better? I’m a skeptic…

Jones’ running style fits a bigger back, but I fear he may slow to crawl at 220+. His body is thinner-framed/doesn’t look built for a bigger load to carry.

My first thought when I saw this note – Jones was a top RB prospect for ALL NFL Draft scouts (except me) and the skillset and size they saw/loved that got him drafted is now deemed ‘not worthy’ in 2018, and he knows it, and the teams knows it, so they’re now hoping some new weight/size will do the trick? It smacks of desperation.

I love/am intrigued by RBs who are bigger and LOSE weight because they definitely gain speed/agility. The opposite is true…I am instantly negative when a poor measurables, smaller RB tries to play up at a higher weight class they were never built for. To me, this is a signal of the end for Jones.

Honestly, the ‘moving up in weight class’ makes me a touch nervous for Christian McCaffrey bulking up too much. However, he had higher end measurables going in and his body seems OK adding more to it. Still, I’m worried what he is sacrificing for his feet…even a 5-10% change to speed/agility is a big deal…if that back’s gift is speed/agility.


 -- Coming up on FFM…

Two things:

1) The Daily notes and Amazon top 10 and Irritations trio pieces end today – ending, for now, on the start of ‘Amazon Prime Day’.

Daily notes will be moving back towards ‘Daily’ (every day or two) from later next week on to kickoff, as we turn our focus to training camps and the preseason, because it’s about to become all-football, all the time the next half a year. If you see my wife and kids during that stretch, tell them I said ‘Hi’.

2) I shot/did a test/concept video interview a few weeks ago with Jason Katz on the subject of why my rankings/outlook was so low on A.J. Brown and Miles Sanders. Because I cannot answer a simple question without going into a 10-minute story and sidetrack, the video went like 90+ minutes…and went all over the place into various related discussions. There’s some interesting audio (there’s not much to the video besides our faces talking words) discussions on the value of rookies, etc. I think you’ll enjoy it killing time on a walk, a commute, or when you’re supposed to be working, etc.

We’ll release it to subscribers only. It’s not for public consumption for a few reasons.


Couple notes…

*It’s a test video for us testing the YouTube format/process.

*We didn’t edit it much or put any cool graphics, etc. in on it behind the scenes because I was just testing a conversational format.

*Video ends abruptly because the format we used (Shindig) ended the recording at a certain time for unknown reasons so we lost the last few minutes.

*Audio gets off, if you’re watching it, the last 20 minutes or so. The words and our lips are not in sync…and my video-editing-son fix it as best he could (and it was an issue starting 5-minutes into it). Testing this format (Shindig) for this project – it didn’t test well, technically. Lesson learned.

So, note…it’s just a test/raw footage. Released because I think you might enjoy the conversation. We’re still testing and trying to figure out the video presentations behind the scenes – it’s a lot more involved then ‘hit record’ and ‘upload to web’. You’ll see more tests ahead.


 -- Irritation of the day…

First, an updated irritation – ordered Amazon’s Pinzon Bath Towels, in my quest of finding great bath towels. Phase 1…‘check’ – used one out of the box post-shower…best feeling, absorbing towel I’ve potentially ever used. I haven’t hit Phase 2 of testing, yet – the what are they like after a washing or three phase. But so far, so good.

Two Starbucks people I’m irritated with…

1) If you go to Starbucks more than 1-2x a year…how are you not mobile ordering your coffee, etc., ahead? The Starbucks App for mobile order was ahead of its time years ago and is still a beautiful thing.

I must admit, one of my secret joys in life is walking in and blowing past the common people waiting around to get to the already-prepped mobile orders, and grabbing my coffee and spinning right back out the door as they sit and wait for theirs…watching me with one of two looks (1) thinking I’m evil for (legally) butting the line while they impatiently wait. (2) thinking I am some type of coffee magician that pops in and out like a radical apparition.

It’s 2019…almost 2020, get with the mobile order plan!

