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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Offseason Notes, Rumors, Musings (4/9/2019) *The Green Bay Article Part II/Rodgers' Side of the Story

April 9, 2019 12:08 PM
April 9, 2019 12:05 PM

Dynasty-Fantasy Football Offseason Notes, Rumors, Musings (4/9/2019) *The Green Bay Article Part II/Rodgers' Side of the Story

Throughout April and into the summer, we’ll be dropping Dynasty-Fantasy notes every day or two as we have some things of interest, rumors, etc., to talk about.

*Writing them on the fly, forgive any errors…

— After a few days of silence post-that damning Green Bay Packers/Mike McCarthy versus Aaron Rodgers article, Aaron has finally spoken.

Rodgers’s take on the events is quite different from the reporters. Who are we to believe?

I have my own version of the truth that I’m going to offer, I’m not saying I’m right either…but from my conversations and observations over the years here’s what I think happened and is happening:

1) I think Aaron Rodgers did overrun Mike McCarthy. I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. It’s true of almost every NFL team in history, especially during the boom-times of the last decade+. The star quarterback is the most important person in the football business. And once Aaron Rodgers became a star, quickly, he used that power in the way anyone would -- if you don’t like what the head coach/boss is doing, you end up doing what you want…because you can…because you’re bigger/more important than the coach.

McCarthy lost control of Rodgers, as happens with most star quarterback…and once head coaches are faced with this reality, they can make the best of it or try to fight it. I think McCarthy tried to make the best of it for a while and then just checked out over time. Aaron Rodgers was running the entire offense, essentially. If I were Mike McCarthy, I’d let Aaron Rodgers run my offense as well. McCarthy didn’t mess much with the defense, so McCarthy was a nonfactor for this team for the most part.

I think McCarthy passively-aggressive tried to take back the reigns every so often because he ultimately wanted a power running game from 1975, like most coaches do, but Aaron Rodgers wasn’t having any of it.

It became a marriage Mike McCarthy was stuck in – an incredibly high paying job in which he no longer enjoyed because he wasn’t the center of the universe, and Aaron Rodgers was.

All this was going on for years, all while the general manager was out to lunch. As long as the Packers were winning, no one cared. That’s true of most American businesses. Profits mean everything‘s going well. But when the profits dip and the losses/disappointing seasons started to stack up, then Green Bay upper management started to get frustrated…culminating with the President having enough of it and and removing the general manager in 2017-18 and removing Mike McCarthy in 2018. At the same time, Aaron Rodgers signed a new mega-deal…ipso facto Rodgers won the power struggle, because he should.

2) When the damaging/embarrassing Green Bay article hit, it made everybody look bad on certain levels. Everyone had to go into spin mode to either deny what happened for self-preservation or try to set the record straight.

None of the actors in this Green Bay play can agree with the writer of the article…even if it was 100% true. It’s too embarrassing. McCarthy’s career could be toast. Aaron Rodgers looks like the bad guy. Mark Murphy looks like a control freak. Everything looks bad and the Packers are not winning lately, so the natives are restless and want to blame somebody. It’s not just Green Bay, look what’s happening with the Steelers – very similar events. A great team with a star quarterback suddenly cannot win like they used to and look to be trending downward, and everyone starts pointing fingers and the star quarterback is the central punching bag.

This is what we do in football analysis. We pick on starting quarterbacks if they aren’t winning every game and making us happy. The football fans and media are petulant three-year old’s when it comes to how their team is doing. You tell me the quarterback everyone is happy with today…that’s been in the league more than 2-3 years? Even when Tom Brady wins everything and shows he’s truly the greatest quarterback/player to ever play the game – we think he’s cheated to do it. In between the last two Brady Super Bowl wins, Nick Foles won a Super Bowl – and they call him ‘lucky’. No one is ever happy with their quarterback for long. Eventually, they’ll turn on Patrick Mahomes if he’s not winning Super Bowls soon. Remember when Andrew Luck was going to be the greatest quarterback of our lifetimes?

Aaron Rodgers did the only thing you could do in this situation -- come out with a well-crafted defense/attack the writer response that probably has some truth to it. I do believe the reality was Aaron Rodgers did like having McCarthy as head coach – because he could control him. He did not like McCarthy (the writer is right) but Rodgers didn’t want McCarthy to leave (Rodgers is, in a sense, right) because now he hast to fight with a new coach…he had the old coach neutered/house broken already.

