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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Offseason Notes + Amazon + Irritations (7/6/2019)

July 6, 2019 9:00 PM
July 6, 2019 8:57 PM

Dynasty-Fantasy Football Offseason Notes + Amazon + Irritations (7/6/2019)


Throughout July and through the preseason, we’ll be dropping Dynasty-Fantasy notes every few days as we have some things of interest, rumors, etc., to talk about.

*For this next 10 days, pre-training camps getting started, I’ll have a special version of ‘daily notes’ – a player/team note or two I have to share, PLUS a special top 10 things I bought off Amazon this year, PLUS one ‘things that irritate me’ note (an ever-popular annual feature).*

…then, it’s time to great ready for (fantasy) football!!

*Writing them on the fly, forgive any errors…


 -- A quick note… I thought the NFL would announce Tyreek Hill’s (light) suspension last week, during holiday week, to minimize some media outrage (an outrage that’s already pre-written, just waiting to post/stir the pot).

However, I just read that Roger Goodell shut down the offices for the week (last week). Surprising lack of political savvy/awareness to take advantage of for at least making an announcement. Now, the blowback/faux outrage on Tyreek’s (too light) suspension will be a hot thing in the news cycle for 24-48 hours ahead, whenever they announce it.

Put me down for 2-games, as a prediction. Suspended for something he was only guilty of in the press, as it turned out.


 -- I saw this note that made me laugh…

The Redskins management team, and I think it was Doug Williams, said they (mgt) would be working with Jay Gruden to decide when Dwayne Haskins would start. And it was said in an interview, and the words almost sounded like Jay Gruden’s thoughts on this were not as critical as what the owner and upper management thinks.

Whether you agree or not with how the decision-making process will go – I know this: Jay Gruden cannot be happy. Gruden wants McCoy or Keenum…management wants Haskins. We’ll see how quickly management wins this issue. Jay Gruden has to be looking ahead to his next gig (O-C and Assistant Head Coach of the Raiders in 2020?).


 -- Coming up tomorrow – a pair of (somewhat) sleeper Devy 2020-21 prospects I wanted to point out (on CFM). I don’t see them on any top 10+ lists for CFM 2019, so these could be helpful depending upon your league structure. Or just guys to know for the future/to watch in-season.


 -- Annoying thing…

Have you seen these home décor signs that are all the rage today, apparently? You know, like a distressed wood looking things or decorative pillows that have words or sayings like ‘Home’ or ‘Family’ or some cliched saying like ‘This is us’ or ‘Home is where the heart is’, etc.?

Maybe you own some? Maybe you own some, but you didn’t buy them…someone else in the home, the one in charge of décor did?

I have no idea what a wall decoration that says ‘Home’ on it does…or a throw pillow that says ‘Family’ on it does for your psyche or family dynamic. I know I’m home…when I’m home…I don’t need a wall art telling me ‘Home’.

I went to a shopping area with my wife and every other one of ‘her stores’ we went in had this same crap…décor with sappy messages. Something about family…the need for wine…the need for coffee…but mostly stuff about family, blessings, and home. I never had the urge to purchase any of them upon sight of one…but after I kept seeing it store after store, I kept wondering who was buying it because every store seemed to have the same version of it.

Then I saw it…

I watched a couple of reality shows the next day, and there in the background I saw every family had these in their house on display. When did everyone start buying these and I didn’t notice? I need to get away from watching football tape more often.

What cracked me up about these motivational messages and proclamations was while watching 90-Day Fiancé (which if you haven’t partaken, you’re missing out on some of the best junk food TV there is), I saw the following scene (I remembered going this way)…

A 30+ year old woman was sitting with her (girl)friend sobbing over a marriage gone wrong. Apparently, a 30+ year old suburban, American woman marrying a 20-year old man she met on vacation in a Third World country and knew mostly by phone/text otherwise and whom she had to bring to the U.S for the first time and marry within 90-days (or the foreigner has to return to their country because the visa expires) didn’t go as swimmingly as you thought it might go.

Seems the young man (again, just 20 years old mind you) was on Tinder looking for dates within a few hours of returning from their honeymoon. Nice! She eventually forgave that faux pas, but a little later when she found out he was full-fledged cheating with other women, she kicked him out (that day of filming). She was talking about how sad it was that this didn’t work out for her and her kids (missing out on a stepdad for them that was closer in age to them kids than he was to his ‘wife’). While she’s drinking wine and blathering to her friend…you can see all the ‘Family’ and ‘Love’ décor all over the room.

Later, I saw a beautiful ‘Mr. and Mrs’ wall art display above their bed and ‘Love Forever’ display of some of their wedding photos…I saw these in the background as she was sobbing to her friend more and while she was also packing her husband’s stuff into hefty trash bags. She later angrily threw the bags down the stairs…narrowly missing the ‘Blessed all that come here’ hanging art piece on the stairway walls.