Actually, I place the blame on Starbucks – they couldn’t make less of a big deal about this or give less (or any) effort helping people convert. They want everyone on mobile ordering but do almost nothing to promote or help it. A chalkboard with a handwritten ‘mobile order pickup’ is not drawing them in like flies!

2) You know the general Starbucks store layout, right? Order at the cashier (for those stuck in the early 2000s still), move past the open area where they make the brew, and then that 4-5-foot space where they call out completed orders and give over your drinks. Pretty much the same everywhere I’ve ever been.

Here’s a little tip to some of you folks ordering and waiting at the Starbucks for your items to be made. You don’t have to saddle up to that ‘here’s your order’ space like you’re getting your coffee any faster because you’re ‘in line’ at the receiving area. It’s the main area of coffee traffic…AND all the mobile orders are sitting there. Get out of the way and wait somewhere in-store, like a few feet back like everyone else. Don’t worry, they’ll call your name…no strange bandit is going to jump cut you and steal your coffee. You don’t need to hover over the area to gain any advantage.

But it always happens there’s that one person in the way, blocking up the whole space. I was just on a family road trip and went in to grab my mobile-ordered delight that I could see already sitting there, ready for me…but then I got Charles Oakley’s twin sister boxing out the entire store from getting to the ordering area while she impatiently waits for her Trenta Frappuccino with 11 extra pumps of syrup to take to her local Curves to workout. PLEASE move out of everyone’s way!! You’ll get your coffee just fine, in due time, you don’t have to stake a claim to the whole ordering area to pressure the barista to move faster.

I blame Starbucks as well. You want us to mobile order…but then give us this tiny space mixed with the coffee-commoners where all our orders are at for pick up. I have to paw other people’s coffees to see the small print sticker to find out which one is mine…that’s after I wiggle/contort past the human cholesterol blocking up the main artery to the pickup order area. Give us our own special area for mobile order pick up, which would draw more attention to the greatness of your mobile order feature.


 -- Amazon Prime Days are on July 15-16th, in anticipation of that…and to promote our Amazon affiliate program that takes you 30-seconds or less to use/set up and changes nothing on your experience but means a lot to us (details below), I am counting down my top 10 purchases off Amazon, so far, in 2019. So many have been asking if I would be doing this again in 2019…here I am to make your life better once again.

I feel like I spend as much time scouting Amazon as I do football players. I’m on a constant quest to save time and money, but mostly to make my life better – and while Amazon taking over the world’s economy is likely the death of us all, it’s good for us now…and that’s all that really matters, right? I’ll let my kids fight The Terminator/SkyNet 20-30 years from now.

Here are my Top 10 items off Amazon, so far this year…


Amazon #1) Paperback/Kindle Book: ‘Love Does’ by Bob Goff

You were expecting some amazing technological advancement item or some revolutionary consumable…and, yet, my #1 of 2019 is a simple book (you’ve likely never heard of…but it became an eventual NY Times Bestseller).

I’d never heard of it either until I stumbled into it by accident.

#2-10 on my Amazon top 10 products list for 2019, I would bet you would like/love them all if you got them. If someone gave you any of them for free, you’d try/use and be happy. I’d say a 75-99% delight rate on any of my #2-10. However, this #1 item…there might be 10% who read the whole book and enjoy it, but only a handful of people who would be blown away. It kinda goes that way with book recommendations. I get it. Heck, I saw a study that most books people get are not started and not finished…like 80%+, I think. It’s hard to find time to just sit and read.

That’s why I’ve really gained an appreciation for the (free) Kindle on my phone App. I get a book on there and can read a chapter a night lying in bed, in the dark. I can read pages/a chapter waiting for my appointment at the chiropractor. I can read on the treadmill at Planet Fitness. Kindle App on my phone appreciation has helped me get more book reading in this year…the most books I’ve read in a few years. I got a couple books from the library this year (to save money from buying) and they sit unread/unfinished because I have to be where the book is…and I’m too busy to make a date and stop and read for a stretch. I like my library being in my pocket/hand at all times.   

