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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Offseason Notes, Rumors, Musings (5/19/2019)

May 19, 2019 12:48 PM
May 19, 2019 12:44 PM

Dynasty-Fantasy Football Offseason Notes, Rumors, Musings (5/19/2019)

Throughout May and into the summer, we’ll be dropping Dynasty-Fantasy notes every day or two as we have some things of interest, rumors, etc., to talk about.

*Writing them on the fly, forgive any errors…

-- In the slow football new cycle, the Jets’ GM search will control the headlines for a bit.

The Jets fans are likely excited by all the possibilities, a chance to get things turned around…but I hate (love) to ruin it for you – but this won’t end well. You can daydream all you want, but trying to get a GM in the middle of offseason/post-draft is complicated...and trying to get a new/great GM in general is a headache because you cannot see the great candidates at work (if not organic hires). You have to take people’s word on outside candidates and be dazzled by someone in an interview (which is always a trap door).

A well-run organization has their 1-2-3 options already identified at all times…in-house, or outside it. People who have their finger on the pulse of things…they know where the talent is. They keep tabs on it – and someone in the lower ranks of a personnel department…a smart team would have stolen them away already and placed them in their own organization.

The Jets do not have their finger on the pulse of anything…

Consider the ‘players’ here in this play:

*Jets’ President Christopher Johnson, brother of former President Woody Johnson…both heirs to the Johnson & Johnson founder’s fortune – as always, nothing says success like wealthy-all-their-life heirs who have no track record of individual business success.

There’s not a ton of info out there on Christopher Johnson. His claim to fame seems to be going over the top with supporting player’s kneeling in protest, etc., a few years ago – which means the media will support and coddle him for as long as they can. That’s not a comment on the kneeling issue…it’s comment on the football media whose top priority in football analysis (or any analysis) is based on what your personal politics are.

If you’ve ever heard Christopher Johnson speaking, you’d know not to get very excited. I don’t see anything but a silver spoon person with no reason to be the President of a billion-dollar organization meekly trying steer the ship in a way that will please the most people. Calling him ‘low energy’ is an insult to low energy. He has no connections or pulse on the league, so he’s going to have to do whatever people tell him is a smart decision.

*Head Coach Adam Gase – the perfect head coach and puppet master to control Christopher Johnson. Gase is a ‘super smart’, we’re all told over and over, and he’s also aloof and ineffective, but people think he’s a failure because he’s so smart us mere mortals cannot understand the delicate genius. Boy, he really built something great in Miami…they’re in wonderful shape going forward.

Gase controls the Jets’ operational relationship now. He won the power struggle with the former GM because Gase is cozy/sucked up to/played Johnson – which, good on Gase. Smart (maybe he is a genius). I think it’s more opportunistic, and my kids could con Christopher Johnson, I’m sure. Gase says things and Johnson writes the checks/signs the cotnracts. Johnson has no idea on who to hire as GM, so whomever Gase pushes…that’s who the next GM will be.

...and Jets’ fans, an Adam Gase run organization is going to be a total disaster. You watch. This is going to be ugly (see; Miami’s state of disrepair from 2016-2018). Bill Belichick has to be cackling to himself somewhere.

Here are the five names to be the next Jets’ GM, in order of most likely to happen…

1a) Joe Douglas, VP of Personnel Philadelphia Eagles

Connected to Gase as ‘friendly’/friends. Douglas has gravitas/experience. The job is his if he wants it. Wanting it is: (1) Wants to be a GM, (2) Is willing to be beholden/linked to Gase.

If Douglas turns down this highly paid friendship offer, then the Jets are going to pull a name out of the hat from the lower levels of another team’s personnel department.

1b) Any lower level name working somewhere else today, who Gase knows and has enough resume to get through the ‘smell test’ and is a guy who will be thankful to Gase for the shocking promotion – and Gase can totally control him.

Gase has total control of the Jets right now, and any of us that were in the same position – we’d hire a totally friendly GM we felt we could control. A puppet, a stooge.  

Who it will not be…

3) Daniel Jeremiah, NFL Network

Too risky for Gase. Not likely to control him, and Jeremiah is more a name floated by ‘friends of Jeremiah’ or Jeremiah himself, which is nothing wrong with that’ self-promotion.

The #1 thing on the resume for the new Jets’ GM…”Can they be 100% controlled by/totally loyal to Adam Gase?” I don’t think Jeremiah passes that litmus test.

