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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Offseason Notes, Rumors, Musings (4/5/2019)

April 5, 2019 9:31 AM
April 5, 2019 9:25 AM

Throughout April and the summer, we’ll be dropping Dynasty-Fantasy notes every day or two as we have some things of interest, rumors, etc., to talk about.

*Writing them on the fly, forgive any errors…

-- Note…our next Dynasty/Best Ball rankings update is scheduled for Monday-Tuesday (4/8-9).

-- Russell Wilson is not leaving Seattle. Any stories or speculations otherwise, to me, are ridiculous. I mean, how hard is this to figure out?

I heard Colin Cowherd, and others, speculate a few weeks ago about Wilson possibly wanting to go to New York or Los Angeles to help boost his wife’s music career and allow him to play in a bigger city for endorsements, etc.

I was titillated at the possibilities of Wilson getting away from Pete Carroll, and that inexplicable excessive featuring of the run game while sitting there with the original, better Kyler Murray weapon to deploy. But then I thought about the details of this proposed ‘rumor’/speculation and thought it was nuts. For several reasons…

1) What is this 1975? Who needs to be in L.A. or New York for anything anymore? And if you’re Russell Wilson and have made a ton of money and are about to make a ton more, I’m pretty sure he can get him or his family to L.A. or New York as needed.

Some unknown musician is going to release a song on YouTube, without representation, this year and become a millionaire from the views…not doing so by being ‘in L.A. or NYC’. The notion you have to live in one of these two cities to advance an entertainment career is ludicrous. It doesn’t hurt to be there, and it is an assist for some, but it’s not a must anymore. And, if the Wilson’s need to go there…they can afford a private flight and nice accommodations – and then fly home or stay in one of their many homes they could afford if needed.

2) If only people outside of Seattle knew who Russell Wilson was he could get more endorsements!!

Every other football commercial I see has Andrew Luck or Aaron Rodgers in it…you know, guys from the entertainment meccas of Indianapolis and Green Bay.

I don’t think Russell Wilson is being barred from endorsement opportunity…nor does he desire more attention.

3) If Russell Wilson and his wife wanted to move to L.A. or New York because they’ve been convinced it’s 1975 still…I’m sure he would walk into the owner’s office, explain his desire, and with Wilson’s character and service to the team they would accommodate that for him. They wouldn’t force him to stay.

If it’s all about New York and L.A., is there an amount of money that Seattle could pay to make him change his mind? He’s going to be the highest paid QB in the league wherever he plays next…how much better could Seattle do for an offer?

What Seattle is going to franchise tag him and force him to stay?

4) Russell Wilson and his wife are a different breed. I know Wilson a tiny bit, and I can tell you he is pretty strong in his Christian faith…I don’t think he’s sitting around trying to get to New York or L.A. to get him or his wife noticed more. Vain, egotistical, immature players might fall for the New York and L.A. scene and promise of fame and fortune, but I don’t think Russell Wilson is craving this. He’s the opposite of vain, egotistical, and immature.

Russell Wilson is also not stupid. This next contract could be ‘the one’. He got a big-time deal before, but his next deal will take the cake. He has a unique opportunity to maneuver into a monster deal, the highest paid player in the league (for that moment) and he’s smart to enough to know you don’t get a monster deal by waiting around for the team to do something kind (or it would have been done without prompting by now). Thus, Wilson is setting hard dates to put pressure on Seattle. And if Seattle responds by doing nothing and holding the franchise tag over him for 2020…he might just walk away a la Le’Veon Bell. He’s not pressed for money. If Seattle doesn’t want to pay up, a lot of other teams not-New York and L.A. would love to bid on his services.

Wilson has Seattle over a barrel, and he knows it – and he (and his negotiators) has to let them know it to pressure them into the best deal possible. It’s smart business…one which Wilson has the upper hand, and he’s going to use to lead the Seahawks around by the nose and get his best deal.

-- Things that irritate me or are a pet peeve…

If I’m ever fortunate enough to have a vacation home/condo on a beach or lake, and I’m renting it out via AirBNB or whatever…you know what I’m NOT going to do?

When I set up my online display of my place for prospective renters to consider, I’m NOT going to start with a picture of the view of front door/front of the house or a long shot of my living room. I’m going to start my pictorial display with the best view of the water from my place possible…and then four more great water shots after that. I’m also NOT going to have three angles of pictures of the third bedroom or two shots of my washer/dryer area…I’m going with more and more pictures of views to the water.

I’ve been online shopping for annual family vacation rentals for 20+ years now, and was just doing so again this week, and to this day I’m mystified at the pictures people/companies with great places to rent put on the rental site to ‘tempt’ prospective renters. Not just ‘some’ or ‘a few’ of these rental places, I’d say 98% of the owners/marketers don’t lead punch with their best punch. And when these people do show a picture of the water view/proximity…it’s like the last 1-2 pictures in a series of 74 pictures they have in the display.

Look, I’m wanting to go to your place on the water with the water front view – it’s why I clicked that filter option in the search options. I’m not coming to Florida coast or whatever to see your end table or bookshelf…I want to know what the water views are like from your place and the proximity of the walk to the beach – after we establish your great water proximity and views from the balcony, etc. -- THEN, and only then, let’s see pictures of your freshly installed granite counter tops and where you keep extra towels at.


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