On cue, the just dumped husband returned for his trash bag packed possessions. He entered the front door and walked past the sign of ‘Home is where the heart is’ and within 30 seconds pushing and shoving ensued. The cops were called and took her statement in a room next to a picture-framed ‘Peace and Blessings to our family’ art piece proudly displayed on their end table.

Based on my reality TV watching…these signs are having the opposite effect intended. They may be secret curse pieces of art sold by a madman. Just a theory. Could be wrong. Just be careful if you have some on display in your house is all I’m saying – they could be like that weird necklace Greg Brady had in that one episode of The Brady Bunch where they all went to Hawaii.

One of the worst shows with the worst scripts on a regular basis, and this may have been their single worst episode. Man, TV in the 70s/80s was horrible. YouTube: https://youtu.be/4i5yTaIiFfY


 -- Amazon Prime Days are on July 15-16th, in anticipation of that…and to promote our Amazon affiliate program that takes you 30-seconds or less to use/set up and changes nothing on your experience but means a lot to us (details below), I am counting down my top 10 purchases off Amazon, so far, in 2019. So many have been asking if I would be doing this again in 2019…here I am to make your life better once again.

I feel like I spend as much time scouting Amazon as I do football players. I’m on a constant quest to save time and money, but mostly to make my life better – and while Amazon taking over the world’s economy is likely the death of us all, it’s good for us now…and that’s all that really matters, right? I’ll let my kids fight The Terminator/SkyNet 20-30 years from now.

Here are my Top 10 items off Amazon, so far this year…


Amazon #10) Your Photo turned into hangable Custom Glass

You’ve seen those commercials for, I think it’s called, ‘Fracture’ or any of the others doing the glass photo thing? The service where you go online and upload a photo and they put the picture into like a cool-looking glass display with proper backing in order to hang it?

You know what I’m talking about? If you do it’s because it caught your attention somewhere along the way as a cool idea, but if you’re like me…you’re maybe not into photos and wall art, etc. Putting it onto the glass things…they make it sound so easy and inexpensive, but you know ‘they’re gonna getcha’ somehow…so you just move on with your life? Perhaps, you’re smarter than me…and you use this service regularly.

Did you know Amazon has their version of the same thing as the other specialty companies? For about like 25-50% less than the price of the other companies (I’ve looked at)? An 8 x 10 converted picture…it’s like $20 and done.

My wife and I went to this fancy Arboretum for our recent 2019 Anniversary day. We’d never been there before. Pay to get in and hike the grounds and see the sights. Not my top idea of fun, but it ended up being fun spending the day in peaceful manicured nature (and perfect low 70s temps) and walking around together following a map like we were in a low-key Amazing Race or something.

At one point, we came up on this tall tower with steps to climb to get up high enough to see a huge range of the area. We went up and took a selfie…and they had a special/unique/cool background view from the tower, which made for a really neat pic and I nailed the shot on the first attempt. We both were impressed with the view and picture. It gave me the idea of wanting to capture that photo for history, for a gift, for a reminder of our great day – more than just a photo on my phone…thus, I remembered those commercials about the photos in glass stuff.

Somehow, while starting to investigate other websites that had the service…low and behold, I realized that Amazon had the same service and it was cheaper than what I started doing on another site. It took me 2-minutes to figure out how to go through the process – basically picking a photo from my phone and checking out on the Amazon App. Literally, in less than 2-minutes I had my picture ordered (takes about a week to arrive). I surprised my wife with it, and she loved it.

If you’re like me, I haven’t printed a photo in forever. I don’t mess with printing them off a color printer or take them to the store to be done, etc. Pictures just sit clogging up my cellphone in memory storage. I wanted to have this memory but didn’t want to go through a whole thing to print a picture…but then this was so easy and better than just a printed picture and then go find a frame, etc. $20 on Amazon and I was done…better than a basic picture print and already ready to hang. Ordered off my phone, delivered to me…no wasted time going to a store.

After that photo went so well, I wanted to thank my parents for taking my boys to their home for a quick visit this summer. I was trying to think of what to get, and then I remembered they took them to a Houston Astros game on a jersey giveaway day and they had someone snap a pic of all of them at the game with their jerseys on. Yep, I got on Amazon and in 30-seconds (because now I’m a veteran of this) I had the glass photo on its way to my parents. They loved it and told me about they just had a picture done like that, and then I told them about the Amazon option and price and they were shocked.

If you have pics on your phone and you want to do something nice with special ones…and if you use Amazon all the time from your phone – you’re literally a minute or so and $20 (or more for bigger sizes) from capturing the moment in a neat way with no hassle on your end.

The item on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072591BNK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1



Help me helping you by helping us…

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10-30 seconds of your time but a very helpful thing for us – aren’t I worth less than a minute of your time?

Click (below) this link to pull up your Amazon home page (but is our special web address/URL with Amazon) and then save as ‘fave’ or use like normal. Nothing else needed to do.

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