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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Offseason Notes, Rumors, Musings (4/12/2019)

April 12, 2019 9:51 AM
April 12, 2019 9:48 AM

Dynasty-Fantasy Football Offseason Notes, Rumors, Musings (4/12/2019)

Throughout April and into the summer, we’ll be dropping Dynasty-Fantasy notes every day or two as we have some things of interest, rumors, etc., to talk about.

*Writing them on the fly, forgive any errors…

Not much going on for juicy football items to chew on. Here are a few things I have in my notebook from the past few days…

— Free agent RB Spencer Ware visited the Jets this week. I’m a Spencer Ware fan, and I think he’s getting to tally overlooked as a viable RB a team can have as a backup who might be better than their starter. Ware’s issue hasn’t been talent it’s been his recent injuries causing problems – including the one in 2017 that birthed Kareem Hunt.

Ware was the clear starter over (then rookie) Hunt in 2017, but then Ware got hurt into the preseason and Hunt was forced to take on the starting role and did well. Ware would have matched or surpassed Hunt for output that season, I believe.

In 2018, when Hunt returned the favor handing the job back to Ware with the surprising suspension…Ware looked good right away, but then got nicked up and birthed Damien Williams to unplanned prominence.

Ware is only 27 years old, and still has something to offer…if he can stay on the field. That being said, he’s not moving Le’Veon Bell out of the starting role if he were to join the Jets.

Lost in his Jets visit was his visit with the Colts the day prior. The fact that Indy is looking at experienced backup RB talent means two things, to me…

1) Jordan Wilkins is on borrowed time in the NFL. One of the worst RB talents I’ve seen get to play in the NFL. The athleticism is just not there. He’s a CFL talent. Embarrassing (for the state of NFL scouting) that Wilkins got drafted and touches, while Notre Dame/Philly RB Josh Adams went undrafted and didn’t make the 53-man roster opening day.

2) You put Spencer Ware into that Colts (current) backfield and Marlon Mack’s outlook takes a hit. Mack is an average-good NFL running back, but will get no touch pressure from Hines-Wilkins. Ware? He would bring a little pressure. The Colts wouldn’t mean to, but I could see Ware talking some snaps in a game when Mack is getting stuffed…and one thing leads to another and now we have an RBBC or split…or Ware becomes a kinda lead RB there. It happens quick like that in the NFL. You think an RB is golden and then a tweaked ankle or their bell rung launches an as-talented backup running back no one cared about prior.

If Jordan Wilkins got more touches in such a case…it doesn’t matter, because he’s not very good. If Ware gets his nose in there – Marlon Mack owners beware.

-- I’ve said it since day one…I didn’t care about the AAF football league. Bad NFL players playing football is not my jam.

I’ve said that I couldn’t think of anything that I could care less about than the AAF. My bad. I forgot. The XFL is still a thing.

Actually, I’m more interested in the XFL because I want to see Vince McMahon explain himself when he sets $250+ million dollars of his wealth on fire. He ruins his own wrestling juggernaut product these days (with his grip over the creative process) and a competitor is forming to slice into the WWE’s near-monopoly, and now soon to ruin his bank account further with the XFL 2.0 that no one was asking for.

-- Word is out that Washington is no longer interested in Josh Rosen, because that’s how that works…they’re super interested for weeks (per ‘insider rumors’)…and then suddenly they’re not?!?

The Redskins are playing hardball for the price manipulation (as they should)…and the dance includes them interviewing every non-Murray draft prospect QB to flaunt to Arizona that they have options (and they do).

I believe Washington will pay the price/Arizona will take what they can get from the ‘Skins and move on with their non-Rosen lives.

Arizona will move Rosen before draft day so that they don’t lose needy suitors who would be forced draft a quarterback, even if that QB is lesser than Rosen…teams have to know their QB situation and can’t skip taking one in the draft hoping Arizona will just give them Rosen. The Rosen deal will take place in the next week (allowing teams to adjust their draft plans accordingly) and it will likely be Rosen to Washington for less cost than people think/Arizona hopes. My guess is it will be about a 3rd-rounder price tag – there’s just not a big market for backup-ish QBs today.

My hot rumor here…it may be Rosen for a 4th/5th-rounder and involve Josh Norman somehow.

-- Austin Seferian-Jenkins is the new Gronk! Does it really work like that with tight ends? I posted my dynasty-fantasy thoughts on this in our Dynasty Offseason/Best Ball reporting section.

-- I bit the bullet a few days ago and decided to go see the movie Us...taking advantage of $5 Tuesdays, because I got that kinda cash. My son, budding film maker and YouTube star ‘Nateson’, and I went to go see it.

We both agreed that Jordan Peale’s first movie, Get Out, was watch-able but way overrated compared to the hype/buzz about it. I expected more from Get Out, but I was still entertained/kept my attention throughout. We were both speculating that Us was going to be similar…a lot of buzz, with so many ‘what did the ending mean?’ articles and discussions floating around we’d been avoiding not to spoil our viewing – we were intrigued and hopeful with Us…and ready for a mild disappointment.

I gotta say…two hours, and never a dull moment. Absolute worst case, you will not be bored watching Us.

My rating on a 0-5 stars scale?

Right after it was over, I thought 3.5-ish. I told my son ‘overrated’ as we walked out of the theater, but then we started talking about the ending/overall movie plot and execution and ‘the twist’ and it made us talk for 30+ minutes and the more I thought about it…the more I say it was a 4.0-4.5 star movie for me. Really, one of the better story executions when you really think about it. It takes like 30-60+ minutes after to digest it and then go back through it all in your mind and then you’re like ‘that was clever’.

Sure, there were some ‘leaps of faith’ in the story, but if you just go with it…and consider how Peale executed the story, and how he kept you somewhat guessing/on the edge of your seat (not in a cheap way) all movie – I think you’ll really enjoy it. But it will take time to digest – see it with someone so you can discuss with. Language was spotty bad (occasional F-bomb happens among other things), but not too terrible. No nudity or sexual stuff. Scary but not a cheap horror film scary, more very dramatic + some horror/bloody elements.

I think most will enjoy Us…worth a trip to the theater or PPV purchase coming up. I wanted to pass that review on to anyone who thought it might be too overhyped, so you’re waiting for it to pop up on TV, and/or you thought Get Out was overrated so you thought Us would be as well. Us was really quite brilliant compared to Get Out.


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