So, what happens now?

This is interesting because the media has now given Aaron Rodgers serious gasoline thrown on his internal fire. If he can win a championship this year or get close – he would be vindicated (as only winning does). If the Packers flop in 2019, they’re going to blame it all on Rodgers. There’s huge motivation for Rodgers in 2019.

Potentially working against Rodgers’ newfound passion/enemy will be a rookie head coach who wants to not be “McCarthy’d” by Rodgers. LaFleur has to decide whether to acquiesce to Rodgers or try to show it’s all about him/the coach. When it comes to NFL coaches, 99 times out of 100 – they believe it is about them. Freddie Kitchens may be the only NFL coach who truly believes it’s not about the coaches. The truth lies in the middle somewhere.

I’m guessing we’re in for another power struggle in Green Bay. I hope not.

I side with Aaron Rodgers on most everything I’ve seen here for 5+ years. Mike McCarthy was terrible. The GM was in some kind of physical decline. Rodgers never full-scale blasted McCarthy for a decade (because he was a useful idiot for him). Late last year, Rodgers didn’t have to come back from his leg injury so quickly. He could’ve shut it down late in the lost 2018 season too, but he stayed at the helm and played every game, even starting Week 17, before the removed him. Rodgers does not get enough credit for being the true leader of the dysfunctional Packers…and he could only control the on-field. He couldn’t make draft picks, etc. Rodgers did the best he could with the situation, including coming out and denying this current article and making the writer the bad guy – Rodgers went out and took the bullets, and shot many as well, for the organization. He didn’t have to do that. It’s what a leader might do.

Some players cry about Rodgers being a jerk…but ex-players cry about everything. The cry about coaches, GMs, playing time, their QBs, coordinators. Aaron Rodgers MADE many players, but they didn’t think so. Just like Rodgers made McCarthy, but he didn’t think so. And he MADE the GM and the filled the stadium in frigid Green Bay. Rodgers IS the Packers. The main person giving life/results in this situation is Rodgers, and everyone else is benefitting…but they’re almost all the first ones crying when they get cut off from him.

It will also be interesting to see how good Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell are without Big Ben, and vice-versa.

If Matt LaFleur and Mark Murphy give in to Rodgers…build around him, with him – they could win the Super Bowl this season. If they’re going to fight him to prove their own self-worth…more disappointment ahead.

-- The football establishment (media/analysts) don’t like Aaron Rodgers now, because of all this chatter…but they slam most QBs over something. THEY’re fickle ‘gods’ moving from QB to QB like locusts. Recently, they universally ‘liked’ Dwayne Haskins and spent all January telling you he was the best quarterback in the draft, the #1 prospects. Now, Haskins is universally falling as the reality of how overrated he is sets in – the same people who built him up/signed on blindly are now all running away from him. Again, I say…why are we trusting beat writers and analysts on anything, especially QBs? They are almost always wrong with all their initial instincts.

-- Speaking of the media/analyst’s ignorance on quarterbacks…the Vikings signed Sean Mannion. The masses think that transaction is meaningless. You and I know better (the Fantasy Football Metrics audience knows better).

With that, I’m sure you laughed with delight as the Roto-notes and their infinite great scouting by people none of us know collecting headlines and writing 2-3 sentences of nonsense about the matter …they Roto-noted Mannion was a step up from current Vikings ‘other’ QB Kyle Sloter. No more ignorant statement has been typed in the history of Roto-notes.

Why do any of us take seriously the football writings and opinion of people who have no earthly idea who Kyle Sloter is or what he’s done the past three years?

If you don’t know, it’s because you’ve stumbled into this article and aren’t familiar with our work…and you listen to the mainstream echo chamber of analysis – you listen to what they want to push, in their limited studies on such matters. Google ‘Kyle Sloter’ and ‘College Football Metrics’ and see what you’ve not been told by the football ruling class.

-- No player background matches to a head coach like Devin White with Bruce Arians.

Arians craves players who had ‘problem’ backgrounds and he likes to be their new dad. White so fits that bill. Our own Xavier Cromartie has White going to TB in his latest Mock (4.0), and I agree because I know Arians is craves this kind of player.

More on White’s background, that’s not discussed much today, in our upcoming scouting report on him coming out on College Football Metrics this week.


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