OK, but why this ‘Love Does’ book as my #1? The word ‘Love’ in it, and me being a guy – seems pretty weak. I have a hard time explaining it. I’d sound like a loon explaining it to someone who didn’t know me well. It’s almost…you have to read it to understand my reasoning.

I have been researching different topics within Christianity the past year. I know the mere mention of that just turned off a majority of people from thinking about trying this book – but it’s not a Christian book, per se. It’s written by a very successful, accomplished person who has lived a life that is not to be believed, and he happens to be a Christian. This book is more about taking a real-life stab at the question – “What is the meaning/purpose of life?” It’s really about a guy who found what he thinks is our main purpose and then how he went out and changed his life/executed the plan.

This book is probably one of the most fascinating looks at a person executing their lives that I’ve ever read. It inspired me to consider his message, look at his efforts, and ask how I could be like that. And it’s really not all that religious…to some degree it’s an anti-religious book. It spits in the face of Christianity, as we know it, and challenges everyone (especially Christians) to consider what they are doing and why they are doing it…and asks for a simple change of mind and a ‘get busy living or get busy dying’ type of motivational message.

Worst case, this book chronicles the life journey of one of the more interesting people you (probably) don’t know exists…and the stories of things he’s ‘tried’ or ‘pursued’ from college grad to later in life – and what he’s doing/has done might make you cry and inspire you to thoughts about your current journey and plans ahead. It’s a good book from the story telling aspect…a real-life lived. An inspiration of what a regular person could do and where they might wind up just by ‘trying’.

My caution to everyone that I give this book to (a good, small graduation gift for kids, etc.): The first chapter/intro got me interested…enough to consider buying the whole book after reading the Kindle sample/1st-chapter. However, the second chapter made me think this is a bit gooey and I was unsure where he was going. Then from like chapter three on the stories/his life starts picking up and heading in directions that are unbelievable. At the end, you’ll be stunned. At the end, you’ll be inspired…whether you then stuff/shelve that inspiration is up to you. You will also learn a few things about things taking place in the world that you had no idea about.

‘Love Does’ was written like five years go. I read it earlier this year. After I was done, a Kindle recommend popped up right after…I didn’t realize he had written a second book a year or so ago. It picks up where the last one left off because the first book sold so well. All the book sales support one of the charities he’s started, but I’m not going to reveal any detail further on that to spoil it. When you read book #1, ‘Love Does’, you’ll be inspired and at least not thinking you wasted your time reading it. If you then read book #2, ‘Everybody Always’, after that – I nearly guarantee you will cry near the end…a joy/disbelief of a cry. I don’t think I’ve ever cried reading a book, cried during a movie for sure, but never a book…until his book #2, which you have to read book #1 to understand how/what. Book #2 gave me goosebumps near the end.

If you are searching for your purpose…a purpose…a motivation in life – I would recommend checking out Bob Goff’s perspective/real life journey. Again, get 2-3 chapters in on ‘Love Does’ and then get ready for the roller coaster ride from there.

I’ve given this book away to probably 15 people. I’d say 5 people read it to the finish. I get that’s the way it goes with books. 100% understood. I’m recommending this for the ‘one’ not the ‘99’. I’m not sure who those ‘ones’ are I’m speaking to. A cool new product to recommend is nice. However, if this book inspires just one person/changes their perspective/motivations on life – how cool is that?

Read the sample off Amazon Kindle to test it and see.

Read about a guy who seemed destined for nothing…wound up opening a small law office headquartered inside Disney theme park at Tom Sawyer Island, seriously (for a very interesting reason) and at one point was selling possessions to raise money to travel to meet with multiple heads of state with his young kids at the actual countries of the heads of state (because of a letter writing campaign he encouraged his kids to do), eventually winds up being called to the White House to do ‘something’ (not giving any detail here), and he ends up in parts of the world no sane person would ever want to go to doing things no sane person would do…or would think they could do. Honestly, you won’t believe this person exists on this planet…but he does.

I think some of you, I hope most of you, would love this book…and then book #2 for sure…if you get past the first three chapters of book #1.




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