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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Offseason Notes + Amazon + Irritations (7/7/2019)

July 7, 2019 9:20 PM
July 7, 2019 9:17 PM

Dynasty-Fantasy Football Offseason Notes + Amazon + Irritations (7/7/2019)


Throughout July and through the preseason, we’ll be dropping Dynasty-Fantasy notes every few days as we have some things of interest, rumors, etc., to talk about.

*For this next 10 days, pre-training camps getting started, I’ll have a special version of ‘daily notes’ – a player/team note or two I have to share, PLUS a special top 10 things I bought off Amazon this year, PLUS one ‘things that irritate me’ note (an ever-popular annual feature).*

…then, it’s time to great ready for (fantasy) football!!

*Writing them on the fly, forgive any errors…


 -- I saw a headline from a Browns’ website where they were decrying Colin Cowherd ragging on the Browns (during the earthquake) and using the stat that the Browns were 1-6 against winning teams in 2018, therefore…don’t get too excited Browns fans.

I cannot believe Colin Cowherd (whom I used to be a huge fan of, but I’ve seen him lose his fastball/his edge for the past few years since becoming ‘L.A.’) is going to die on this hill, being played like a fiddle by Baker Mayfield. Colin stepped right into it and keeps on stepping into it…and he actually thinks he has the upper hand, the mature person’s edge – like that matters here. It’s basically become Cowherd vs. Baker, which has become a microcosm for Browns nation vs. the world – just the way the Browns nation needed it to be.

The Browns were 1-6-1 against winning record teams last year? So what? It would have more weight if it was the same team, coordinators, personnel, etc., returning in 2019. Obviously, it is not. Not even close. You have to interpret the fully led Baker-Browns with OBJ and all the other personnel and coaching changes against a 2019 backdrop/schedule/AFC North. 2018 is long gone and way different for this current group.

The comedy of Colin’s theory is that their 1-6-1 record against winning teams in 2018 somehow matters today, but three of those losses came during Hue Jackson’s reign, and the 4th loss the week after he was fired. That’s the same Hue Jackson who Colin Cowherd was in love with as such a great hire…and then backed loss-after-loss, for a while, because it was the Browns’ management’s fault that Hue wasn’t succeeding. As soon as Hue was gone, the Browns immediately turned a corner. It’s convenient for Colin to forget what a big Hue Jackson guy he was when he was hired and for a few years after. Why was Colin so pro-Hue? Because his ‘people’ and the media ‘masses’ all thought this, and Colin was glomming onto their analysis…undergoing his metamorphosis from independent mind to football establishment echo chamber member.

We all get football predictions wrong, it’s not that – it’s just if we’re mentioning the Browns’ past, can we mention Colin’s Browns’ past of thinking Hue was a great head coaching hire? Can we bring that history to the Browns’ defense? The 2019 Browns are nothing like the 2018 and prior Hue Jackson Browns. Colin is using old data to prove the future…and its irrelevant info. Not even irrelevant – it’s just wrong.

It’s good/fine to use historical data for things, for research on players, etc., but there are so many moving parts and ever-changing landscapes in football – you can’t confidently say well this happened last year or this other thing has never happened so it will be the same going forward. Circumstances changed. It’s my Patrick Mahomes v. the football analysts 2019 theory.

People think they’re the smartest person in the room saying, “You know Mahomes won’t be that (2018) good again in 2019!” Everyone just goes along with it. When I ask the simple question, “Why not?” The main answer is “Because it’s never happened before (being that great in back-to-back years).” My response – “What if this is a different era and Mahomes is unlike anything we’ve ever seen and why can’t he improve after just ONE season as an NFL starter?” Their answer: “He just can’t because he was so good last year.

So good compared to what? History that isn’t relevant in 2018-2019+? What if Mahomes is about to rewrite history because he’s different than anything from the past in a different era of rules and coaching philosophy?

Most of football logic every season is people adoring what happened last year or in the past and assume it to be true ahead…and then they’re always ‘shocked’ when things happen outside the norm. If I predict some sleeper player to have a great season of output this summer/preseason, I always get pushback on how I can be so sure? or even worse – “no one else is saying that!” That’s why it was a brilliant call last summer for fantasy 2018 by me.

And why are you so sure what happened last year is going to happen this year for most top players…but not for Mahomes?

Back to the Browns… The Browns are a totally different team in 2019 – elite QB, unorthodox head coach, and possibly one of the best GMs in football (who knew?). When the Chiefs picked Andy Reid over John Dorsey in their power struggle – the media rejoiced behind Andy…but in hindsight they may have made a massive mistake.

The Browns are preparing to be the story of 2019, for good or bad. Colin Cowherd is in the middle of it. He’s in a bad situation, honestly. If the Browns do tank…then everyone will say ‘of course they did’/thought that anyway. “Same old Browns!” However, if the Browns win the AFC North – it will be on Cowherd’s tombstone…his legacy will have been losing this particular analysis. Which, no big deal, he’s well-paid and closer to retiring/changing vocations or formats anyway…but I have a feeling the 2019 Browns will be how his career is defined, unfairly so because he used to be the best football radio voice of all time, in my book. Colin is backed into a corner and he needs Baker to fail…and I wouldn’t want to bet against Baker.

…and Baker won’t let him forget either.

Baker is playing this like a virtuoso. Colin took the bait. Soon the entire NFL establishment will gang up on Baker (and probably Colin will be left defending him, in a turn of future events)…which is also what Baker wants – him against the world. How he likes to operate. It’s how football teams and coaches love to operate. The Browns will be on TV all the time in years to come…the most hated team in 49 states aside from Ohio. Baker will be the Larry Bird of the NFL.