4) Any candidate floated by the media who has any self-respect (like Dallas’s Will McClay, etc.)

Any person with a current great job and/or future GM options and doesn’t need the money this moment, and one with a strong resume (not many), etc., would not touch this job for two obvious reasons: (1) They don’t want to be a Gase puppet, and they know Gase is ticking time bomb disaster…and all will go down with this ship. (2) The Jets are kinda the new Cleveland Browns…a bad work environment and only overpaying people and taking on people no one else wants (Gase, Gregg Williams, et. al.). The Jets situation is a mess from the President of the team, to Gase, to the pending fall of Sam Darnold, to overpaying Le’Veon Bell.

5) Peyton Manning, the cause of all of this Jets’ destruction.

Peyton Manning ruined Miami by strong-arming (nicely) them into Gase. Now, he’s about to do the same for the Jets. Even John Elway was smart enough to stay away from Gase. It’s like Peyton is trying to destroy AFC teams all over again, for sport. It’s an insult to think Peyton knows all about football coaching talent and player talent without giving his current life over to studying it…he knows some people and has a passing academy with kids throwing in shorts and t-shirts a bunch. I’m more qualified to make personnel decisions in the NFL than Manning…I’ve put in 1,000%+ more time. But I wouldn’t make Jets’ fans feel good about the hire like Peyton would.

Manning has absolutely no reason to be a general manager. He played in the era of huge contracts, so he’s loaded financially. Plus, he’s been smart with his money, etc. He should have no real football scratch to itch here, and he doesn’t need the money.

I could see Peyton Manning as a part owner of a team someday, and then pushes his way to the GM job…and hiring David Cutcliffe as the head coach. But working for the Jets, right now, makes no sense for Manning…he doesn’t strike me as someone desperate to be ‘back in the game’ – as an analyst or GM. Why have to report work someplace when you don’t have to…especially for the Jets? Only ego and a desire for attention would draw him into the trap, and I don’t think Manning is that type of guy. Maybe later, not now.

-- Part of the ripple effects of the new Adam Gase GM era is all the NFL GMs hurrying up to take advantage of him.

Two rumored deals I’m hearing about…

1) Miami is trying to send Albert Wilson to Gase, but the contract situation isn’t great for what the Dolphins would eat. Wilson is still rehabbing from injury as well.

Again, Albert Wilson is who Gase radically overpaid to build his offense around in 2018…per his some of his words on Wilson in the 2018 offseason…and then didn’t start him to begin 2018 season…and then did after a few weeks, and Wilson was doing well -- but then got hurt.

Wilson is a solid NFL WR, but radically overpaid…by Gase.

2) Kiko Alonso to the Jets…if the Dolphins can get the right deal to move on.

-- Another rumor from all this mess…

Look for defensive coordinator Gregg Williams to be on a very short leash…possible in-season firing if he acts out towards Gase in any way. Gase is a king right now, and eventually Williams is going to cross him because Williams has no filter. Gase would then promote his BFF Joe Vitt (current LB coach) to the D-C role on an interim basis.  

-- Patrick Peterson suspended for six games…man, how bad will the Arizona defense be this year in PPG allowed? The Kliff Kingsbury offense + emptiness and rookies available for them at the corners for six games? What a boost for true #1 WRs who face ARI the first six games…

Kenny Golladay Week 1

Tyler Lockett Week 4

A.J. Green Week 5

Julio Jones Week 6

It takes what might have been a 3 catches for 30 yards and a no TD game, and turns it into a possible spectacle – like 150+ yards and multiple TDs…a 20+ fantasy point swing from one event…as much as 1.5-2.0+ PPG in PPR for an entire season just based on the swing from this one game with Peterson gone.

-- Coming Up on FFM/CFM…

The Faux 2019 computer simulated season is planned to start Monday 5/20, and run as daily segments for the next 10 or so days, per usual. My simulation and Xavier Cromartie’s and then 10 more days of segments talking about then win-total over/unders and the season outlook by division.

2019 Dynasty Rookie Draft Ranking updates will continue weekly on CFM, as well as the Best Ball rankings. Usually running THU-FRI to get ready for the weekend drafts.

The 2019 Fantasy Football Draft Guide package is slated to begin mid-June…the PPG projections and special reports and video presentations, etc. And all that will run right up to season kickoff.

Working on various other articles/reports that you’ll see day to day…including looks at the team schedules, Rewind reports, more CFM scouting reports on rookies, 2020 devy rookie prospects on CFM, and whatever else comes our way.


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