The NFL is in good hands for storylines with Baker-Mahomes-Kyler era (among others) coming at us (and it was just a few years ago that Colin predicted an NFL demise for lack of QB talent coming in to replace the old guard stars).


 -- Coming up on FFM…

July 12th, the NFL Network is showing the entire Cleveland Browns ‘Hard Knocks’ series from last year.

As I do every year, I will be watching it and writing my critiques of each episode. I don’t watch Hard Knocks live, typically because I don’t have a lot of free time to watch TV or movies most of the football year, so therefore I do not have HBO. Netflix and Hulu and Amazon Prime are enough.

If you didn’t see the 2018 Hard Knocks or want to re-live it to read my blistering take – set your DVRs. Friday July 12 is the day of all the episodes. Week of July 15th, I’ll start watching and posting them. I plan to review Episode 1 on July 15th and then one per day the whole week (5 episodes).  

I normally do ‘All or Nothing’ reviews from Amazon as well. I’ll be doing that review soon after it’s release. It’s the 2018 Carolina Panthers this year -- and the series releases July 19th, and I’ll let you know when I’m watching each episode and reviewing them if you want to play along in real time. Likely July 22 start date, and a review daily to the end.


 -- My latest Irritation…

I try not to watch good TV from August-to-May (when most good TV is released) because I don’t have the time to get hooked by shows due to all the football activity and research and writing that I need to do. In the summer, I’ll pick 1-2 things to checkout and see what I might have missed.

I’ve been so busy this summer with football, I haven’t watched much of anything. However, I did finally pull the trigger to sample Season 1, Episode 1 of Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ the other day. Everyone was telling me they loved it and even Burger King was in on the act. So, I watched S1-E1. Yep, I’m in. Episode 1 was good enough, but Episode 2 really sucked me in. A very well-done story (so far…4 episodes in), casting, the way it’s shot, etc. I can’t wait to gobble them all down. I have to hold myself back to two episodes a day.

That’s not my irritation…although, I am irritated that I waited so long to check it out…but the jokes on the universe because I get to watch three seasons over the next 2-3 weeks. I didn’t have the painstaking wait between seasons. It’s all new to me.

My real irritation is…

I was watching a ‘Stranger Things’ scene and just marveling at how well done the cinematography and pace was…and I was suddenly reminded that yesterday I referenced (and went and watched some clips of for context) something from The Brady Bunch (the Hawaii, cursed necklace, two-part mega-event). The Brady Bunch was such total hot wet garbage television. I’m embarrassed to say I watched it at some point. I saw it in syndication as a youth – it used to be a staple show played every day on TV on some channel for some reason. I’m sure I saw every episode and many episodes multiple times as a grade schooler. And it was junk…utter nonsense. And, yet, I lapped it up.

I raised my kids on The Office, Seinfeld, Parks and Rec, Curb Your Enthusiasm (edited version), and Breaking Bad. My parents raised me on ridiculous Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, Gilligan’s Island, and worst of all – The Brady Bunch. Nice job mom and dad!! What were you thinking?

My ire is set upon one thing or the other…either (1) My parents for a low-key form of mental abuse and neglect or (2) For being born at the wrong time for the Golden Ages of television.

I was explaining the premise for The Brady Bunch Hawaii episodes to my college-age, oldest son. He thought I was making it up and that it couldn’t really be true – I had to show him clips. He needed to know the truth, once and for all, about his Grandparents and/or Sherwood Schwartz.


 -- Amazon Prime Days are on July 15-16th, in anticipation of that…and to promote our Amazon affiliate program that takes you 30-seconds or less to use/set up and changes nothing on your experience but means a lot to us (details below), I am counting down my top 10 purchases off Amazon, so far, in 2019. So many have been asking if I would be doing this again in 2019…here I am to make your life better once again.

I feel like I spend as much time scouting Amazon as I do football players. I’m on a constant quest to save time and money, but mostly to make my life better – and while Amazon taking over the world’s economy is likely the death of us all, it’s good for us now…and that’s all that really matters, right? I’ll let my kids fight The Terminator/SkyNet 20-30 years from now.

Here are my Top 10 items off Amazon, so far this year…


Amazon #9) Drop Stop

Why did it take me so long to get this? You know this item, you’ve seen it (or have it) – the thing that fits between your seat and the middle armrest area to blockade that open space from stuff falling down into the pit.

I saw it on Shark Tank many years ago, and I thought it was a good idea then…but I never acted upon it. I think it’s because I always realized I needed it while my car was in motion and as my cellphone fell off my thigh and into the deep, dark recesses of my car. I never then stopped the car and rushed to Amazon to buy it so it would never happen again. I’d just retrieve my phone, swear to never be clumsy again, and saved $20 (in my mind)…and then would drop the phone again in there soon after, get pissed, and go through the whole cycle again of not buying it.

Well, on my wife and I’s recent longer road trip…she dropped her phone in that area 3-4 times in 16 hours round trip of car time. That was it. I was buying it for her. It took less than a minute to put into her car and the next day I was driving her car and my phone slid off my thigh and right onto a nice cushioned blockade. I was well-pleased with my purchase.

This thing has saved the day on food or cellphone drops about every week it seems. We didn’t realize we dropped so much until we had so many ‘saves’ by our new friend/product.

This is one of those things you think you can live without, but then get it and go ‘why didn’t I get this before?’ We’re not the smartest creatures sometimes…






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